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SPI 158

SPI 158: How to Productize Your Service-Based Business

I've got a truly special episode this week—one that I hope will be a huge game-changer for a lot of you. This episode is all about productizing. A productized service takes a skill you already provide and allows it to run systematically, growing with or without your direct involvement. It's what the passive income lifestyle is all about. Productizing your service can free you from the classic freelance model, where you bill by the hour. When you productize, you're no longer limited by the number of hours you can feasibly work. Exciting, right? Listen in for more...

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How to Build a Winning Mastermind Group (Webinar Replay) - SPI TV, Ep. 12

To finish off mastermind month here on SPI, I'm happy to share a replay of the webinar that I conducted with special guest Chris Ducker all about how to build a winning mastermind group. It's so important to get together with other like-minded individuals in a mastermind setting, but it's even more important to find the right people, structure and conduct those meetings in the right way for maximum results and outcome. Whether you're already in a group or you're thinking about starting one soon, check this out...