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SPI 122: From Teachers to Totally Rocking It Online—Shane and Jocelyn Sams Share Their Success Story

Some of the most popular and relatable episodes of The SPI Podcast involve success stories from those who have successfully built a business outside of the Internet Marketing, Online Business and Blogging niches.

In other words, there are more ways to build a successful online business and make money online than just talking about how to build an online business and make money online. In fact, I bet there are more people crushing it online outside of that space—they just don’t have a platform, or really the need to talk about their success.

Today I’d like to share an incredible success story packed with valuable strategies and actionable tips from not just one, but two people—a husband and wife combo who each have their own respective successful online businesses in completely different niches.

Shane and Jocelyn Sams were teachers (Shane a teacher and football coach and Jocelyn a librarian) before they discovered the Smart Passive Income Podcast and gave online business a shot.

Just last month, they earned over six-figures from various digital product launches.

In this podcast, you’ll hear how it all started, what went right (and wrong) along the way, and all of the tips and strategies they’re using now to build and grow their business.

I had the pleasure of meeting Shane and Jocelyn at the most recent 1-Day Business Breakthrough event here in San Diego (an event my buddy Chris Ducker and I put together every time he’s in town—our next one is in September and it’s already sold out!), and they are two of the nicest, sweetest people I’ve ever met—and completely passionate about what they do and for helping others, as you’ll hear.

Here is a picture of us at the 1-Day Business Breakthrough event:

Jocelyn, Pat and Shane at 1-Day BB

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Today’s Guest

Shane and Jocelyn Sams

Two teachers from Kentucky who listened to the SPI Podcast one day, took action, and found success!

You’ll Learn

  • How listening to a podcast episode on a lawn mower changed Shane’s and Jocelyn’s life.
  • The doubts going through their heads when starting a niche site, and some of their failed attempts.
  • Jocelyn’s business and exactly how it got started, and how she’s grown it to become massively successful.
  • How Shane’s coaching knowledge became the birth of his online business and digital products.
  • The most memorable $0.11 ever.
  • Opt-in magnet strategies and LeadPages integration.
  • Shane’s crazy 100-page playbook that he gave away—and why that worked!
  • How Shane created a community on his blog using BuddyPress, and how he uses it for marketing research.
  • Jocelyn’s exact Google Hangouts on Air / Webinar strategy.
  • How to keep webinars less pitchy.
  • Why Shane utilizes sponsored tweets on Twitter to promote his business.
  • How Shane and Jocelyn generated over $142,000 in July of 2014!
  • Mistakes they made during their journey and what they would do over if they could.


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