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SPI 076: 8 Productivity Tips from Pat—But WHY?

SPI 076: 8 Productivity Tips from Pat—But WHY?

By Pat Flynn on

In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, a follow-up to the popular post I published earlier this week titled The Effect My Kids Have Had on My Business, I reveal 8 productivity tips that I use to get more done in less time,  but more importantly, I talk about why productivity matters in the first place.

And it’s more than just about getting more things done and saving more time.

Since having kids, I’ve learned to become incredibly productive, because if I wasn’t I’d get nothing done. I have much less time to work now. I share 8 tips that I use to help me get more done with the time I do have, and I also recap some of the more important productivity tips that I’ve discussed in previous episodes of the SPI Podcast, since those are important too.

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