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SPI 581: Behind the Scenes of My Successful New YouTube Channel Venture

For the last year and a half I’ve been talking about my new side hustle. It’s called Deep Pocket Monster, and it’s a YouTube channel in the Pokemon hobby collection space. It’s doing amazingly well, and today I’d like to do a deep dive into how it got started. I’ll also give you some practical tips for creating and growing a successful YouTube channel.

My special guest on the show is Dan Patrick Norton. Dan is my producer and editor for Deep Pocket Monster. He’s been a part of the SPI community for a very, very long time, and has an incredible story of how he got here and started working with me.

Today we’re going to talk about how we got into this space. We took a different approach compared to some of the other influencers and authority figures doing this, and it’s worked out really, really well.

It’s worked so well that The Pokemon Company—the largest media franchise in the world—is now building a relationship with me. They are sending me products before they launch so I can film them and share them with my audience.

It’s been an incredible ride, and I’m so grateful that we get to chat today about the approach we’re taking. If you have any interest in YouTube and how YouTube works this is definitely something that you’ll want to pay attention to. Even if you’re not into YouTube, I think you’ll find our approach is very different from the way you’ve been doing things.

We’ll give you some fresh ideas about how you can make an impact in a space that seems crowded or has an audience that’s hard to reach. We’ve definitely taken a strategic approach, and we’re here to tell you about it and a lot more in today’s episode of the Smart Passive Income Podcast.

Today’s Guest

Dan Patrick Norton

Dan helps brands make a greater impact on social media by repurposing Live Stream Video segments into scroll stopping micro-videos. With over 13 years of experience video editing, and over a decade working in the Broadcast Live Streaming industry, Dan has worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment, including Major League Baseball and Disney.

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SPI 581: Behind the Scenes of My Successful New YouTube Channel Venture

[00:00:00] Dan:
We could pour all the effort we put into creating two or three videos into one video, but that one video performs so much better than those two or three that performed okay or typical, or aren’t going anywhere. They’re great for a day or two, or maybe for the week, or when there’s a hype around something, but then it goes away.

But what if we put all the effort into the best title and the best thumbnail possible, and then have the best video that answers that thumbnail?

[00:00:46] Pat:
For the last year and a half I’ve been talking about a new venture of mine, a little side project, a little side hustle in the Pokemon hobby collection space. You may have heard me talk about this on a Friday episode, on social media, on Instagram, or on Twitter every once in a while.

But today we are going deep, because my special guest is my producer/editor for that channel. His name is Dan Patrick Norton. He’s somebody who’s been a part of the SPI community for a very, very long time. He has an incredible story of how he got here and started working with me on Deep Pocket Monster. We’ll give you a quick update during the episode about how that channel has been going, but it’s been going really, really well.

Today we’re going to talk about how we got into this space. We decided to take a different approach compared to some of the other influencers and authority figures doing this, and it’s been working really, really well.

So well, in fact, that the Pokemon company—the largest media franchise in the world—is now building a relationship with me and is sending me product ahead of when those things are launched so I can film them and share them with my audience.

It’s just been an incredible ride, and I’m so grateful that we get to chat today about the approach we take. If you have any interest in YouTube and how YouTube works this is definitely something that you’ll want to pay attention to. But even if you’re not into YouTube, you’re going to find our approach is very different than perhaps the way that you’ve been doing things.

We’ll give you some ideas for how you can make an impact in a space that seems crowded or hard to reach the audience for, because it can be a challenge. We’ve definitely taken a strategic approach, and we’re here to tell you about it.

This is episode 581 of the Smart Passive Income Podcast, and this is Dan Patrick Norton, the producer and one of the editors for Deep Pocket Monster. We’re going to have some fun.

Dan, Welcome to the Smart Passive Income Podcast. Thanks for being here.

[00:02:49] Dan:
Hey, thanks for having me, Pat, really, really excited about this one.

[00:02:51] Pat:
We have a long history together and now we’re working so closely, so closely. In fact that we text each other, every single. Day. And you are now the producer at Deep Pocket Monster, which is this exploding YouTube channel that we started in the Pokemon space together. It’s very much your project, as much as it is mine.

And we’ll get and get into that. We’re going to get into how we approach a video together, how we work together and how a video comes to be, or how we scrap ideas and all that stuff. But I also know that you for a long time actually were a listener of the Smart Passive Income Podcast, right? Like how long ago was that?

And what were you doing around.

[00:03:28] Dan:
Oh, man, it had to have been 2012 or 13, 2012. I graduated my second film school and I was just like, I don’t want to be in film or. And my desire was I wanted to be creating like a web series online content. I feel like that was the direction it was going. My professors were like, there’s no money online.

Don’t waste your time. You got to go where in New York, you’re a TV ads. Like this is where you want to be or go out to LA. I just like, I don’t believe it, but I’m not going back to school. I just finished two schools. I’m not going back for business because I knew I needed to figure out my own way to do it.

So I was like, well, I already listened to a bunch of wrestling podcasts. There’s gotta be some business podcasts out there. So I remember I could remember opening up the app and just typing in business. And there was smart, passive income along with a couple others that, that were, you know, you’re all connected with.

And I was like, let me just start listening to these and binge listening over all of that time on these long walks in the summer, commuting back and forth to New York city. I was working for major league baseball and sports live streaming at the time, trying to figure out how do I build my own business so that I could create video content that’s fun and stuff that I actually enjoy.

Not TV, not movies that someone else’s. And that’s kinda how it started. And it’s funny how it’s full circle right now.

[00:04:41] Pat:
Yeah, cause I mean, we’re kind of living that dream now together with this new channel, but that was okay. 2013 and you’re working for MLB and, you know, working for somebody else. When did you start working for yourself and what was, what was it that you were doing.

[00:04:56] Dan:
So I was trying to figure out things for a long time and I, I could not get things started. I was very guilty of just like listening and not actively doing anything because I just couldn’t, but it was hard because I couldn’t figure it out. I also.

I was single and no kids. I mean, I was dating my wife at the time, but, it was just like, you know, you don’t have that motivation of, I need to make something happen right now.

Got married in 2015, started feeling that once our son was born in 2017, I was like, something needs to happen. I can remember sitting in the operating room after she had a C-section and holding him for the first time. It just thinking like, I’m responsible for you. And I need

[00:05:35] Pat:
I remember that

[00:05:36] Dan:
You know, I gotta make something happen right now.

And, you know, going through that first month or two, I’m like, you know, I think parents could really use some help here cause I could use a channel and all these channels are like boring doctors or nurses or just a couple of, like I think these videos could be better. So I started like a parenting thing using affiliate marketing, using your, you know, your course and and your content there to, to figure that out.

