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SPI 021: Q&A Session — Domain Names, Do You Need an Audience, YouTube Blackboards, and Adsense Earnings

In this session of the Smart Passive Income Podcast, I do something a little different and give detailed answers to some of most commonly asked questions. I’m doing this for a number of reasons:

First, I’ll be able to help more people who may have these very same questions. Instead of answering each person individually, I can address everybody, including those who have yet to ask the same questions, or those who may be too shy or scared to do so.

Secondly, as a result, it’ll help me save time because it may reduce the number of emails I get, and if I do get these questions in my inbox, I can just reference this podcast session.

And lastly, these are just some really good questions that provide excellent content for the podcast.

The Questions

Actually, I was only able to get to 4 out of the 10 questions I originally wanted to cover in the session, which means I get pretty detailed with some of the answers. Here are the questions that I talk about today:

Question #1

(02:05) Hey Pat! I hope you can answer this one for me.  I have read and listened to everything I can get my hands on for the past few months… and the more I know, the more apparent it is to me that I don’t understand some of this stuff.  For example: I want to purchase my domain names for my new businesses online and all of the formulas I have read about it are confusing and scary to me even though I have dived in and tried to figure it out.  Is there a super simple formula that a newbie can use for finding the “perfect” domain name?

Question #2

(17:20) Pat, I have an eBook idea but I don’t have a blog or any type of online presence yet. What can I do to make my eBook successful?

Question #3

(25:01) Pat, how do you make YouTube videos with the blackboard with your logo on it, and you writing live on top of it?

Question #4

(29:38) How do I increase my Adsense earnings?

And here is the code you can use to wrap text around an Google Adsense advertisement:

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Enjoy the show!


Today’s Guest

Pat Flynn

In this session of the Smart Passive Income Podcast, I do something a little different and give detailed answers to some of most commonly asked questions.


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