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Reader Gratitude Challenge: Write One Thank You Note Every Day for 7 Days

Reader Gratitude Challenge: Write One Thank You Note Every Day for 7 Days

By Pat Flynn on

Last week was Thanksgiving here in the United States, and since we’ve been talking a lot about gratitude this month, I thought it would be fun to finish off the month (whether you live in the US or not) by giving you a fun and rewarding challenge (and bonus giveaway)!

Before the challenge starts, I’d first like to tell you a quick story about my executive assistant, Jessica.

You might remember Jessica from Session #115 of The SPI Podcast. In that interview, we talked about how I had hired her to tackle my email inbox, which was approaching a whopping 10,000 unread emails. We developed a system between us that allowed me to finally get a handle on my inbox, and since sharing that system on the podcast, it has helped thousands of SPI listeners get a better grip on the never-ending flooding email inbox problem.

Beyond the emails, she’s been helping me even more lately with a lot of administrative tasks, such as scheduling interviews, booking travel, and helping filter Speakpipe questions for AskPat.  I’ve also discovered she has an amazing ability to find the perfect gift for people.

We’ve gotten to know each other very well recently, and not too long ago she took a well-deserved trip to Europe.

While she was traveling, something pretty cool happened: Every week while she was gone, she sent me a handwritten postcard. The note was short and sweet and had a picture of where she was at at the time. It was so thoughtful and incredible. This kind of expression really really stood out to me as one that takes time and consideration, having went through the trouble of handwriting a note and then sending it off through snail mail.

And, of course, with how easy it is to say thank you on social media or via email these days, having the person on the other end know that you went just a little bit further to thank them goes an extremely long way. It always does for me when someone takes the time to send me a handwritten note.

I was happy I was able to catch up with Jessica in person not too long after she got back from Europe. I was in Minnesota for Converted16, and so we met up for dinner with a few other Team Flynn members. It was really amazing to hear that she does this all of the time for many other people that she knows.

Handwritten notes make others feel special. Whether it’s a thank you note, a birthday greeting, a postcard from the road, or even a Post-It note stuck to their computer monitor, you’re giving them a gift of your time and energy. It’s a really simple way to let others know you love and appreciate them, and that you’re thinking of them when they least expect it. — Jessica at GalFriday612


I was truly inspired by Jessica, so I challenged myself to write a handwritten thank you note to a different person for seven days in a row.

And here’s what happened:

Initially, it felt a little weird to do handwriting again. Beyond the occasional signature or checks I write, most of my communication is either done with my voice, or with my keyboard.

Also, it was extremely fun to do! It was different, but more than that, because I knew it was for someone else who had an impact on me in some way, I looked forward to the entire process, from writing the note, sealing the envelope, and shipping it off with postage.

The best part, however, was that because I was handwriting these notes, and because it was taking a little longer than just typing it out, I had more time to reflect on why I was thankful for each of the recipients, and it made me appreciate them even more.

So, here’s my challenge to you:

For seven days in a row, starting today, write a handwritten note to someone you are thankful for. You can write whatever you’d like and choose whoever you’d like to write to. It can be written on anything. Doesn’t matter. You can send it via snail mail, or hand it to them in person. Doesn’t matter. Just do it, and I promise that you’ll feel great, and you may even make someone feel appreciated when they need it most.

Bonus giveaway!

And to celebrate your joy of giving thanks, we will be giving away four (4) sets of notecards! To participate in the giveaway, take a picture of one of your handwritten notes and post it on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #GalFridayNotes. Jessica and I will be choosing our four (4) favorite handwritten notes (two favorites on Instagram and two favorites on Twitter)!

The deadline is 12/5 and we will announce the four winners via Twitter/Instagram on 12/7!

The four lucky winners will receive a set of lovely note cards personally chosen by Jessica (Gal Friday!) herself. You have to use the hashtag #GalFridayNotes to enter into the giveaway, so don’t forget! And, above all, have fun and be thankful. 😀

Thank you, Team!
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