Some other content creators that I’ve learned from like Roberto Blake and Sean Cannell and all that, that of building a YouTube channel. So I started this parenting channel, although I didn’t really have a desire to, to build in there. I’m like, it’s a way of making some money. Right. So was kind of where I got my feet wet with, with building some, you know, affiliate marketing funds there and some ad revenue as the channel started to grow over that year and ultimately ended up going into.

Essentially freelance with kicking and screaming into freelance. I did not want to, and I never really considered a freelance. Oh. And video my mentor through many of these years, he really helped me like crafted as don’t look at as freelance, but as a business owner who can then hire people to do that.

And that’s what I started to do alongside that, to try to make my way out of, the, you know, the world of sports live streaming and MLB and Disney.

[00:06:50] Pat:
Hmm. I didn’t realize that Owen was like a mentor of yours own is such good people. He had, he and I can actually have vid summit a number of years ago and just such good energy, real good people. And then he had a, a terrible run with, cancer and, and going through some really hard times leaving video for a and.

You know, he’s just always bringing positivity to the world no matter what’s happening to him. And I didn’t know you that you were working kind of with him.

[00:07:18] Dan:
Yeah, he, if it wasn’t for Owen, I wouldn’t be working with you on this channel because he was the one that said, Dan, if you don’t start doing services, you are never going to get out. You know, he knew, I told him, I was like, man, I got this parenting thing going, but it’s, he’s the kids getting older. I don’t really care about sharing baby stuff anymore.

And he’s like, you could do that and build it. But he’s like, but if you really need money right now and start figuring out services you can offer. And that’s where I say, like kicking and screaming. I was like, pow, when I’m not doing this. And he was like, you need to start right now. If you want this to happen sooner than later, otherwise you could wait for as long as you need to wait and stay at your job and do that.

And a man I’ll tell you that guy, if it was not for his push him and I are very different personality wise, he’s very like the extrovert outgoing kind of, kind of type it. I needed that, push that hard push to do it. And, man, I owe so much to him and, and man he’s fighting it. His he’s got this focus now and on beating cancer, he’s got a whole channel on that and Man.

Yeah, that guy has pushed me so hard in such a personal coaching way over the years to get me to do it. I’m so thankful for it because if I, if I didn’t and kind of look at it in a business perspective that I wouldn’t have turned to helping others, you know, edit video and all that kind of stuff. And then that kind of, I that’s where I learned I’m not here to build an agency.

My, my best work is when I work with the limited few. And can work in a producer mindset, which is what I knew back in college. What I knew back when I was creating my own videos, like way before YouTube existed and just creating on a lake, a little DV tapes with my friends, like my dream has always just been to be able to be my best work is where I’m able to just kind of be a producer and then build things together for a limited project or a very focused project versus over many and a bunch of different clients.

So thankfully I learned that lesson and had him to kind of push.

[00:09:13] Pat:
Big shout out to, oh, and owenvideo on, on most of the places, if you want to find him, we’ll put links in the show notes to him and I need to reach out to him again. So thank you for that. I’m kicking And screaming into freelancing. What were, what were some of the things that you were taking on to you know, stay afloat, and like, did you enjoy those.

[00:09:31] Dan:
So what. my work, my background in sports live streaming was working on stream baseball games. Right. And it was also for like ESPN and WB, a bunch of these others. My very first job in that business was taking clips from these live streams in real time. And they become clips that viewers or fans get to watch, like within minutes of it happening.

So a home run happens in a baseball game. We clip that out. We don’t do any editing to it. We just clip it out and take it. And, and get it out. So we were doing that in 2009, you know, so this is a law, it wasn’t called repurposing that, but when I sat down with Owen, he was like, you need to find an area that you could be the master of.

And that’s where I kind of went down into repurposing. You know, I just thought that I loved it. It was just something that, Hey, I’ve been doing this professionally for years and I, you know,

[00:10:18] Pat:
And that was a hot word to everybody. Wanted to be purposing

[00:10:20] Dan:
Yeah. So that’s where I was like, let me, let me lock down into, into repurposing and specifically live stream repurposing because a lot of people are doing live streams, but then not repurposing it because, you know, so they do okay on replay, but you want to be able to pull clips out and, and pull things out, but then you want to edit those clips to me.

Have context, so that it’s fresh. Right? You could just pull something out and it’s to the same audience, like, okay. But if something feels and seems fresh, then it’s usable and it could grow another account. And that’s kind of where I locked it. I did not love it. I really did not love it, which is part of why I think I was like kicking scream, but it made the difference.

And I’m thankful that I did because when the pandemic happened, SportsNet. And I had no work. My, my job had nothing, nothing for me. And I knew the night NB. I can remember the night NBA shut down. It was a Wednesday night and I was at the youth group at my church. And I look at, I go, oh man, I’m going to go to work tomorrow.

And there’s going to be nothing. I don’t know what it’s going to look like. When to work the next day, this everything was canceled. And they said, well, go home and we’ll figure it out. And that day I went home and I said, this is it, man. This is your chance. You’ve you’ve wanted this because you’ve been so busy with this, this job that you haven’t been able to like build your business.

Now you’re kind of handed the opportunity to do it. So I doubled down on the repurposing and, and took in clients and we ended up working together because you were going live every day and needed to repurpose them clips.

[00:11:43] Pat:
Yeah, that’s so true. I mean, first of all, another example of somebody needing a push, right. Needing a reason needing like actual circumstances to be put in a certain way. So that action can finally be taken. And I know that, you know, my story, many people do getting laid off. Was that for me, for you, it was the pandemic and not having any more work.

Some of us need that and push or else we need to rethink about what is really important so that we can have that push. And then yes, the pandemic happened during the pandemic. I livestreamed every single. And I knew that you were doing repurposing stuff and you had a, you and I had met each other in person a couple of times, once in New York, when I was on a switch spot tour with Kayla, but another time in Philadelphia during podcast movement, and I had known who you were and, you know, I know you do great work.

So I reached out to you. We decided that you were going to do some repurposing, like you said, taking clips from the income stream, which was my daily show during the pandemic, and then putting it onto a separate channel. And it worked, it did pretty okay in that channel. Had, you know, several hundred views within a week and then several thousand and hundreds of subscribers.

But then I realized that that was not going to be a good use of resources or time for me. So then we kind of just stopped that for a while, but I always remembered that you were available if I wanted to do repurposing in that way again. And then during the pandemic still my kids get a little bit into Pokemon.

And I start getting into it too. I start researching it deeply. Like I always do with anything new that I’m into because I want to get highly involved. And then what happens is I discover so many amazing channels on YouTube from Pokemon, and actually I’m reminded because Pokemon became an interest of mine and my kids as a result of a trip to England and visiting, my, one of my best friends, Christine.

He and his son, Charlie were really into Pokemon and they introduced me initially to people like Leonhard and unlisted leaf. And these are creators in the pecan space who I was like, these guys are insane. They just opened packs all day and they get this many views. Like that’s ridiculous, but let’s watch it.

