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SPI 267: An Introduction to Video Advertising with Gideon and Anja from Veeroll

Advertising Month continues with a visit from two new experts, this time from the world of video advertising. Here today are Veeroll‘s Gideon Shalwick and Anja Kicken with a treasure trove of information on getting started with video ads, no matter your experience level or industry. [Full Disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through this link.]

Veeroll was born out of Gideon and Anja’s desire for a simple software solution for video ad creators. They’d seen firsthand what video advertising can do for online business owners, but they also understood how scary video production can seem to a beginner. Through Veeroll, Gideon and Anja help online business owners create effective video ads and deliver those ads to the right audience, via the best channels, at exactly the right times.

Today, these video pros will walk you through what you’ll need to start your own video ad campaign. They’ll break down common myths about video production, ad targeting, and working with platforms like YouTube and Facebook. You’ll learn where you can’t afford to cut corners and where you’re free to take risks. Their advice applies to all kinds of industries and niches, as well, so no matter where your audience lives, you’ll be able to apply your brand-new video expertise.

Ready to get that camera rolling and launch your very first video ad campaign? Listen in to get started—I’ll be learning right along with you!

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Special thanks to Gideon and Anja for joining me this week. Until next time!


Note: Some of the resources below may be affiliate links, meaning I receive a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you use that link to make a purchase.

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