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SPI 082: Getting Paid Before Building the Solution—From Research to Validation to Profit – A Listener Success Story

In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, I’m really excited to feature the details of a success story from a listener who decided to take action after listening to one particular episode of the SPI Podcast – and it was this action that helped him discover a new path in his life, quit his comfortable corporate job and go full time with his online business. The crazy part is that in our chat together, he shares every single step he took along the way to help him build his online business – from how he “idea hunted”, to validation tests of those ideas and how he was able to get paying customers for his product even before it was created.

Carl Mattiola of Clinic Metrics joins us today, and not only does he share exactly what he did to build a business and get paying customers before he left his corporate job, but he also shares exactly how he felt along the way – and you’ll see that like most entrepreneurs, it was not an easy overnight success. Carl shares a lot of the fears he had and other entrepreneurial roadblocks and barriers that he had to break through in order to succeed, and if this episode doesn’t get you to take action, I seriously don’t know what will.

Thank you Carl!

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This is usually the part of the show notes where I usually ask you to leave a review for the SPI podcast. This week, I just wanted to thank you! The SPI Podcast just surpassed 1000 5-star reviews, and I couldn’t be more humbled and thankful for  you! The success of the SPI podcast would not happen without you, so instead of asking you to do anything this time, I just wanted to express my gratitude. You. Are. Amazing! Thank you!

I hope you enjoyed this session, and hint: make sure you listen all the way through!

Today’s Guest

Carl Mattiola

I’m chatting with Carl Mattiola of Clinic Metrics today and we’re talking about how he built his business before he left his day job and more!

You’ll Learn

  • How Carl discovered a market to create a solution for.
  • The criteria that Carl used to “green light” further research on niches that he selected.
  • A “play-by-play” account of exactly what Carl did to get ideas for his new business.
  • The first steps that Carl took, which was related to “getting over it”.
  • The exact script and questions Carl used to validate his idea.
  • How Carl got paying customers even before he started building his software solution.
  • What the transition was like from corporate world to entrepreneur, including all of the fears and roadblocks along the way.
  • Plus much more!


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