Okay. And then poke was just kind of a, okay. It’s always on the side, but in 2020, that’s when I started to go full force with it and actually turn it into a hobby that I. Into, and then I actually, I don’t know if it was fate or whatever, but I don’t, I don’t listen to Gary V all the time, but for whatever reason I did one day and on his show, somebody called in his name was Nick and he had a Pokemon YouTube channel called pokey rev.

And this was after the collectibles market in 2021 started to explode. And, and I think this is why Gary had a pokey Rayvon, cause he’s a collectibles person in the Pokemon. And, I was like, dude, this guy, Nick’s like, I like his energy and he’s opening past with Gary V I’m going to go check his channel out.

And then I just fell in love with his content so much so that I reached out to him and I was like, yo, I love your stuff. Like, can I help you in some way? Can I like help you with your live streams and help you model? And he’s like, Pat Flynn, what are you doing here? And I was like, what are you? You know who I am?

He’s like, yeah. I used to listen to your podcasts, like way back in the day. And I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today without you. And we just connected. And I was like, this is insane. Like, this is such a small world. Anyway, I become a mantra is channel. I fall more in love with this hobby. I see. As an entrepreneur, there are so many different ways that I could potentially bring something new to this space because I’m an entrepreneur.

I see holes, I see opportunities. And I’m like, you know what? I think I’m going to create a YouTube channel on Pokemon. And then I immediately reached out to you. Cause I know I’m not going to be able to edit these videos myself. I think I want to create a Pokemon YouTube channel. What do you think? Like, what did you think when I reached out to you and pitch this to you?

[00:15:28] Dan:
Well, you first told me you were like, you have an idea for a channel, but it’s completely different than this. And then you’re like, do you want to talk about it? And I was. Yes. And then you’re like, cool. Well, it’s, it’s, it’s about Pokemon and I’m in the nineties. I was all in, I was a Pokemon kid. Like, you know, I I loved Pokemon in the nineties.

I was a huge with the video games, had the cards and all that obviously fell out of it. and now. Not buying a lot of those cards when I had the chance. now that I work on this, but yeah, man, it was, it was crazy. Cause I was like this, this sounds like it could be something really fun. It’s different.

It’s not, it’s not business video. Right. Everything I’ve been doing at that point was business or, you know, self publishing, these kinds of different things that, you know, although I enjoy working with these clients, It’s very, it’s not necessarily fun, content. And so to be able to have a chance to work on something that was fun and connects to my childhood, I was like, yeah, this sounds like a no brainer.

[00:16:24] Pat:
So I remember, sending you an idea on like a first video or something, and you, you know, you had given me a quote on like how much it would cost to get editing services and whatnot, and you know, what, what it would be like for, you know, X number of videos per week, or what have you, whatever, you know, the standard kind of thing.

And then I think I pitched you like the first video and I film about a whole bunch of things on my end and I, and I share it with you. And then I think you replied with. Oh like this, isn’t just like taking footage and like cutting a few things and then putting it together. Like, this is a production, like, this is this much bigger than I thought it was.

What was going, like, What were your mindset with relation to like when you really saw the vision that I had for this V this channel? Like what it meant and what it was going to take.

[00:17:11] Dan:
Yeah. You know, I guess the, when we’re so used to just working. You know, talking headshots and here’s this, and then maybe we’ll just show, you know, a shallow shot of this, or, yeah, I hadn’t really been watching Pokemon content at that point. So then maybe looking at some channels where it’s just like, okay, it’s just cards on a desk.

So it looks like two different, you know, two different shots we can go back and forth with. This seems pretty easy, but then it was like, okay, so we, this is, this is going to become, you know, stories. You know, this is, this is going to be, you know, a lot deeper to me that was exciting. Cause it was like something exciting to, you know, to work on that to more than just the business stuff.

But I think we just had to rearrange maybe how, how much of the content we needed to get in and, and have some team team put together just because, based on my availability as well, with the clients I already had currently had.

[00:18:05] Pat:
Yeah. So it was, it was going to be a lot more produced, a lot more B roll, a lot more story, a lot more cuts, a lot more of this. And so, you know, we figured out a deal structure that worked for us initially to work for a couple months just to see what would happen. And we launched the channel. Essentially.

We had a video come out in December of 2020, just kind of as a preview, like here’s, what’s coming. Pat Flynn’s getting into the Pokemon space. He had a trailer and I remember we premiered that and we had a lot of support from pokey. And being a moderator in a channel for so long, already at this point, maybe.

And by so long, I mean like four or five months, but I was in there every single day, almost like just particiPating and getting to know the community, asking questions. I was also doing some reconnaissance. I was like, what do you like about these videos? What kinds of videos do you wish existed? And you know, me being a business minded person, I saw a lot of opportunity there.

So this is why the production is the way it is because that’s a unique advantage that you and I have together. Bring these stories in a way that’s different than what these other creatures can do. And also taking the approach that, Hey, I’m not an expert in this, I’m brand new in this, and I’m learning as I go.

And I’m going to share what I learned with you. And we’re going to find some fun things to, to tell stories about. and the reaction was very positive initially. Like that fed me so much energy because I was like, wow, I am starting something new in a space that I knew nothing about. And already people are saying great things about it, and that motivated me.

And so we just got cranking on video ideas and coming up with stuff. And you know, a lot of people now see that 14, 15 months later we have 150,000 subscribers. We have, you know, hundreds of thousands on videos, even videos that were published within a week ago, there are over a hundred thousand views and they’re like, wow, you’re so lucky.

You hit goal. You struck oil, you know, But then it’s like, well, you have, how many years of video experience behind you? I have had many years of YouTube experience. And then that combined with just all the mistakes that we’ve both made over over the past, it’s like arc powers combined into this one channel now. And it’s just going so well.

[00:20:11] Dan:
Yeah, well, I think going into it, right. and this is something that, you know, mutual friend Derral Eves with. I had gone through his training prior to this, which was perfect timing to have gone through a training directly with him would be the idea of when you go into a space or you’re creating that channel, is that you understand already what the viewers are clicking on.

Like go in knowing what what’s already working in the space, and you are already doing it again because you are the perfect, you know, person, you just, you got into it and got interested and started watching all these, all these channels. So you already were that. So taking that interest of the things that you like as a viewer already sets you up in a perfect way.

If you go into a new space and you don’t know what’s working on YouTube, you’re, you’re going to be shooting yourself in the foot potentially by starting that and expecting something. And nothing happens because you don’t know what the viewers are interested. So going in the big benefit one, yeah, you got that connection with rev, but because you were going in as a viewer, starting in that new space, you already had to have this sense of.

The things that are already working in there, that we could start right away with.

