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SPI 500: Session 500! A Mystery Host Flips the Script!

Significant number alert! This is episode 500 of the Smart Passive Income Podcast, and to celebrate the milestone, we’re doing something a little different. We’re flipping the script. Today we have a guest host running the show, and although we won’t say who it is (you’ll have to listen—or read the transcript—to find out!), you may remember this person and his wife from two hugely popular episodes of the show (122 and 265). Anyway, our mystery host is taking over the mic today and interviewing our “guest,” Pat Flynn, about his online journey.

They talk about Pat’s experience losing his architecture job, and how he started, built, and grew his first online business. Yes, you’ve probably heard some version of this story before, but this episode is different. Pat and our host go really deep to uncover some of the nitty-gritty details of the struggles and the excitement on Pat’s path to creating multiple online businesses and becoming a trusted educator for entrepreneurs everywhere. Pat also reveals a little about what’s coming next for the SPI community, and for this very podcast. As for our mystery host, well, what can we say? He’s a delight. We think you’ll agree that this episode is the perfect way to cap off the first 500 episodes of the SPI Podcast, with many more to come.

Today’s Guest Host


[REDACTED] is one half of the dynamic duo at [Name of Business]. Together with his wife, [REDACTED], they’ve built an online membership business that generates hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in profit, while only requiring a few hours of work per week! Now they help other families build & grow online memberships of their own!

You’ll Learn

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