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SPI 069: How to Build Buzz and Why It’s Better Than Hype

In this session of the Smart Passive Income Podcast, we’re talking all about how to build buzz.

It’s not enough just to create and “ship”  something. Buzz needs to happen in between when (or even as) you create something and when you launch so that when you do come out with something new, momentum has already begun to work in your favor.

There needs to be an energy attached to whatever it is you’re about to share, because something can only truly be launched if there is energy there to propel it forward.

Building buzz, however, is not easy, but the good news is that we all have access to the tools we need to make it happen.

Listen to this session to discover how other brands are using buzz to build momentum and create anticipation for things, and what we can do to create buzz for our stuff too.

A Question from a Listener…

This session’s voicemail question is from Alex from He asks about managing multiple email lists for his website.

More specifically, Alex segments his readers into different lists based on their specific interests, which is smart. But, many people will end up subscribing to more than one of those lists. Alex was wondering how to manage that and how to make sure he doesn’t over-send emails to people who are subscribed to multiple lists.

I share my answer to Alex’s question at the end of the session.

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You’ll Learn

  • The extremely important and delicate difference between buzz and hype.
  • How to lay the foundation for buzz to occur in your brand, blog or business.
  • One company that exemplifies building buzz and what we can learn from them.
  • How to create buzz from scratch, even if you don’t have an existing audience or customer base.
  • Why being 350,000th in line was exciting for me.
  • How to tap into scarcity when building buzz.
  • An example of how one person without any platform or connections created buzz for something that became a popular, mainstream product.
  • How fiction writers can create buzz for their books.


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