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SPI 297: Looking Back at 2017—What Went Well, What Did Not

This episode is all about learning from mistakes. Last week we talked about my plans for 2018—well, a lot of the lessons I learned this year resulted in those plans. Today, I’m sharing those lessons with you, not just as an example of what not to do, but to reveal what decisions I made for 2018 because of those experiences.

Today I’m talking about the big picture, looking back at 2017. I’ll be discussing my struggles with time management, specifically how saying “yes” too much got me to a point of being overworked. I’ll be talking about the physical product launch that didn’t go according to plan, the two habits I let slip mid-year, and a target that I set for myself that I did not hit.

As always I’m being fully transparent—it’s all out on the table for you. That’s because this week’s episode isn’t just about what didn’t go according to plan. It’s also about what’s going on in my brain, why these things happened in the first place, and what you can learn from them. Everyone makes mistakes—it’s part of the process and it’s how you grow. I know that what I learned this year can help you with your own business journey too. Today’s episode is full of great takeaways that will help you with your business approach going forward—maybe even help you get results quicker. Grab a pen or a note-taking app and let’s get started!

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