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SPI 163

SPI 163: Michael Hyatt on the Secrets of Team Building and Leadership

It’s such a pleasure to have Michael Hyatt as my guest this week. Michael is a truly inspirational leader, and he brings an amazing wealthy of wisdom and experience with him. He’s talking with me today about something close to home for every entrepreneur: being a leader and building your team.

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How to Create an Awesome Slide Presentation - SPI TV, Ep. 17

Have you ever sat in on a presentation where you literally just want to fall asleep? Or maybe you get so bored you pull out your phone and start checking your email or Twitter? Not good. If you're on stage presenting, that's the last thing you want your audience to do. In this episode of SPI TV, I'm going to teach you how to create slides that keep your audience awake. 9 tips to help you create an awesome, memorable slide deck that helps guide you through your presentation without spraying bullet points into every slide. Check it out...