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Unstuck Newsletter: From the Desk of Pat Flynn

Issue #93 | June 4th, 2024

Presented by Hostinger

An AI-generated 16-bit image of an office with a desk in the middle. On the desk is a computer, and on the screen is a big pot of soup.
Image generated by Chat GPT

Hi, it’s Pat!

Today, I want to share a simple exercise to help you make your messages clearer and more impactful. The better you can do that, the more equipped you will be to build an audience and sell anything online.

Most people, myself included, tend to over-explain everything. In today’s world, our words need to be precise in order to hit home for our audiences. Otherwise, they may move on to someone else without realizing that what we have to offer is best for them.

This is marketing at its core — choosing the right words to say to the right people at the right time. It’s simple, but not easy. Thankfully, I have an exercise that will help you understand how to get there because you have all the right ingredients. Now it’s just time to pick the right ones to make the most flavorful dish.

Let’s get unstuck…

“Markets are conversations.”

—The Cluetrain Manifesto

Story of the Week

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling. Even if you’re not technically selling a product, you’re still “selling” people on time and attention towards you. This exercise will help you with social media, email, sales pages, and more. As a chef myself, this metaphor definitely hits home for me, what we’re going to do is “boil it down”.

Think of your message as a rich, flavorful stew. It has all the ingredients you need, but to make it truly delicious, you need to refine it.

Step 1: Gather All Ingredients

On a single page, start by writing down all aspects of what you’re selling. This is like gathering all your ingredients for the stew. Include every detail as if you’re explaining to someone who knows nothing about you or your product.

Step 2: Simmer and Reduce

Next, take that single page and reduce it to half the words. This is like simmering your stew, allowing the excess liquid to evaporate and the flavors to concentrate. Focus on the most essential points that capture the essence of your message.

Step 3: Boil It Down

Finally, take that half-page and boil it down to just one or two strong sentences. This is the final reduction, where you condense the flavors to their most intense and delicious form. These sentences should capture the essence of your product or service in a way that speaks directly to your audience.

If you can do this, especially Step 3 (where the magic happens), it will transform your detailed ideas into a clear, compelling message that’s as rich and satisfying as a perfectly reduced stew.

Over the years, I’ve personally used this exercise to sell everything from online courses to explaining why a person should watch a YouTube video after they click on it. However, unlike before, we now have another tool that can help us create multiple iterations of this until we find the right one: ChatGPT.

Yes, this is a perfect use case for ChatGPT, and I often find myself now writing my “page” inside of ChatGPT and prompting it with something like the following. Feel free to copy and try using this yourself:

You are a world-class copywriter. Please summarize my page above about (blank) and distill it into a single sentence that still captures the essence of what this is, and who this is for. This will be the pitch I use when sharing this idea/product with someone new in my target audience, and I want to capture their attention and help them understand my offer in the least amount of words possible.

(And yes, I know I say “please,” even though it’s not human. I don’t know why, lol.)

And there you have it: a “recipe” for your perfect recipe. Give it a taste and see for yourself!

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…Thought to myself, can’t turn that down.

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