[00:21:18] Pat:
Right. And then we started experimenting with. A lot of different types of videos. and now, you know, 14 months later, we have a really good groove. We have certain kinds of videos that we know hit really well. And within those sort of buckets, as we call them, or as Darryl calls them and big shout out to Darrel Eves, he’s been on the podcast before. YouTube formula is his book. It’s just really great. And his training I went through as well. We have these buckets that we now are know are going to hit and we pay attention very specifically to the data and the analytics had. We always was that like very, it wasn’t definitely, for me, it was probably from you, but like how early on were we looking at data to help inform the, decisions we make

[00:21:59] Dan:
For me day one, because I had gone through that training. Cause Daryl drills it into you that this is what you got to do. And thankfully. You know, we could, right. I mean, when you very start, you have no data. Right. But we could at least look at that first video and see that And we could look across the spectrum of other channels and what’s out there And working, but even in just little ways of. Are we getting the kind of traffic we want? Are we getting the, how are we getting the response? Are people watching these videos? How, and the retention for me was the big part, right? Which is how long people watch the average view percentage, their view duration. And that was the thing that I was monitoring the most, especially in the beginning.

And I still do. I monitor it like ridiculous now, but like, then it was just like, all right, where are people dropping or skipping in this video? How can we tighten the next one up? Or the next type? That’s like this up. And we’ve been progressing. And I think that’s where we’ve kind of, I don’t want to say mastered it, but we’ve become mastered.

We’ve been mastering it, from the beginning through to now and, and continue to continuing to find areas. But that’s data that you get always, as long as you’ve got a number of views, you could get some kind of a retention chart to see where people are skipping. And that to me was something that I was monitoring right away so that we can start tightening up our videos.

Cause our first few videos were very long. and there’s nothing wrong with long. It’s just, where are the parts that they’re dropping, that we could tighten it up so that they don’t have to skip those. So it’s better to have a little bit shorter of a video, so they don’t have to skip anything then them skipping and getting to the end.

And now you’ve lost all this potential watch time.

[00:23:30] Pat:
I’ve taken so much from what you have taught me and what Darryl has taught us from the Pokemon channel. Into now the PatFlynn channel and I’m watching my analytics there and things are growing quite well. And the revenues going up and we’ll talk about revenue in a little bit, but going back to the, some of the, some of the beginning months of the Deep Pocket Monster channel, in addition to like the data, what were some other important things that we were making sure to pay attention to closely so that we knew we were heading in the right track.

[00:23:58] Dan:
Well, one the views, obviously, right? So we want to see that we’re, you know, views are going up and you know what videos didn’t didn’t hit. yeah.

[00:24:07] Pat:
Some did some didn’t are a lot. Didn’t.

[00:24:09] Dan:
And the, and then questioning why, right? Because it could be a number of different reasons when we kind of have to that’s where the data becomes useful. And I think for some people that can become very overwhelming. I think the benefit we have is there’s two of us. So. We could kind of bounce things off each other.

I think for you, it might be too busy for you to have to dive super deep all the time. and then, you know, for me, it’s like looking at these things and then saying, Hey, here’s these two things. What do you think this might mean? You know, he, we have, you know, low click through rate or people aren’t clicking on this video, but when they do click on it and they watch they’re watching the whole.

So, you know, what is this likely meaning at that point, we’d probably see it’s probably the thumbnail

[00:24:51] Pat:

[00:24:52] Dan:
People aren’t clicking on it, but when they do click on it, they do watch the whole, the whole thing.

[00:24:56] Pat:
And we have seen literal hockey stick, like improvements when we have figured that. Made a change and boom, there was one video that, I mean, there’s been many videos that we publish and then they’re initially not going very well, but there was one in particular where we did a test on cards and how easily they scratch.

A lot of our videos that people seem to enjoy are the more science-y kind of videos. And we’ve played into that. Like we’ve used bits of back to the future, part three for science and like things like that, just like always end up in the videos and it becomes a part. Language and culture of our videos.

It’s just been so cool. And there’s a whole community now. Like I want to talk about that too. but there was one video where we doing a scratch test and I put a lot of time and effort into creating this video and it was very informative, but nobody was watching it I mean, when people watched it, like you said, people were watching a lot of that video, like really, really well.

And it was informative and we were getting really good con. So we knew that there needed to be a change in the title and thumbnail. And how many thumbnails had we gone through? How long did it take? And then like what happened after that?

[00:26:01] Dan:
If we include the thumbnails that I was first testing and trying before we even launched the video, right. Testing, as in, we’re going back and forth, I’ll make a thumbnail and like text it to you and be like, what do you think? And then you go, I, what about this? And then we go back and forth at least 20.

If we were to combine, combine those with probably about maybe it’s like about 10 and 10. So 10 before we released the video finally picked one and then probably another 10, because we, we try. Three or four other thumbnails that we put on that made no change or even dropped it and views. and I’ll say like, you could do AB testing, all kinds of stuff, but when a video is doing like that, it’s like, I just want to be able to change it and see, does it make an immediate difference?

And I’ll watch the real time. So I’ll change it thumbnail and I’ll sit there and watch those real time views. I’ll be doing some other things, but I’ll have it open and I’m going to be sitting there and watching it and seeing, okay. Do we see, do I see an immediate difference? And then if I do see one, okay.

Let’s keep monitoring. If this continues, if that does. Okay. We, we made a good choice. Does it go down? Okay. Maybe I need to put it back to that other one and kind of go back to the drawing board. And for that particular video, we had it been about two or three others before we found the one. That made the difference.

And once I put that up, you could almost immediately start to see the views. Not like it goes up crazy and dramatic, right? YouTube is not promoting a video that well, that much, if people aren’t clicking on it, they’re just, it’s just not going to share it. But when it does happen to get shared, whether it’s on someone’s home page or on a suggested section underneath someone already watching a video.

And that notices that people start to click, it’ll start to share more. We’ll start to get more impressions. And then we start to see that. And that’s what happened with that video. And now it’s gone from what was gonna be a dead video at 29,000 to 39,000,

[00:27:51] Pat:
Data here. So 10 days after the video came out, 36,000 people watched that. And that’s pretty typical for us. It’s between 18,060 7,000. So that’s a lot, but like relatively speaking. And then 20 days after that, a whole month later, it’s not even 10,000 more views. Yeah. And then I’m literally at the graph when we change it.

And then it’s like from 30 days, it’s 44,000, 10 days after that it’s a hundred thousand, 10 days after that it’s 200,000 and we’re now 54 days and it’s, about 200 and a quarter million views on that video. And it’s smoking and still it’s like doing so good. And it’s literally because we looked at the data, we said, this is not working.

Let’s figure out a way to get people to click on this thing and it like you did so good on that. It’s just been so amazing because you hear about stories like, oh, the it changes on their own, then it like, worked like, worked so well on the,

[00:28:47] Dan:

[00:28:48] Pat:
And that, and we’ve had a few days do that.

