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You have an email list. But now what? In Email the Smart Way, I share everything you need to know about email—the what, why, and how—to ensure you make the lasting impact your business requires.

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From this book

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in business came from my decision to not take advantage of an email list when I first started. That lesson inspired me to write this ebook, so you can learn from my mistakes.

Email the Smart Way helps answer these common questions about managing a successful email list:

  • What kind of emails should I send to my subscribers?
  • How often should I send an email?
  • What do I send as a broadcast versus what do I include in my autoresponder series?
  • What calls to action should I include?
  • Should I send the same email to everyone?

Why I’m giving away this book


As Amy Porterfield says, “the energy of your business is directly tied to your email list.”

I don’t want the energy of your business to go away. I want your business to thrive! With Email the Smart Way, you’ll have a means to make your business thrive in new and unique ways.

What People Are Saying


This guide has provided me with clarity about the types of emails I can strategically schedule for my list as I prepare to launch my new website.
– Jackie Capers-Brown
Since putting Pat's email types into practice, my open rates have rocketed. Some sequences regularly beat 50%! That translates into big conversions.
– Colin Gray
Since implementing some of the steps in Email the Smart Way I've seen my open rates increase from around 30% to consistently over 40% or higher!
– Steve
I love Pat's beautiful structured guide of 10 email types that shows how to get more control over one's results. My open rate grew to 55% in one month!
– Aline Dahmen
We took Pat's advice to heart in regard to starting an email list right off the bat. We used "Email the Smart Way" to jump start our list and have grown it from zero to 700 qualified leads in five months. Thrilled does not even begin to describe how thankful we are for Pat's expert advice!
– Andie Gibson and Jennifer Church
I am at the early stages on the development of my website. I am in the process of growing my email list and this guide provides condensed and easy to follow steps to guide me. I don't need to comb through competing information out there and gives me more time to focus on creating content.
– Gjay Martinez

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