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SPI 028: Be Everywhere: Building a Profitable BRAND by Thinking Outside the Blog

SPI 028: Be Everywhere: Building a Profitable BRAND by Thinking Outside the Blog

By Pat Flynn on

In this special session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, I share a re-recording of the presentation I did at Blog World Expo in Los Angeles last week.

I also include a YouTube video that has the slides that I had prepared as well, although if you’re going to listen to the audio you don’t need the slides in order to get the message I’m trying to share.

Again, this is not the actual recording of my session at Blog World Expo. As I mentioned in my last post, and at the beginning of this podcast episode, things didn’t go quite as planned during the live presentation. You can learn more about exactly what happened (and have a nice laugh too) by clicking here to see exactly what went wrong.

My presentation is all about Being Everywhere, expanding outside of the blog to bring new eyes into your brand and business. I share some very compelling data from a survey I did on SPI a few weeks ago, and I also share a ton of tips and strategies for all the platforms I discuss.

If you’ve ever felt like the growth of your blog has hit a plateau, and you’re looking for information about how to get off of that plateau and get back into growth mode, this presentation is for you.

There is over an hour of content here, and I’m super stoked to still be getting compliments about my presentation from those who attended my session at Blog World Expo. I hope those of you were were unable to make it enjoy it as well.

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And lastly, thank you to those of you who voted for the SPI podcast for The Podcast Awards. The results came in and I did not win any awards, but just to be nominated by you was such an honor. Congratulations to the winners, and maybe we’ll get ’em next year!

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