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SPI 085: How to Finally Take Action—Even If You’re Lost, Overwhelmed, or Don’t Know Where to Start with Dane Maxwell

Note: Dane Maxwell also joined me on Episode 046 and Episode 149.

In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, I’m really excited to bring back Dane Maxwell from The Foundation, who was with us before in Session #46, which happens to be the top most-downloaded episode of the SPI Podcast ever to this date, with over 125,000 total downloads.

Dane was also in high demand from many of you to come back onto the show for more, and so—here he is!

Back in Session #46, which was titled Building a Lucrative Business with No Ideas, No Expertise and No Money, Dane gave us a formula, along with very specific strategical and tactical advice to extract business ideas and pains from a particular market, and then work with people in that industry to build a software solution to help solve their pains (and even have them pay for building that solution too).

The podcast seemed to open up the flood gates for many people who connected with Dane’s thoughts on idea extraction and validation before creation, and many people did decide to take action. One of those people, Carl Mattiola, was recently featured in Session #82 and in that episode, Carl walks us step-by-step through his idea extraction process and how he eventually left his well-paying corporate job at Tesla to work full-time on his new software business.

I’ve also received a number of other emails from people who took action after listening to that episode with Dane who are now successfully serving a target niche. Some of those people are still working 9 to 5 and are just doing this on the side, while several others have left their corporate jobs to go full time like Carl too.

Although there were several people who did take action, of course there were many more who did not, which is why Dane wanted to come back on the show today to really get into the mindset for people who have yet to take action, or those who seem to not be taking the right action.

This is a very different episode than that of Session 46, but it’s an important one that with great information about what it takes “on the inside” to become a successful entrepreneur.

A lot of what Dane mentions is based on his own experience helping people in his program, The Foundation, who often struggle with taking action as well while extracting ideas and building new businesses. Dane shares a few stories from those he has worked with and how they’ve been able to break through and finally start taking action and seeing results.

I will say, however, that for a while during our conversation in this episode, the information seemed a little “out there” for me (you’ll hear me even say that) and it may seem that way to you at times too, but like before there’s some golden information in this podcast and if you’re at all struggling to take action, or take the right action, there’s something you might learn that could trigger positive results for you. I encourage you to listen with an open mind, because really all of this stuff about success always happens internally first.

I like Dane, he’s a great guy with a ton of energy and a ton of information to share. The last time he was on, a lot of people didn’t like his style and you could tell I did some editing when it came to some of the language that he used on the show. Before recording this episode, he wanted to make sure he was conscious about the language that he used out of respect (especially after I told him I had a number of kids who listen to the show), and he was totally respectful in that manner, which I really appreciated.

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Free Audio: How Dane Transformed Don into an Entrepreneur

During this episode, Dane mentions that he’s giving away a free audio file of the conversation Dane has with Don, which is when Don transforms from an employee to an entrepreneur.

Click here to go to the page where you can get the free audio file.

Get 30 Minutes with Dane, for Free

If you’d like to get a chance to chat with Dane for 30 minutes and go through a mindset transformation yourself, all you have to do is simply leave a comment below sharing what’s holding you back from taking action (or perhaps taking the right action). In a couple of weeks, Dane will go through the comments and select one person to have a Skype call or phone chat with for 30 minutes.

I will announce the person who was selected here in this post by the end of day on Friday, November 8th.

Thanks again for listening to this session of the SPI Podcast, and I’m really interested to read your comments below. Cheers, and all the best to you!

Update: Congrats to “Bob” and John (who talks about 10 sessions of therapy) for getting 30 minutes each to chat with Dane! 

Today’s Guest

Dane Maxwell

In today’s episode, I talk with Dane Maxwell about taking action, extracting ideas and building new businesses.

You’ll Learn

  • The 5 basic fears that hold most people back from taking action.
  • How your body actually gives you clues as to what’s going on in your mind.
  • How specific events in people’s lives that have had an effect on how people think about success, money and failure.
  • How Don transformed from an employee to an entrepreneur.
  • The experience another entrepreneur had during childhood that was holding him back from success now.
  • More ideas to help you find new business opportunities.
  • What we can do to look within and find out what might be holding us back from truly finding success.
  • Plus more!


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