[00:28:50] Dan:
Yeah, I’ll tell you this though. I’m still not satisfied with it. Now. Some people might say, oh, Daniel, you’re crazy. Like if it’s working that well, why would you do any other changes to it? Right. It’s gotten a lot of views at this point, but there’s, there’s a lot of different traffic sources. Right.

And what I’ve learned from Darrel is that each traffic source is its own algorithm, right? It’s not like there’s a YouTube algorithm. There’s algorithms for every single traffic source and they operate individually separate from each other.

[00:29:16] Pat:

[00:29:17] Dan:
Yeah, search suggested a browse. Those are all the different ways that, that YouTube will recommend videos within its own system, outside of external, where you share it on your socials and websites and embedding.

But this particular video does so well in brows, which would mean like home feed. It means you open up your YouTube app and it’s right there in your home feed. So for a lot of people, if they maybe. One Deep Pocket Monster video. It’s very likely that later they come back to their app and that video will end up being the first one, because YouTube knows if people see it in their home feed, they’re going to go click on it.

Now that that tends to be a little bit of a bigger thumbnail, tends to take up a little bit more of your screen. This video doesn’t this particular video is not performing to the way I’d like it in some. So that’s like if you’re watching a video and then there’s those other videos below it. So someone’s watching one video and they want to go to another video or they let’s say they’re watching one of the deep debug monster videos.

And we want that to be like up next or something. This particular video doesn’t perform super well there. So now I’m in a phase of, I’m not going to just go and change the thumbnail. I’m going to use a software like two buddy to do AB testing on very small little things. So. Like a little change, a color change, a sizing change of a particular element of the thumbnail.

Maybe a word change, maybe trying your face and not your face. Currently not thumbnail that does not have your face in it. And that could also be why it’s not performing in suggested because maybe people are. Deep Pocket Monster videos, but then don’t see your face and they don’t, maybe don’t recognize that it’s Deep Pocket Monster there’s.

Those are the things you can think through. And you get software like two buddy to do a full 14 day AB test where one day it will be the original thumb. And then the next day it’ll be the variant. And then you get all this data to tell you how the two wet and we run it full 14. And, and see how it is.

We, I just finished a bunch of tests and the variants did not perform. So that told me the originals are working better, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop. I’m going to keep going back and testing those because those will help us inform us in the coming videos. It’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of backlog stuff, a lot, all those things, but it’s, it’s gonna, it helps inform, okay, I see how this performs with your face and this type of video.

So that’ll inform the next video we make. We should do the thumbnail like this.

[00:31:39] Pat:
So good dude. I know it sounds like a lot for people listening or watching this. This is what we have to do for this particular niche in this case, because we are not the experts who have the best knowledge in the world who could literally just put on a video, like a guy named Sam Pratt in this space who has just the most extensive knowledge of this industry, where any time he turns on a camera, it’s just like, you know, it’s going to be golden.

He doesn’t need the editing. He doesn’t need to worry about the data and stuff, because that will kind of, his expertise is enough for him to do that. Now, that being said, If he had expertise like he does and, or to combine a lot of these strategies, I mean, he could five X, 10 X, his channel, but he’s old school and he’s not probably not going to do that.

So anyway, let’s go through an example of how we actually create a video from scratch for, for Deep Pocket Monster. Now, traditionally in the PatFlynn YouTube side of things and just videos in general, my way of doing it was this. I still, I go out into the audience and I try to understand what would be most helpful.

I think it’s important to start with some research and understand what do people need help with? What are The, things that are maybe inconvenient or the things that they want to learn about? Okay, cool. That’s going to guide a video topic that I can create a video about. And in the pamphlet inside of stuff, it’s like, okay, well, how to start a podcast or how to do this, or, you know, a lot of how to in the educational side of things.

Right. But either way, I’m filming the video first and then I’m trying to figure out a title and. But what’s our approach at Deepak.

[00:33:12] Dan:
So it’s the exact reverse, the opposite, order in that we will go back and forth throwing title ideas, basically. What, what would sound like. You know, an interesting title or looking out on the space and maybe even outside of the Pokemon space, but within a space within the target audience is also watching.

Right? Because there might be other ideas out there kind of seeing what’s actually working right now. What are people watching? How is this, you know, what are those things out there? And then how can we create a video? That’s not copying any of those, but we could say, how can we take something like this?

And we start throwing some ideas back or. Just creating some thumbnails. I’ll do it right in Canva, super easy software. I used to draw some terrible thumbnail, some like terrible drawings on they were pretty bad as they were worse than pretty bad. but it was just kind of like, I need something visual isn’t that was like a film school thing.

Like we’d be, we do all our storyboarding and just like, literally. Stick-figure with a little, it looks like a little penguin just to show where their face is pointing. Right. so it was bad. So I just started going into Canva and I’ve got enough pictures of you now because of all the thumbnails we made to just kind of craft something, it doesn’t look great, but it’s just like, what if we created something in.

Does this look clickable, and then we could build the title from there when we think of a title and then build a thumbnail from there. And as long as we know that it’s something that is clickable, something that is interesting. Then we could build the video because if you build the video first and we’ve done this and the videos haven’t performed right, where we we’ve made videos over the.

Even over this year where we’ve just like, oh, this sounds like a really great idea, but we didn’t think about that thumbnail as hard as we should have spent as much time before. And then the video ultimately didn’t perform as, as good as the video is. And as much time and effort we put into it and the people who’ve watched, you know, like it, but if we didn’t have an effective thumbnail and title first, so we’ve really learned that lesson this year and it’s paid off so much to sit down and say, you know what?

We could put out less video. But Mo pour all that effort that we put into creating maybe two or three videos to put into one, but that one performs so much better than those two or three that maybe didn’t were performed. Okay. Or typical, or just kind of, they’re not going to go anywhere. They’re great for a day or two or maybe for the week or when there’s a hype around something, but then it goes away.

But what if.

Put all the effort we’re going to put into, into the best title and the best thumbnail possible, and then have the best video that answers that thumbnail. Right? That’s that’s how you

[00:35:46] Pat:
Right. I have to match.

[00:35:48] Dan:
They have to,

[00:35:48] Pat:
That’s where I was running into a lot of issues, if they don’t match, you could still have a great title and thumbnail, right? Like maybe you nail it even after you filmed the video, but then like, because you’ve already filmed the video, the hook doesn’t match the expectation that a person has when they click over and therefore they’re less interested or they’re, they’re less likely to go through the story doesn’t carry on.

So by taking the thumbnail title approach first. We can ensure that the video we create and the moment the video starts it already is getting into exactly what a person is expecting, or at least has some sort of hook that just gets people into it right away.

[00:36:26] Dan:
Yeah. You know, and another thing, well, that’s scratch video. We did this right. We made the title. We made the thumbnail. We had been thinking about that thumbnail for weeks. The problem. We didn’t think about what the original thumbnail, which the original thumbnail, this is a scratch test to see if you could scratch a card, write a Pokemon card.

