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Frequently Asked Questions

We receive a lot of requests for advice and feedback on specific business questions. Unfortunately, we can’t offer that kind of advice over email—it just won’t scale. We’ve assembled a bunch of resources that can help you answer these questions.

How do I get started in online business?

Great question! That’s what this website is designed to teach you!

Start with our free, in-depth “how to start” guides

The best place to get started is to visit our Guides page, which has assembled all our deep dives into the most important topics in online business. All the content on this page is free.

Product recommendations

If you are looking for specific product recommendations, visit our Resources page. This is where we’ve outlined all of the courses, tools, and books that we find most useful for starting and building a business.

Go deeper into learning with courses and community support

If you’re ready to go deeper than our free guides, then the All-Access Pass is right for you. Inside the pass, you’ll find structured courses and ongoing community support.

How do I know if my business idea will work?

This is a common question—and a common fear of new business owners. We have devoted a lot of time into helping make this process as easy as possible.

Learn how to test your ideas

You want to run some tests to see if your business idea is sound, which is called “product validation.” All of our content on product and idea validation is available here.

Go deeper on idea testing

Our founder, Pat Flynn, is passionate about idea testing—he wrote an entire book on the topic called Will It Fly?. [This is an Amazon affiliate link. SPI Media receives compensation, at no additional cost to you, if you purchase through this link.] If you have a business idea that you’re ready to start testing, or you’re trying to choose between a few different ideas, we would encourage you to pick up a copy of that book. We’ve also created a course, Smart From Scratch, on the topic. This course will walk you step by step through the process of coming up with and testing an idea.

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