The best experiences
in all the land

We designed our community around experiences. Content is involved, but content comes second. First and foremost, we gather together in a variety of experiences that fuel connection, focus, action, and results. Our work has pioneered community experiences far and wide in our industry. We’re kinda proud of that. 😁

Greater Accountability

From member check-ins to facilitated challenges and more, our members experience exactly the accountability they’re looking for.

Increased Momentum

Our celebration showcases, feedback loops, AMAs, and more generate the wins, decisions, and vibes that fuel massive momentum.

Deep Connection

Through it all, our members forge deep relationships with each other and us. That connective tissue is strong and priceless.

Content is valuable,
connection is invaluable

Most entrepreneurs don’t need more content. They need a connection to the right people. And together, they need meaningful experiences.

That’s where success comes from: a connection to others who share similar experiences and have a common purpose.

We’ve been fostering such connections among entrepreneurs for years and years. We were among the first brands to get into the business of “community.” We’re very proud of that. And we’ve learned a lot along the way.

And it never stops! Our shared experiences lead to new ideas and discoveries for yet more invaluable ways to connect, grow, and achieve success together.

While experiences vary, our community provides some amazing benefits:

  • Less guesswork and related stress
  • Deeper relationships built to last
  • Improved focus and direction
  • More accountability for doing the work
  • Less waste of resources (e.g. time)

Our members have lived it.
Here’s what they have to say.

Exclusive experiences
that move you forward

New-Member Challenge

Begin connecting with others from day one via our friendly new-member challenge! It’s a little bit of magic right from the start.

Roundtable Events

Member roundtables bring us together to talk about important topics. And expert roundtables unleash powerful advice.

Office Hours

Learn from experts and fellow members in special office hour sessions with Pat, Matt, or another expert.

Coworking Sessions

Do important work alongside other members in our facilitated coworking sessions. It’s a great place to make progress in real time.

Fireside Chats with Special Guests

We host intimate conversations with renowned experts and other special guests who have a lot to share. Members hate to miss these!

Ready to find join your people and level up?

Like you, we’re online entrepreneurs who crave connection, direction, and support from people like us.