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SPI 108: 8 Things That Pat Flynn Is Struggling with Right Now

One of the best questions you could ever ask your audience is:

What are you struggling with right now?

Many successful online entrepreneurs use this question to discover what pains, problems and issues their target audience has so they can better serve and provide solutions for them.

And in fact, this question alone can help you start a business if you haven’t yet already.

The other day I decided to flip the switch and ask the opposite question to my Facebook community of 69k:

What are you NOT struggling with today?

What are you NOT Struggling With?

It’s easy to focus on what we’re struggling with in business, what our hurdles are and what solutions are out there to help us jump over them, but it’s important to also highlight and be proud of the things we’re good at—the things we’ve accomplished.

I was happy to highlight some SPI community members who responded to this question at the top of today’s show.

On this post in Facebook, however, a number of people wanted to flip the switch on me, asking:

Pat, what are YOU struggling with right now?

This episode is my response.

It’s my hope that you can see that I struggle with several things in my business too, and perhaps you can relate to them and are going through the same struggles yourself, or maybe you’ve mastered these things and could offer me (and everyone else going through these struggles) some advice.

In addition to sharing these 8 struggles with you, I also share what I’m doing to try and overcome them.

What Do You Think?

After you listen to this episode, I’d love to hear your thoughts – especially about some of the more personal struggles that I’m having. As we grow and enter completely new realms in our businesses and in life, I know we’ll always be met with new challenges and struggles, which is why the community here is so important.

Thank You For Listening!

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Cheers, and thanks again!

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