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Make your student the hero of their story

Here’s the big secret: no one wants to buy an online course. People buy the transformation that your course offers them: the promise that’s on the other side.

It’s their struggles that you’re solving, and it’s a transformation that you lead them to. You are their guide. And when you help people become the hero of their story, everyone wants more from the guide who helped them get there.

Your hero’s journey is about to begin

Nail Your Niche

Whether you already have a niche, an audience, or neither, we’re going to make sure you’re targeting the right kind of person for your course.

How do we do this? We have to dig a bit into the minds of your target audience. It sounds complicated, but it’s not. After just a couple of 10-minute lessons, you’ll be on your way to success right from the start.

At the end: You’ll have your course title and tagline, and you’ll know who your course is for.

Create Your Outline

This is where we work together to develop your course material in a way that ensures your students will have success.

The trick: making the course efficient, not overwhelming. This means knowing what to include and what not to include, which can be hard. Don’t worry, we walk you through the process so you’ll know exactly what to put in your course and in what order.

At the end: You’ll have your course fully outlined.

Write Your Sales Page

Yes, we help you with the marketing too, and it starts with exercises related to building your sales page.

We work through your course sales page content, including what you’re offering, how you’re pricing it, and everything you need on the page to convert sales.

Working through this process here — instead of as an afterthought at the end of course production — helps you to identify if there are any missing lessons in your outline. Doing it at this stage in the process and working through it piece by piece (headline, offer, price, testimonials, etc.) also ensures that you make progress and get it done.

At the end: You’ll have your sales page written.

Build a Production and Launch Plan

A launch strategy is like a diet — there are lots of ways to do it, but not all methods work for everybody. I’ll share several different options that you can choose from to launch your course and come up with a plan.

These are strategies for where your business is at right now. Are you starting from scratch even with zero audience members? There’s a strategy for that. Do you have a huge email list and you want to rock out a huge launch? There’s a strategy for that too.

At the end: You’ll have a plan for the course launch strategy that works for you.

Cultivate the Right Mindset

To make this work, you’ll have to overcome the biggest challenge of all — your mindset.

It’s normal to have negative thoughts about your work as you are creating and launching it. However, we’ll be confronting these fears head-on so that you don’t waste the amazing work you’ve done, and launch with confidence and poise!

At the end: You’ll learn what you need to keep yourself on track and launch your course with confidence.

How to Film and Create Your Course

You don’t need a huge production studio or film crew (although we do talk about that). Instead, you can use what you have around you to film something of quality that gets the job done and supports the content you create.

We’ll also make sure you know exactly what to expect when uploading your videos and creating coursework for your students. It can be scary the first time, but you can look over my shoulder while I show you the process.

At the end: You’ll have a set of techniques to create your course materials with using a method that fits your budget.

Pat Flynn standing outside

Meet your course instructor

Hi, my name is Pat Flynn and I’ve created over ten online courses. Back in 2016, I had the idea to create my first one. I had taken several online courses before (some useful, some not so much) and I knew that I had valuable knowledge that would help people, and then…

I chickened out.

I was scared no one would buy my course and it would be a complete waste of time. I was scared that people wouldn’t get anything out of it and it might make me look bad. I was scared it wasn’t going to be as good as some of the other courses that already existed teaching similar things.

Every time I tried to start, I pulled back.

Thankfully, at the end of 2017, a mentor of mine pushed me to finally launch. Looking back, I only wish she had pushed me sooner.

It wasn’t a huge launch, but it was the push I needed to keep going. Fast forward to today, and I’ve created and launched over ten online courses that have earned about $4.5 million.

Online courses are a key part of SPI’s business model and are why I believe everyone should have at least one. It can change your life, and the lives of your students too.

Over time, my team and I have developed an amazing system for producing and launching these courses. because I want everyone to avoid overwhelm and succeed with building online courses too, I put our step-by-step creation process and launch strategies into one single course for you.

Heroic Online Courses outline

Welcome, Students!
  • Welcome! Watch This First
  • Office Hours
  • Course Downloads
Module #1: Nail Your Niche
  • Welcome to Module 1
  • Lesson 1: Your Heroic Niche
  • Lesson 2: Your Hero’s Dreams and Fears
  • Lesson 3: Your Hero Transformed
  • Lesson 4: Your Course Title
  • Lesson 5: Your Course Tagline
  • Recap and Time to Share!
Module #2: Create an Extraordinary Course Outline
  • Welcome to Module 2
  • Lesson 1: Dump (Creating Ideas)
  • Lesson 2: Lump (Creating Groups)
  • Lesson 3: Jump (Creating Order)
  • Lesson 4: Your Prototype Outline
  • Recap and Time to Share!
Module #3: Making Your Sales Page
  • Welcome to Module 3
  • Lesson 1: Headline
  • Lesson 2: Introduction
  • Lesson 3: Offer
  • Lesson 4: Price
  • Lesson 5: Testimonials
  • Lesson 6: Call to Action
  • Lesson 7: Final Components
  • Recap and Time to Share!
Module #4: Build a Production and Launch Plan
  • Welcome to Module 4
  • Lesson 1: “Live Launching” vs. “Pre-Recording Then Selling”
  • Lesson 2: Microtesting Your Course (One Person/One Result)
  • Lesson 3: Beta Launching Your Course (Founders Group)
  • Lesson 4: Your First Public or “Wide” Launch
  • Lesson 5: 7 Ways to Find People for Your Course Launch
  • Recap and Time to Share!
Module #5: The Right Mindset before You Step into the Arena
  • Welcome to Module 5
  • Lesson 1: Confronting Your FEARS and Following Through
  • Lesson 2: Creating a Support System You Can Count On
  • Lesson 3: Building a Step-by-Step Plan
  • Recap and Time to Share Your Launch Date
Module #6: How to Film and Create Your Course
  • Welcome to Module 6
  • Lesson 1: Equipment: Cameras
  • Lesson 2: Equipment: Lighting
  • Lesson 3: Equipment: Audio
  • Lesson 4: Slides and Screen Capture Software
  • Lesson 5: Recording and Filming
  • Lesson 6: Editing
  • Lesson 7: Hosting and Adding Course Details
  • Lesson 8: Getting Your Course Ready for Sale
  • Recap and Share Your Production Date
Course Wrap-Up
  • Course Recap and Where to Go from Here

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