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How to Work a Room and Socialize for Success

SPI 139: How to Work a Room and Socialize for Success – with Susan RoAne

Put me in a room full of people I know, and I'm as comfortable as I can be. Put me in a room with strangers or people I don't really know that well, and I usually hide in a corner somewhere. Today, I'm happy to welcome Susan Roane who is here to help us become better at socializing - how to be good in a room - a skill that is of utmost important today if you want to get ahead in your business and in life. Check it out!

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Thank you SPI Community - We Set a Record!

On my birthday, I decided to start a campaign to build schools in Ghana. Here are the results of that campaign, and the reason why the SPI community is the best community in the online world. Plus, how we were able to break a record :)