Amp’d Up Podcasting

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Do you have a podcast but feel stuck?

Creating and launching a podcast is big accomplishment that deserves a big kudos! But if you’ve been podcasting for more than a few months, you may feel burned out and are struggling with how to move forward.

You need more than passion. You need a plan.

Why do podcasters burn out? Honestly, it’s because they didn’t have a plan in place to support the ongoing needs of their podcast.

Without a smart plan, podcasters risk wasting a lot of time, energy, and even dollars to keep their shows going. And many never enjoy a return on those investments.

That’s no fun, which is why it’s no surprise that many podcasters take breaks from making their shows or worse—kill them completely.

I know you don’t want that to be you. I believe in you and your passion for podcasting! However, passion isn’t enough to sustain and grow your podcast. And it certainly isn’t enough to make money from your podcast.

You need a proven plan to help you structure and streamline your podcast production, elevate the quality of your show, and incorporate ways to make money that are consistent with your brand and values.

That’s why I created Amp’d Up Podcasting—to help committed podcasters like you avoid burnout, discover smarter ways to work, and incorporate authentic monetization strategies to transform your promising podcast into an sustainable and profitable one!

A done-for-you production system

that you can implement to take the burden off of you.

The knowledge to hire the right team

or service to edit, export, schedule, and publish podcast episodes.

A comprehensive marketing plan

for getting more listeners, involving multiple strategies to help the right people find your show.

A way to monetize your podcast

in a manner authentic to your show and audience and increase your earnings.

Ongoing help from Pat and the SPI community

Ask questions at Pat’s weekly private Office Hours Zoom call, or post your question to other members of the All-Access Pass community. Get help with your questions and ask for feedback on your ideas.


A is for Automate. You’ll learn how to streamline your production process from start to finish, and how to work effectively with a team.


M is for Market. You’ll learn how to optimize your marketing, including landing guest spots on other shows, repurposing your content, and getting traditional media attention for your show.


P is for Profit. You’ll learn where to start with monetization, how to create a focus offer, use affiliate marketing, advertising, and/or Patreon to create income streams for your show.

Pat Flynn standing outside

Meet Your Course Instructor

Hello, my name is Pat Flynn. I’ve been podcasting since 2010, beginning with the Smart Passive Income Podcast, my flagship show that’s consistently ranked in iTunes as a top business podcast. I’ve also created three other podcasts, including the AskPat Podcast, and the legacy shows: FoodTruckr Podcast and 1-Day Business Breakthrough (with my friend Chris Ducker).

I’ve published over 1,300 episodes across all of my podcasts, with more than 50 million downloads, and interviewed some amazing guests, including YouTuber Marques Brownlee (A.K.A. MKBHD), James Clear, Amy Porterfield, Chris Ducker, and Nicole Walters. In the past eight years, I’ve earned over $300k in sponsorship income from my podcasts.

I’m convinced: podcasting is one of the most valuable tools for growing a business. My podcast has helped me connect with and educate my listeners, launch products, and make the most of live, in-person events. More people find my business and stay connected to it because of my podcasts.

Throughout the course of creating, launching, and marketing these podcasts, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, how to grow a show, and which successes can and can’t be replicated. I’ve helped thousands of podcasters get up and running with the own podcasts through my free Podcasting Tutorial and my course Power-Up Podcasting®.

But I’ve heard from many of my students that they need to “amp up” their podcasts, but they don’t know how to go about doing that. They are wondering how to keep their podcast running without getting burned out. How can they develop a system that runs smoothly, hire a team they can trust, get more listeners, and make more money from their podcast?

If you’re wondering the same things, then my Amp’d Up Podcasting course is for you. I will give you everything you need to make your existing podcast the best it can be, and help you come up with a system so you can keep it going for the long haul.

Amp’d Up Podcasting Course Outline

Welcome, Students!
  • Welcome! Watch This First
  • Office Hours
  • Course Downloads
A: Let’s Automate
  • Module 1: Overview
  • Lesson 01: Your Content Calendar
  • Lesson 02: Your Personal Production Schedule
  • Lesson 03: Editing and Publishing Solutions
M: Marketing Levers
  • Module 2: Overview
  • Lesson 01: Podcasting Marketing Audit
  • Lesson 02: Post-Publishing Protocol
  • Lesson 03: Marketing Lever #1
  • Lesson 04: Marketing Lever #2
  • Lesson 05: Marketing Lever #3
P: Profit
  • Module 3: Overview
  • Lesson 01: Pro Affiliate Marketing for Podcasters
  • Lesson 02: Back to Your Content Calendar
  • Lesson 03: The #1 Way to Promote Your Own Product
  • Lesson 04: Building Your Email List with Your Podcast
  • Lesson 05: Building Your Podcast Funnel
  • Lesson 06: One Final Note

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