We thought in the thumbnail, it’d be great to show like the most famous Pokemon card, which is a holographic Char’s art, right? It’s the expensive jars are that everyone loves. And it’s got this holographic, which is the shiny, you know, foil on the card. And we thought, well, that stands out. Cause the charters aren’t always.

Everyone can recognize that if you’re in, if you’re a Pokemon fan, you instantly recognize that visual. It’s like, okay, that’s going to stand out. Let’s put a scratch on it and show it like being scratched. We didn’t account for was how that would turn people off. And they wouldn’t want to click because they, what we learned after from reading the comments from seeing how people responded to it was, I don’t want to see a chart as our, it gets scratched.

And we didn’t scratch the chart is already in the video. We teased it. So we figured it was okay, like, oh, we’re going to do this and then swap it out for a non-charter card card, but it turned people off. And so as much as we did spend the time on that ton of feminine, it didn’t perform because we didn’t expect that variable.

And that has helped inform now too, because a lot of times where we’ve thought, oh, why don’t we just show this card? We shouldn’t because it’ll turn people off. And I think that made sense. And now we see a huge.

[00:37:49] Pat:
And now the thumbnail, if you go and look at it, it’s a different card. The one that we actually use on the test, but an exaggerated scratching effect on it, an arrow that says, don’t do this. You don’t know what caused that scratch before we even had like a box cutter on it, but it’s like, why would you put a box cutter on it?

In fact, on the thumbnail is a sleeve and everybody sleeps their cards in this space. You’re kind of surprised that it would do something. Don’t do this. You have to click on it now. And that’s, that’s, what’s been working really well. Okay. So title thumbnail. Awesome. And then we go into an it’s true. We like speak entitled.

Sometimes we all have a 10 minute back and forth conversation where it’s just titles going back and forth. And it’s like the weirdest conversation, if you were to see it, yeah, exactly. But it’s. We, we wait for the other person to react. We go, oh, that’s it right. Or, Ooh, I want to click on that.

And we just keep going until we get there. we could probably take it one step further, where, especially with videos in the future where we maybe invest, you know, a lot of money into buying something or, or, or, or creating something, maybe getting our discord community involved with the thumbnails. Like which one would you rather click on?

Do you think this thumbnail, or what do you think this title means? Or what do you expect out of it? That way we can even get more information. I know Mr. Beast does similar stuff to that, but, and we can work our way towards that. We have this awesome community.

Now that’s being formed on YouTube. And now we have in our discord community run by Jay and, another team member of yours.

But we, after the title thumbnail, like usually I’m so stoked at that point. I’m like, yes, this video is going to be so sick. Like. And then we get into the, like a super rough outline. Right? Talk

[00:39:37] Dan:

[00:39:38] Pat:
And like how rough it actually is.

[00:39:41] Dan:
Yeah. So we’ll, we’ll kind of start out with just, just kinda, well, first the big thing is really starting with what’s our hook, right? Where are we landing people and where are we going? Right. We all want to know where are we starting? You know, what does the audience know now? That’s that, that storytelling and what are they going to know at the end?

Right. That’s, that’s the key things we really need to figure out. And then kind of the middle is that journey. And I think more recently, Getting better at this, like figuring out how do we take people along that journey. So they don’t forget what this is about. So in the end, the payoff, it really it’s

[00:40:13] Pat:
Right, right. Or, or what’s at stake, right? Like there has to be like, maybe it’s a bad outcome. Maybe it’s a good outcome. We don’t know. So let’s say. Stay around and figure it out. Like we did. we did a video where, you know, I was curious to see, because a lot of us in the Pokemon community, we shipped cards like everywhere all the time.

Like the people who buy, we buy cards from eBay, et cetera, we want like which shipping services the best. Right. And I could have just done like a quick talking head video, like, Hey, I did an experiment. And I found out that this company did best. Here are the cards. See, they look like. But we told a story that had stake in it.

And we also shared a reason why this was important. I actually got shipped the box and it was like totally damaged. And that was like, Hey, like, do you want this to happen to you? Like, no. So which shipping company actually treats our cards the best. So I got three boxes put the same cards loosely in each of those boxes and then put an apple air tag, actually in each of them, you had mentioned getting inspired by other channels and other spaces.

A clear example of that. There was another channel that put air tags and boxes to see if they could ship cards to North Korea and like different other places. We weren’t shipping cards to North Korea, but we were shipping cards to, a mystery guest. This is another hook we’re going to sh ship it to a mystery guests and they’re going to open it.

We’re going to track to see like which ones get there first and what route they take and whatnot from the air tag. And then our mystery guest is going to open it and see what the damage is inside. And we’re going to know which company handled our package the best.

Whether you even like Pokemon or not, that is a interesting video that you’d want to know the outcome for.

Right. So we’re

[00:41:52] Dan:

[00:41:52] Pat:
Than just collectors. Now we’re hitting them a bigger audience as a, as a result.

[00:41:56] Dan:
Yeah, we’ll create the titles and thumbnails to stand out and be specific for that target audience. Right. We’re always creating that. But the fact that we could create it a little bit bigger or a little broader opens us up to a little bit of a bigger audience and more of a casual. Fan audience.

So someone who maybe enjoyed Pokemon a little bit, or just knows a little bit about it may become then a fan and turn into a Pokemon fan because now they started to watch maybe some of these videos that might be suitable for more of a broader audience than just for the like super niched collector audience. now, and now we’ve got an opportunity and we’ve seen it with some comments that have come in where people have become fans of Pokemon cards, because they’ve watched these videos, which is always cool.

[00:42:38] Pat:
And you can see, like, we also track, like people who’ve left a absorbent amount of comments in a short period of time and you can see exactly the videos they watch. One after another, they like spend all day watching all the videos and. It’s just so cool to see that that’s going down, especially in the particular buckets, right.

We only have two of our weird purchases on Etsy, but when we have like 10 of them, they’re just going to keep feeding each other. Like, it’s going to be amazing exactly what Darryl talks about and we’re actually actually executing on it. And that was something that was very hard for my other channel. My Pat Flynn channel.

It’s like, Hey, I have podcasting tutorials, but I also have a very popular video in PowerPoint. And I also have videos on business mindset. And I also have videos about videos. It’s just like, it’s hard for anybody. Let alone YouTube to understand, like, who do we feed your videos to? And that’s why it’s not just not getting as much traction as, as this.

Anyway, let’s go back to, so we got a title thumbnail. Then we go into rough outline. Basically, like you said, like what’s the whole. And where are people ending up? Like, what’s the outcome, the promise what’s at stake here. And then the middle becomes like the storytelling part. And then it’s, it’s kind of just, again, it gets, it starts very rough and it’s bullet points.

