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SPI 505: The Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation for Your Online Business with Anthony Sarandrea

They often say that this world is very small, especially the world of online business. When I go to conferences (or at least when I did go to conferences before COVID), I often get introduced to somebody, and we’ll find that we’ve already connected before or that we have a second- or third-degree connection. Today’s guest is someone I’d never connected with or even heard of long before we talked, but I’m so, so glad that we met because we had one of the best conversations I’ve had about lead generation in a very long time on the show.

His name is Anthony Sarandrea, and I’m so grateful he’s joining us today because he is a master at lead generation. Anthony has a number of different businesses. One in particular, Pocket Your Dollars, helps people become the financial experts of their own lives, and generates a ton of leads doing it. He also helps other businesses generate their own leads, and he’s got some systems and approaches that I very much resonate with—especially when it comes to immersing yourself into that space you’re trying to get into.

Speaking of immersing yourself, you’ll hear about a really interesting way Anthony did his market research: he literally became his own target customer on purpose. When it comes to lead generation, Anthony is one of the most creative and dedicated people I’ve met in the space. He knows the importance of remembering that your leads are real people and that you need to serve them if you want to succeed.

Today’s Guest

Anthony Sarandrea

Anthony Sarandrea is recognized as one of the top customer generators in the world, specializing in the financial services space, running a team that drove over one million customers in 2020. Today, he runs a profitable portfolio of websites ranging from commerce to content blogs that combined reach millions of buyers every month and drive 4,000 inbound calls per day off of internal websites as an affiliate. He is consistently featured as one of the top “Under 30” entrepreneurs and was recently featured alongside Snapchat’s founder Evan Spiegel as one of the “Entrepreneurs Changing the World.”

@AnthonySarandrea (Instagram)

You’ll Learn

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