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Let SPI help you make more money (ethically)

If you’re hoping to generate an income online, and you haven’t really taken the time to learn affiliate marketing, then you’re absolutely leaving money on the table.

Chances are good that you’re facing an all-too common dilemma: how to “crack the code” of monetization and generate an income ethically from the audience you’ve been building. Maybe you’re not ready to create your own product from scratch (or you’re worried that it will make you look like you’re “selling out”) but you do know what your audience wants and needs.

Affiliate marketing offers a great solution to these concerns. With affiliate marketing, you can generate an income by recommending market-tested products you already trust. Affiliate marketing is a time-tested income-generation strategy with two powerful benefits: it allows you to maintain and strengthen your audience’s hard-won trust in your brand, with no need to invest time and energy creating products of your own.

Sadly, it’s easy to do affiliate marketing the wrong way—by putting money before your audience’s needs and trust, and damaging that relationship in the process.

An action plan for getting started

Step-by-step, expert instruction from affiliate marketing expert Pat Flynn. You’ll learn how to start using affiliate marketing in a way that supports your long-term goals, how to choose products for the best results, and both passive and active promotional strategies to drive sales.

Video course content to walk you through the process

With over four hours of video, you’ll learn about the fundamentals of an ethical affiliate marketing program, and then you’ll see, step by step, how to put it in place.

Ongoing help from Pat and the SPI community

Ask questions at Pat’s weekly private Office Hours Zoom call, or post your question to other members of the All-Access Pass community. Get help with your questions and ask for feedback on your ideas.

Pat Flynn standing outside

Meet Your Course Instructor

Hi, I’m Pat Flynn, founder of SPI. Affiliate marketing changed my life.

At first, I was too afraid to create my own products, and I didn’t know what to build. But over time I found that by sharing and recommending the products that had already been proven to help people, companies would pay me for sending new customers their way, and my audience would thank me for sharing those resources with them.

Since 2010, when I started affiliate marketing, I’ve generated over $3.5 million from affiliate revenue alone. I even documented the details for the first ten years of my business in my monthly income reports over on smartpassiveincome.com.

Affiliate marketing can be done the wrong way, or it can be done the right way. I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, and I want to use that knowledge to teach you how to generate affiliate income ethically and effectively.

If you’ve been struggling to generate an income online, and you’re not sure how to start monetizing, 1•2•3 Affiliate Marketing is for you.

1•2•3 Affiliate Marketing Course Outline

Welcome, Students!
  • Welcome! Watch This First
  • Office Hours
  • Course Downloads
What You Need to Know Before You Begin
  1. Affiliate Marketing 101
  2. The Mandatory Rules for Long-Term Success
  3. How to Use This Course
Step 1: Choose the Right Product
  1. What Kinds of Products Work Best?
  2. Let’s Brainstorm!
  3. Choosing Your Next “Focus Product”
  4. What Is an Affiliate Link?
  5. How Do I Get an Affiliate Link?
  6. What if There’s No Affiliate Link?
  7. What Should You Do with Your Affiliate Link?
  8. Building a Relationship with the Affiliate Company
  9. Before We Begin Promoting
Step 2: Passive Promotional Strategies
  1. What Are Passive Promotional Strategies?
  2. Adding Links to Your Archive
  3. Adding Links to Your New Content
  4. Setting Up Your Most Profitable Page
  5. Home Page Conversion Strategies
  6. A High-Performing Page You Likely Don’t Have
  7. Your Email Autoresponder Sequence
  8. Set Up Your Passive Promotional Strategies
Step 3: Active Promotional Strategies
  1. What Are Active Promotional Strategies?
  2. The Top Tools Round-Up
  3. The Demo
  4. The Step-by-Step Process
  5. The Interview
  6. The Before and After
  7. Your Email Broadcasts
  8. Affiliate Bonuses
  9. Your First Affiliate Campaign
  10. Next Steps
  11. Affiliate Opportunities
The Affiliate Marketing Recipe Book
  • Welcome to the Recipe Book!
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  • Software
  • Online Courses and Training

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