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Become a Webinar Rockstar with A to Z Webinars

Introducing A to Z Webinars, a complete framework for creating, promoting, and delivering engaging webinars that help you grow your business. This course will not just help you run great webinars, but help you generate more revenue, too—even if you’re not good in front of the camera or afraid of selling.

If we’ve learned anything from running SPI since 2008, it’s this:

The success of your entire business depends on creating a genuine connection with your audience.

People only buy from people they know, like, and trust, regardless of whether it’s online or in-person. But here’s the problem—it’s hard to create a genuine connection with your audience online!

Most of the methods people use, like blogging, posting regularly on Instagram, or creating a YouTube channel, can work well, but they’re incredibly time-consuming, and they don’t always directly grow your business.

So how do you build a relationship with your audience through the internet AND effectively grow your business at the same time?

With webinars and virtual workshops.

The mindset to win at hosting webinars

A successful webinar starts way before you go live. It starts right now, at the beginning. Getting into the right mindset and planning out your presentation will make all the difference when it’s time to go live. Learn to present in a way that’s compelling, engaging, and leaves your audience wanting more.

A technical tutorial for all stages

Webinars aren’t push-button easy! I’ll show you the different equipment and software you need to run a smooth training that both you and your audience will enjoy. I’ll also walk you through my trusty pre-webinar tech checklist and show you my setup during the webinar. You’ll learn how to keep people engaged and how to deal with the unexpected. You’ll also learn how to “evergreen” the webinar, repurposing the content so that it can live on.

A plan for promotion and selling

Your registration process matters. You’ll learn how to set up registration, as well as strategies for successfully promoting your webinar across your content platforms. During the webinar is one of your best opportunities for selling, but only if you treat your audience right. Learn how to weave your sales message throughout your presentation so it feels natural and compelling, without coming across pushy or too salesy.

More than just a single course

A to Z Webinars is part of SPI’s All-Access Pass, a supportive community of learners designed to help you actually do the work. We achieve this through our combination of exclusive live events designed to give you real-time help from and connection to other entrepreneurs, asynchronous messaging in the community, and access to our entire course library.

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Meet Your Course Instructor

Hi, my name is Pat Flynn and my business runs on webinars and virtual meetings.

But hosting webinars wasn’t always second nature. I didn’t know the first thing about teaching my knowledge online. I was flying blind, like so many of us are forced to do.

But over the years, I’ve come to not only enjoy webinars (and get good at them) but also rely on them in my business.

Hosting engaging, valuable, and compelling webinars has allowed me to build trust, grow my list, and sell my products without being sleazy or manipulative.

In this brand new course, A to Z Webinars, I’ll teach you how to create, promote, and run webinars and virtual workshops that grow your list, increase trust, and help you make more money.

I’ve created A to Z Webinars because I want to show you how everything I have learned, and how you can make webinars and virtual trainings can work for you, too.

This isn’t a course about what worked for me years ago. I will show you exactly what I am doing TODAY in my business to get the results I want.

A to Z Webinars Course Outline

Welcome, Students!
  • Welcome! Watch This First
  • Office Hours
  • Course Downloads
Module 1: The Mindset to Win with Webinars
  • Welcome to Module 1
  • Lesson 01: Why Webinars Work
  • Lesson 02: 9 Ways to Use Webinars in Your Business and Brand
  • Lesson 03: The #1 Mistake People Make When Starting Webinars
  • Lesson 04: Planning Your Next Webinar
Module 2: Equipment and Software
  • Welcome to Module 2!
  • Lesson 01: Video Equipment
  • Lesson 02: Audio Equipment
  • Lesson 03: Presentation Software
  • Lesson 04: Webinar and Workshop Software
  • Lesson 04.1 Demio Demo
  • Lesson 04.2 Zoom
  • Lesson 05: Email Marketing Software
Module 3: Pre-Webinar Setup
  • Welcome to Module 3!
  • Lesson 01: What You Need Before You Setup Your Webinar
  • Lesson 02: Setting Up a New Webinar on Demio
  • Lesson 02.1 Setting Up a Webinar on Zoom
  • Lesson 03: Customizing Your Webinar to Make It Great
  • Lesson 04: Creating Reminder Emails
Module 4: How to Promote Your Webinar
  • Welcome to Module 4!
  • Lesson 01: Your Registration Page and Share Link
  • Lesson 02: Your Email List
  • Lesson 02.1 Email Walkthrough
  • Lesson 03: Your Content Platforms
  • Lesson 04: Social Media
Module 5: Preparing Your Presentation
  • Welcome to the Recipe Book!
  • Lesson 01: Where Do We Begin?
  • Lesson 02: Outlining Your Presentation
  • Lesson 03: Preparing Your Slides
  • Lesson 04: Engagement Opportunities
Module 6: Going Live—Everything You Need to Know
  • Welcome to Module 6!
  • Lesson 01: Tech Checklist Before Going Live
  • Lesson 02: How to Start a Live Webinar
  • Lesson 03: Tips to Keep People Watching
  • Lesson 04: What to Expect During the Presentation
  • Lesson 05: The Best Way to Practice
  • Lesson 06: How to Record Your Webinars for Later
Module 7: How to Sell on Your Webinar (WIthout Being Sleazy)
  • Welcome to Module 7!
  • Lesson 01: The Mindset of a Successful Selling Webinar
  • Lesson 02: The First Five Minutes
  • Lesson 03: The Middle of the Presentation
  • Lesson 04: The Pitch at the End
  • Lesson 05: Scarcity and Bonuses
  • BONUS LESSON: The Power of Deadlines (Guest Interview)
Module 8: How to Follow Up After a Webinar Is Over
  • Welcome to Module 8!
  • Lesson 01: Checking Your Analytics and What’s Important
  • Lesson 02: Setting Up a Replay to Send Out
  • Lesson 03: Email Follow-Up Sequence (No Selling)
  • Lesson 04: Email Follow-Up Sequence (with Selling)
Module 9: How to “Evergreen” Your Webinar
  • Welcome to Module 9!
  • Lesson 01: What Can You Do with Your Recording?
  • Lesson 02: Where to Find Your Recording and Where to Put It
  • Lesson 03: Including Your Webinar in an Automated Funnel with Urgency
Module 10: Moving Forward
  • A Final Message about Webinars
BONUS Section: How to Use Facebook Ads to Promote Your Webinar
  • Basics: Using Facebook to Get More Attendees
  • Using Ads to Help Sell More (with Examples)

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