Community Business Blueprint

Part of the All-Access Pass course library. Draft your ultimate community success strategy to best suit your business goals.

Learn to start a community from community experts

Learn how to curate a new online community (or modify an existing one) that aligns with your business strategy. This course will teach you how to:

Create a community business model

Uncover what it truly means to “have a community,” determine if your audience is sending you the signs that it’s time to start a community, and learn about the commitment you’re taking on when you start a community.

Understand the three types of communities (and determine which is the best for your business goals)

We’ll help you dig into why you want to start a community and give you examples of each type of community, so that you can craft the right community for you.

Identify your ideal member

The more members, the better! Right? Not always. You’ll learn how to drill down into who is and who is not a good fit for your community, so that you can clearly communicate this in all of your messaging about the community.

Create your community framework

Learn how to set up the structure that fits the type of community you’ve chosen, so that you can best serve your purpose, and how to create a structure that sets clear expectations and protects you from early burnout.

Determine your price structure

Learn about different community pricing models and when to use them, as well as how to set your initial price and how to leverage price increases effectively as you grow.

Launch and market your own online community

Create your marketing plan for launch, learn how to ask for and receive feedback from early members, and learn some high-level strategies for the ongoing marketing of your community.

The next accelerator starts on February 8th

Learn about creating a community, with a community! Join our eight-week accelerator and work through the course content with other All-Access Pass members.

Accelerator runs from February 8th–April 4th

The registration deadline is February 7th; the same day as the kick-off social call. Content starts on February 12.

Weekly live calls to discuss and ask questions

Each week, join our community manager Heather and special guests to discuss the assignments and ask questions. Live calls are optional and are recorded for replay.

Complete the weekly assignment

Our accelerator keeps you on track toward completion with a mandatory weekly assignment. It keeps you on track and ensures that you’re working to complete your goal.

Access to extra accelerator-only content

In addition to the Community Business Blueprint course found inside the All-Access Pass, we’ll also share some additional materials on the topics of onboarding mapping, engaging your community,and running learning cohorts—just like this accelerator.

Earn official bragging rights

As part of the accelerator, you have the opportunity to earn a Credly digital credential in Digital Community Foundations, at no extra cost to you. Show off the new skills you’ve learned.

Created by the community experts at SPI and Circle

Community Business Blueprint is a collaboration between our team at SPI and the team at Circle, the platform we use to host our communities.

Circle is committed to helping businesses create thriving communities. We were thrilled to co-create this course with them.

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Community Business Blueprint course outline

Welcome, Students!
  • Start Here
What Is Community
  1. Community as a Business Model
  2. Signs You Are Ready
Defining Your Community Purpose
  1. Why Do You Want to Launch a Community?
  2. Example Communities: What Is Their Why?
  3. Business Goal Alignment
Your Ideal Member
  1. Defining Your Ideal Member
  2. Testing & Validating Your Community Idea
Your Community Framework
  1. Community Model Refresher
  2. Support Framework
  3. Learning Framework
  4. Interest Framework
  5. Product Support Framework
The How: Community Programming
  1. Establishing a Programming Strategy
  2. Mapping your Community Structure
  3. Kickstarting Community Engagement
  4. Building Community the Sustainable Way
Pricing and Revenue
  1. Pricing Models
  2. Pricing Strategies
  3. Pricing Tactics
  4. Churn and CLTV
  5. Expansive Revenue
Charting Your Path Forward
  1. Your First Few Members (Launching)
  2. Thriving Communities Can Be Small
  3. Ask for Feedback
  4. Common Mistakes to Avoid
  5. Marketing Your Community
Final Thoughts
  1. Final Thoughts

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