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SPI 123: Turning a So-So Blog into a So-Profitable Brand—Gretchen and Jason from Woodland Bakery

Maybe you can relate to this…

You have a presence online and you’ve been putting in the hard work to make things happen.


But unfortunately, you’re not making all that much happen at all. Mediocre results, some traffic (but not enough), and you’re questioning whether or not it’s worth all of your time and effort.

Trust me, I was there—even with Smart Passive Income, a brand I wanted to quit 6 or 7 times within the first year because I was hardly seeing any growth at all.

Passion, as overused and cliche as that word is, is extremely important to keep going through those tough times. But, as you know, passion isn’t enough.

It’s passion + the correct action that equal growth, results and success.

In this session of The SPI Podcast, I’m excited to welcome Gretchen and her partner Jason from Woodland Bakery Blog—a brand that Gretchen started out of a passion for baking.

At first, things were fun and exciting but then after the “honeymoon period” ended, she kept it going but with less than stellar results. Some traffic, some income, but that’s it. That’s when she connected with Jason, who took her so-so brand and turned it into something extremely profitable.

The brand went from 1,000 Facebook fans to 20,000+ fans, organically. It went from just a few thousand YouTube subscribers, to now over 100,000, with videos that have now exceeded over half a million views!

Thanks to Jason and his strategies (which he shares with us in this episode), and Gretchen’s passion, the business is now extremely profitable, and she continues to do what she loves!

I truly love this episode because you can hear Gretchen’s passion in her voice, and it’s yet another success story from someone doing business outside of the how to make money online space, which are my favorite to feature here on the podcast.

Oh, and both Jason and Gretchen have full-time jobs outside of this particular business, so a lot of the income that’s being generated is indeed passive income!

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Today’s Guest

Jason and Gretchen

The team behind the Woodland Bakery Blog!

You’ll Learn

  • The point at which Gretchen wanted to stop the brand she created, and how Jason convinced her to keep going.
  • The business potential that Jason saw in what she had initially created.
  • The first things Jason did to make changes to her brand, including starting an entirely new blog (and doing it right).
  • How Gretchen didn’t really understand what Jason was doing at first, and the point at which it all finally starting coming together for her.
  • The traffic numbers and revenue from their business.
  • The various methods the business is using for income generation.
  • How the business is getting “double views” on their YouTube videos.
  • The content schedule and how content is created for the site.
  • The top tips from both Gretchen and Jason to everyone who is doing business online and those who are using YouTube as well.


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