Like we should do this and then this happens and then this happens. And then we ultimately start filling in the holes and start filling in details and like, okay, here are the shots that we need now. And then oftentimes I do personally, I don’t know if you do this as well. I look at the script and I’m like, okay, let’s do a round of jokes.

Where could we add jokes and humor into this? Right. Like, oh, here, it would be cool to add this? little stinger or this little funny part, like zoom in, close on my face while I look confused. Like, I’ll write that in the script so that you or Zach or other other editor. And it kind of knows where to go with that. And then we usually get like, am I missing anything before? Like a super rough.

[00:44:30] Dan:
Yeah, no, that that’s pretty much the order. And I think what makes us like you and I, a good team in the sense that, you know, whether I’m editing or Zack is editing, you’re really good at being able to. See things before, right? So you, well, you know, we’ll write it an outline. And then depending on the video, we’ll go into, to a deeper script.

If it’s highly storytelling, other videos where it’s like, you know, sometimes we do these videos that have become really successful that are mystery boxes where, you know, you’ll open up the box. That’s we don’t know what’s in it. And that’s the. The curiosity about it. There’s really, we really can’t script that because we don’t know what’s in the box.

So we can’t really script that out beforehand. but in other videos where we have like a whole lot of dynamic storytelling, we have to like really start to go in and script that out and figure out where we’re going and the direction we’re going. You’re really good in that stage of inserting things that I would never think of where I think for me, once we got.

Edit the first draft, like not the video that’s going to go out. It’s just that first draft edit, looking at it and then going, okay, we could insert something here or I could find something here or find something that connects to pop culture or a little meme that is within the community. And that’s what I’m always trying to stay on top of the community on top of the audience, outside of our channel, what are the things that are popping or interesting for them that we can insert into here that people get excited for?

And I know like right now, the, one of the big ones was that emotional damage, right. That. It was coming out and you edit it in a, in a recent video, but even like, a video prior, you say something that sounds like that. And we added something in there that just people and people comment about it, like, oh, emotional damage.

[00:46:06] Pat:

It’s the, the, the staying on top of trends and memes bringing that into the videos, even though it’s not related to Pokemon, but we make it related to the things that are happening. It’s interesting. There was one. We inserted like Bernie Sanders, randomly sitting on a chair or something. and then, you know, speaking of community, you know, we’ve, we’ve developed these a really amazing fans of the show, you know, and, and I do what I can to give back to them.

We do a lot of giveaways. We have a lot of, you know, I, we have live streams every week often and, we can get up to 1500 people watching concurrent. And that’s where I think my 365 days of going live, going back to the income stream has really helped because I can manage a live stream now and make it entertaining and add visuals whilst speaking and interacting whilst doing the card openings and telling a story and just kind of on the fly.

It’s like, it didn’t, it wasn’t like that in the beginning, but I was through practice was able to get there and we have now nearly a thousand paying members of the channel now who pay through YouTube. Join our club, essentially, it’s called the gem men club and those people get access to a discord and it’s just been really cool to see how they’ve been responding and, and, you know, I get lots of letters and fan letters.

Now, kids, adults, even, wanting autographs and whatnot, and every single thing that I talk about my books. We are implementing to a T here in Deep Pocket Monster, and it is working. I’m not just making this stuff up, people, everything I wrote in that book works and it’s working again. I’m demonstrating it here in Deep Pocket Monster.

And it’s at a point now where I’m getting recognized on the street and people want me to take a photo with them or sign their Pokemon card, or what have you. I’ve gotten invited to events already. Pokemon as a company reached out to me to get a relationship going. They’re sending us product early, which is huge because now.

[00:47:51] Dan:
That’s not because you’re Pat Flynn,

[00:47:53] Pat:

[00:47:54] Dan:
Not because of the Smart Passive Income Podcast.

[00:47:56] Pat:
No, it’s not. You’re right. It’s because of what we’ve been able to do for the community here. And then, like you said, these little meme things, we, in one of those, a Pokemon mystery box videos, I opened it up and it was a random dish towel or a dish Ragen. And so I opening that up, live unscripted. It just kind of play with that a little bit and make it funny and weird.

And like, why is this in here? And then, you or Zach, or one of the editors was like, I’m gonna make this a character. So we’re going to do, like they do on the Pokemon show. Who’s that Pokemon. And then it’s like dish rag with eyes on it. And it’s just like super silly. But people responded to that so much that that dish rag now has become an EMA.

Inside of our live streams that our members can use that when I clean my table they’ll deaths, right. They ask for it. They’re like we need a dish rag emo. And so now when I’m like cleaning the, the clutter or the, or the dust off my desk, I use that dish rag. And then immediately I’ll see like hundreds of those emotes pop up because the members know, but then non-members are like, what is this?

What is this language you guys have, like, I want to be a part of this. I want to be included in the group. And then we get more members coming in and now like this dish rag, as silly as it is, is now appearing. In other videos, there was a video where we actually filmed the intro where I’m hanging clothes on a clothesline and they’re like Pokemon related clothes.

But the dish rag is there too. And it’s like, I’m not going to talk about it. I’m not going to point it. But people who know know, and it becomes this like insider language that the community has with each other or we’ll even see in discord. Hey, did you guys see the dish rag in that last video? Like it was here if you missed it, it’s just like, it’s just a dish rag, but it becomes a part of the language of the community.

And we’re leaning into that part of, of what we’re doing as well.

[00:49:36] Dan:
Yeah, I guess we’re making videos that. New viewers could come in, right? Like new. We want to make videos that constantly new viewers can show up and watch and not feel like they need to watch a previous video to watch this. Right. However, we want to reward the returning viewers because we want them, we want people to re watch one video, watch another one, watch a third one, a fourth one, and keep coming back.

Whether it’s back-to-back or just within the same month. Right. We want them to come back, but we reward them with these like little. Things like that, like putting in the little dish rag or putting in something without necessarily making a big deal about it, people recognize and they instantly feel excited to comment.

Like there’s a, there’s the district. Is that the district? Is that the thing that you opened up in one of your other videos? Like, even if they’re not fully aware, they’re just like that stood out and that was weird. Wait, is that what I was thinking is, and it’s rewarding them and you’re giving them, you know, I heard it said by someone who was teaching.

Storytelling. It might’ve been a Ted talk. I forget who it was, but they said, you know, instead of giving your audience four, give them two plus two, right. They want to put stuff together and. It’s it’s very easy for us to just give every and, and like, you know, if, especially if, you know, with this audience, there might be a lot of utility, how to channels, just like you, Pat, like you’ve got the, how to channel a lot of times, we just want to do everything upfront and just be able to give it to them blatantly.

And yes, we should. Right? People, not enough. People get into the content quick enough, not on what people are sharing right away. They have all these things that the audience needs to skip through. However, w when it comes to storytelling, the audience wants to put things to. They want to write, like when we’re watching a movie, we don’t just want to be handed.

