Email Marketing Magic

Part of the All-Access Pass course library. Learn how to polish your email strategy to engage more readers, make more sales, and grow your brand.

Learn what to write and when to send it

Do your email newsletters take a ton of time, give you a ton of anxiety, and honestly, don’t get many opens? Let’s change that.

Pat Flynn will teach you exactly what emails to send, to whom, and at what time to help you get more engagement—and eventually more sales. Instead of worrying about unsubscribes and people who complain about you sending emails, you’re going to get thanked by your readers for sending them!

Start at the beginning

We start from the beginning to set you up for success. Even if you have an email list already, most people overlook some key items that affect how emails show up in people’s inboxes (or even if they show up at all).

Clear action items

At the end of each lesson, Pat gives you a very clear, very manageable action item—your assignment for the lesson. This makes sure that you are making steady, ongoing progress and that you start seeing results right away.

Go beyond the basics

Gain a professional-level understanding of who is on your list, and how to talk directly to them instead of just “blasting” messages to everyone. Pat will teach you which tools play a part in email marketing success, and then demonstrate step-by-step how to use them.

You don’t have to be a great writer

Don’t fret if your writing skills aren’t strong. We’ve included all kinds of email templates that you can use in different parts of your business. Just copy and paste so that you can move on.

Easy-to-follow video tutorials

Walk you through the entire process with step-by-step videos, so that even if you’re the most technologically challenged person in the world, you’ll be able to get things done.

Learn what makes your audience happy

Instead of worrying about unsubscribes and people who complain, you’ll learn how to send emails your audience actually WANTS to read, even if you’re selling something.

Focus on simplicity over complication

Email marketing can turn into a giant complicated nightmare, but that does no one any good. Learn to leverage the strategies that give you the biggest ROI with the least amount of overwhelm. This isn’t push-button easy, but we simplify and reduce the overwhelm as much as possible so that you can finally take action and make emails work for you.

Advice that grows with you

As your business expands, you can venture into the more advanced areas of the course, such as lessons on segmentation or how to use advanced tools like RightMessage, to help you take growth, monetization and automation to new levels.

Learn to use ConvertKit

ConvertKit Logo

ConvertKit is our favorite email service provider—it strikes a balance between intuitive usability and powerful automation. All step-by-step videos in the course use ConvertKit. You don’t have to use ConvertKit to succeed with this course, but we highly recommend it.

[Full disclosure: SPI founder Pat Flynn is a compensated advisor and SPI Media is an affiliate for ConvertKit.]

Pat Flynn standing outside

Meet Your Course Instructor

Hi, I’m Pat Flynn. If you’re an entrepreneur, podcaster, YouTuber, blogger, course instructor, consultant, coach, author or any other creator who is building an audience, I can help.

Ever since I was let go from my architecture job in 2008, I’ve run my own businesses, and it didn’t take long for me to realize just how important email marketing was to the equation of building a successful business.

In fact, I’ve gotten to become so obsessed with email, that I actually became an advisor to an email marketing company, ConvertKit, in 2014. Since then, it’s become an even bigger focus of mine, and on, it’s no longer just me – I have a whole team of people whose focus is delivering value through email so that we can help the most people possible.

I’ve generated a few million dollars online since 2008, and I can safely say that email marketing has had to do with almost all of that income. I’m excited to share with you what works, and what doesn’t, and help you finally get a grasp on this thing that most people try to avoid. It can make all the difference.

Email Marketing Magic Course Outline

Welcome, Students!
  • Welcome! Watch This First
  • Office Hours
Part 1 / Module 1: Setup and Foundation
  • Welcome to Part 1 – Module 1!
  • Lesson 01: 100 Emails Challenge
  • Lesson 02: Get Your ConvertKit Account Started
  • Lesson 03: 3 Things to Make Sure You Do First
  • Lesson 04: Basic Email Terms and Definitions (Overview)
  • Lesson 05: Importing an Existing Email List
  • Lesson 06: The Design and Voice of Your Emails
  • You’ve Completed Your Foundations Module!
Part 1 / Module 2: Optimizing Entry Points
  • Welcome to Module 2!
  • Lesson 01: Create Forms that Convert
  • Lesson 02: Build Great Landing Pages
  • Lesson 03: Make Better Lead Magnets
  • Lesson 04: Select Your “Signature Lead Magnet”
  • Lesson 05: Create Content Upgrades that Convert
  • Lesson 06: Customizing Thank You Pages that Rock
  • You’ve Completed Optimizing Your Entry Points!
Part 1 / Module 3: Grow Your List
  • Welcome to Module 3!
  • Lesson 01: Audit Your Website
  • Lesson 02: Collect Emails from a Podcast
  • Lesson 03: Collect Emails from a YouTube Video
  • Lesson 04: Earn Email Subscribers from Guest Appearances
  • Lesson 05: Radically Grow Your List with Webinars
  • Lesson 06: Create a Challenge that Moves People
  • Lesson 07: Start a Viral Contest that Converts into Emails
  • Lesson 08: Understanding How Paid Promotion Fits Into This
  • You’ve Completed Learning How to Grow Your List!
Part 1 / Module 4: What to Send
  • Welcome to Module 4!
  • Lesson 01: Broadcast Emails
  • Lesson 02: Autoresponder Emails
  • Lesson 03: Newsletters and Nurture Sequences
  • Lesson 04: The ABC (Email Template) Bank – Introduction
  • Lesson 05: WHEN to Send Emails
  • You’ve Completed Learning What to Send!
Part 1 / Module 5: Optimizing Your Emails
  • Welcome to Module 5!
  • Lesson 01: Increasing Open Rates
  • Lesson 02: Increasing Click-Through Rates
  • Lesson 03: Increasing Deliverability (Emails that Actually Reach the Inbox)
  • Lesson 04: Purge and Clean Your List
  • Lesson 05: Enhancing the Subscriber Experience
  • You’ve Completed PART 1!
Part 2 / Module 1: Tagging and Segmentation
  • Welcome to Part 2 – Module 1!
  • Lesson 01: What Is Tagging and Segmentation?
  • Lesson 02: Discover Your Sub-Audiences
  • Lesson 03: Tagging and Segmenting Customers
  • Lesson 04: Using Tags Inside Your Email Copy
  • You’ve Completed Learning about Tagging and Segmentation!
Part 2 / Module 2: Integrations
  • Welcome to Module 2!
  • RightMessage
  • Teachable
  • LeadPages
Part 2 / Module 3: Automation
  • Evergreen Marketing Campaigns (Special Guest)
  • The Quick Win (1 Email)
  • Your Not So Perfect Story (1 Email)
  • Tip of the Iceberg (1 Email)
  • I Once Was Lost… (1 Email)
  • Go get a REAL job (1 Email)
  • Webinar Replay Email
  • Product Launch Series (5 Day)
  • Webinar Lead-Up Series (Post Registration)

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