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SPI 315: How to Disrupt Yourself & Grow a Company with Whitney Johnson

Whitney Johnson is one of the Top 50 leading business thinkers in the world, according to Thinkers50. She’s an expert in disruptive innovation and personal disruption, and she’s here today to help us learn how to grow our businesses and understand the patterns we’re going through, especially when we’re starting something new. She’s also giving us a seven-point framework for working through essential disruption and creating change in our lives and businesses.

Whitney’s story is filled with diverse entrepreneurial adventures. She got a degree in music, and ended up in New York City. In New York she discovered Wall Street and found her way to investment banking, became an award-winning equity research analyst, and then…she disrupted herself. She became an entrepreneur and co-founded an investment firm specializing in disruptive innovation. It was there that she had a huge “aha!”—the theory of disruption she was applying to products and services could also be used to manage change for individuals.

Change is necessary and inevitable, especially in business. Did you know that pursuing a disruptive course increases your odds of success by six times, and your revenue potential by twenty? And actually, 70 percent of businesses end up with a strategy different than what they started with. You can begin to see why disruption is so critical. Listen closely, because Whitney is about to deliver a masterclass on disruption.

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Next week we’re continuing this theme of growing and scaling companies, bringing someone back to the show who hasn’t been back in a while. The trajectory this guy has been on is insane—he’s grown his company to $1 million plus! Make sure you don’t miss it—subscribe and leave a review.

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Today’s Guest

Whitney Johnson

Disruption expert Whitney Johnson shares her strategies for disrupting your life and business in order to change and grow.

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