Everything would be bored. Right. We want to be able to start thinking, wait, is that what I think it means? And now you keep being curious to watch more and you want to see what you think. Become the thing that it is right. You want to see it, that, that bit of that story come out and that’s these little elements in a small way, in a funny way is wait a second.

Is that, that the I, now I got to go back and watch that, that mystery box again, because I know it’s somewhere in here and I got to know that that was it right. Or where they go in the comments and they go, that was it. Yeah, you’re right. I can’t tell you to get all these replies, right? Those, those kinds of things that, that’s a way of rewarding your returning viewers without alienating.

Your new viewers. Cause a lot of people go welcome back to the channel. And you guys remember when I did this, but what, how does a new viewer feel at that point? However you, if, if every video and this same with podcasts, right? Like, you know, any new viewer could come into this, Every new listener could come into this podcast and listen to it and not having needed to listen to all the others to get to this point.

However, there might be things that you say that your returning listeners will listen to you and go, yeah, that’s that thing that you do every time, you know,

[00:52:19] Pat:
There’s just so much to unpack here. And I hope that this provides a nice little foundation for not just like how we made Deepak a monster and where we’re going with it. And, you know, we have big plans for it. We’re doing some fun things and we’re going to continue to learn because we were definitely just scratching the surface for a what’s possible, but also.

What we could do better. I mean, there’s so much more that we could do better. And what we want to do is inspire you, the listener, we are already inspiring. Other Pokemon YouTubers, who’ve reached out to us for help, which is amazing because that helps the community. This w w we come from a place of abundance.

We’re not going to hold anything back. We will tell you, and we want you to do well too, because there’s just going to help everybody. and that kind of serve first approach. Again, that’s a term that I use here all the time that a lot of people. Has continued to work again and again, and here’s another brand new space where it’s working again.

So, Dan, I couldn’t do this without you, cause it’s definitely a team effort. And I feel like I definitely got lucky with the fact that you already grew up with Pokemon and this is a Pokemon space. So that was definitely helpful. But that’s not to say that. Train somebody, or you can’t find somebody out there who can do a lot of this stuff with you because they can fall in love with the channel as you’re building it together.

Not, not just already in love with the topic. So any final words of advice for those building a content in a community channel out there,

[00:53:36] Dan:
Sure. Well, you know what I know, listening to all this can be super overwhelming because we went from like data to like creating all these videos. And now inserting things that your returning viewers are gonna be, you know, and now we’re going to insert pop culture reference. Like, no, you need to put, make the videos that your target audience wants to

Watch. And our target audience for this tends to be a little bit. you know, from 18 to 30 and 40 range, but a little younger. So inserting current pop culture means and all that kind of stuff, faster editing all these different elements works, but your target audience might not be that age range. They might be a little older, they might be these different things.

You need to know what works for them, and you might not need to add all the. You might be able to make something that’s a slower pace and that works. I just, I’ve been watching this one video. That’s like blowing up millions. It’s a guy who bought a lobster from a supermarket and, and he raised it. And now that thing has got millions of views.

It’s a slow video. It’s got terrible music. The guy just kind of talks, but I I’m saying. Because the storytelling is good, but the, the editing, the look Ellis stuff is nothing like we would do on Deepak monster. The thumbnail is literally just a store lobster, but it says store lobster is a pet and you can’t, how could you not click on that?

Right. But, but it doesn’t mean that you have to look like what we do. So I don’t, I don’t want people to go out and say, oh, now I got. How the way they do their videos because that works. And that must mean everybody just focus on your, your own audience, start thinking about what are the things that are working out there and slowly build it up.

This has taken us a year to really get to the stride that we’re at right now. And we still only feel like we’re getting started. You know? So there’s, there’s ways to build up to don’t let the overwhelm hold you back from starting it. It’s just get there and focus on your audience and what they like to do.

[00:55:24] Pat:
14 months into this sit for 15 minutes into this for generating five figures in revenue from this business already.

And I knew nothing about this two years. There’s no excuse that you can do this. You just gotta get going and learn and stumble and fall and get back up and keep going and, and work with good people too. So, Dan, thank you so much for coming on. Appreciate the inspiration. Looking forward to, texting you probably later today to talk about the next video

[00:55:49] Dan:

[00:55:52] Pat:
I man, where can people go to learn more and like follow you?

[00:55:55] Dan:
Oh, well, I don’t really have too much right now, but it’s being rebuilt. But, Daniel Patrick Norton on Instagram is probably the best place. and I pretty much go by Dan. I know it doesn’t make any sense that it’s full names like that, but it’s the only way to find me and not a rugby player.

So yeah, IG is a good place to hit me up.

[00:56:15] Pat:
Awesome. I’ll have links in the show notes and, yeah. Appreciate man. Talk soon.

Alright, I hope you enjoyed this episode of the Smart Passive Income Podcast and talking about Deep Pocket Monster, which has just been on a tear lately. Since recording this episode we are approaching 200,000 subscribers. We are within 8,000 of 200,000, and nearly 800,000 from a million. A million is something that is on our radar for perhaps by the end of next year as far as a goal. But for right now, we’re just having a lot of fun and doing something pretty incredible.

If you go to the YouTube channel, Deep Pocket Monster, pay attention to the different kinds of videos that we’re coming out with. If you want to go back into our history and our very first videos, you’ll see how we’ve experimented with a few different things, a lot of more historical type of videos.

Then we started to find our buckets—find exactly what the audience wants. Now we’re at a point where every new video, if it doesn’t hit a hundred thousand views in a week it wasn’t a good video.

It didn’t start out that way. That’s for sure. And hopefully this episode gave you some insight to our approach for this channel, and we’ll see where it goes.

I think that there’s a ton of upside here, and most importantly we’re always just trying to keep it fun, because if we’re having fun and the audience is having fun, everybody wins.

So anyway, I hope you’re having fun. I hope your ventures are going well, too. If you haven’t done so already hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss out because I will be updating you on this channel and my other side projects in the future. We have a lot of great episodes coming your way, and I don’t want you to miss out. Hit that subscribe button, and again, thank you so much.

If you have the opportunity make sure to head on over to SPI Pro. If you go to you’ll be able to apply to an amazing community with entrepreneurs just like you to be able to connect, to mastermind, and to get challenged. We recently ran a challenge to purge our email lists, and we did that all together so that we can do it as a group and be there for support. Team SPI was there for support to help people through that process.

So that’s just an example of the things that go on in there, and I hope you check it out. Again, go to so we can make sure it’s a great fit for both of us. I look forward to seeing you in there.

Thank you so much. I appreciate you, and I look forward to serving you in the next episode of the Smart Passive Income Podcast. Until then, cheers, peace out, and as always Team Flynn for the win.

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