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SPI 264: How to Win with Paid Traffic with Rick Mulready

It’s Advertising Month here at! I’m kicking things off with a visit from online advertising expert Rick Mulready. Today, Rick is going to focus on growing your business with paid traffic by using an often overlooked platform: Facebook ads.

My friend Rick has seventeen years of experience in online advertising, seven of which have been focused on Facebook ads specifically. After all that time in the field, Rick’s come to believe that Facebook ads are the fastest way to grow and scale your business. Today, he’ll tell you why.

In this episode, Rick will walk you through why Facebook is such a powerful platform for capturing an audience, address some common misconceptions, and get you started building successful ads of your own. If forking over advertising dollars to a platform like Facebook makes you nervous, listen in—Rick has a few things you’ll definitely want to hear.

I’ll be learning right alongside you, too. I have a personal interest in Facebook ads these days—I’ve got some brand-new online courses and physical products in the works, and I’ve been curious how Facebook’s ad platform can help me reach an even greater audience. Let’s dive in!

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Special thanks to Rick for joining me this week. Until next time!

Today’s Guest

Rick Mulready

Here today is online advertisement expert Rick Mulready, sharing the secrets and strategies behind growing your business with Facebook ads.

You’ll Learn

  • Why Facebook ads are the fastest way to grow and scale your business.
  • Common misconceptions and hesitations surrounding Facebook ads.
  • What you should prepare before getting started with Facebook ads.
  • The right time in your business journey to use Facebook ads.
  • Strategies for finding and tracking your target audience.
  • Tips for ad media and copy that converts.
  • The most common pitfalls when starting out with Facebook ads.
  • How to learn more about online advertising, and more!


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