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SPI 095: The DOs and DON’Ts of Online Video with Caleb Wojcik

SPI 095: The DOs and DON’Ts of Online Video with Caleb Wojcik

By Pat Flynn on

In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, I’m happy to welcome Caleb Wojcik from and to the show! Today, we’re talking all about creating videos.

Note: Caleb has also joined me on Episode 60 and Episode 154.

Caleb and I initially started working together when I hired him to edit a presentation of mine that was filmed at a conference. He did such an awesome job that I decided to reach out to him again to work with me to film all of the video footage for my book, Let Gofrom the book trailer, to the multi-media video footage within the book itself. Then, I hired him to help me film the lessons for Breakthrough Blogging too.

Beyond being a video expert, Caleb is also a very good family friend. Our families often hang out together here in San Diego, and we actually all just got back from a trip to Disneyland. My son calls him “Uncle Caleb.”

He also calls him a giant, because Caleb is really tall and has a deep voice, lol.

I invited Caleb on the SPI Podcast to give us some advice and tips for shooting videos for our websites and courses. What’s cool is that we did this show together while in the same room; I had to “borrow” his setup because I’m currently in the middle of a move—so it worked out!

Your Call to Action—Get Critiqued!

At the end of this episode, Caleb and I discussed a call to action to help you get better with your online videos.

All you have to do is leave a comment below and embed a video. You can expect honest feedback from others in the SPI community, including myself and Caleb too, when we have the opportunity to come on and watch a few. To embed a video, simply insert a YouTube link of your video in the comment, and it should automatically pull your video so that it becomes playable when you post your comment.

If you embed one of your own videos, please take a moment to watch at least one other video in the comment stream and leave constructive criticism to help others as well. Pass it forward and let’s all improve together!

My New Podcast, Ask Pat, is Now Live!

My new daily show, Ask Pat, is a bite-sized edition of the SPI podcast which will feature a voicemail question from someone in the SPI audience (and my answer) every single day!

Five episodes are already live for you to check out, and every day (5 days a week), a new question will go live!

Check out Ask Pat and ask your own question (and possibly win an Ask Pat T-shirt too!) by clicking here!

Thanks again for all of your amazing support! YOU ROCK!

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