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My 2012 Goal Post

My 2012 Goal Post

By Pat Flynn on

2012 Goal Post

Setting goals is an important aspect of growth – for business, for personal development, and for life.

Without goals to guide our actions, without that X on our map to navigate towards, we’re aimlessly wandering.

We’re wanderpreneurs.

And sure – wanderpreneurs can still grow and be happy – but setting goals will keep us on the right path, and if we are to ever get off that path, we’ll know, and we can steer right back onto it.

Does an entrepreneur without goals ever succeed?

How will he or she ever truly know?

I like to publicly share my yearly goals here on SPI.


Well for one – I share almost everything, but it’s much more than that.

I share my goals with you because it’s my way of making sure that I’m held accountable for meeting those goals. Even if you’re not at all interested in what my goals are, the fact that I’ve announced them here on SPI gives me more motivation to follow through – partly because I want to write a good report at the end of the year, but also because I don’t want to let you down.

In 2012, naturally, some things will happen unplanned, but I have a lot of visions I’d like to share with you today. Per one of my more popular podcast episodes, Mind Hacks, Physical Hacks and Work Hacks For Better Productivity And Getting Things Done, I’ll be sharing S.M.A.R.T. Goals – goals that are:

  • S = Specific
  • M = Measurable
  • A = Attainable
  • R = Relevant
  • T = Timely

Even though I know your own set of goals will be completely different than my own, I hope this post motivates you in one way or another:

If you haven’t thought of your goals for 2012 yet – do it.

If you have – crush ’em.

Goal: Reach 55,000 Subscribers by December 31st, 2012

In 2010, my goal was to reach 10,000 subscribers, which I met in the month of September.

In 2011, my goal was to reach 40,000 subscribers, which I did not meet – ending the year at just over 35,000 subscribers – but that’s okay.

In 2012, my goal is to reach 55,000 subscribers, which means an additional 20,000 subscribers from this point forward.

It’s definitely not out of reach, but it’s not a given either. Currently, the site grows at a rate of about 1,000 subscribers per month, which means an additional 12,000 subscribers for 2012 if the growth did not accelerate.

What will I do to gain that additional 8,000? Keep reading…

Goal: Reach 40,000 Facebook Fans by December 31st, 2012.

I’m very proud of the growth on my Facebook Page. It continues to be an incredible community and a great source of inspiration (and traffic) for the SPI blog.

In 2011, my goal was to reach 12,000 fans, which I crushed – ending the year at a total of 16,430.

In 2012, I’d love to reach 40,000 Fans. Even with Google+ in the game now, I doubt Facebook will go away anytime soon, if ever, and a page with that many fans would be incredibly valuable, not only for me, but for everyone else who communicates with each other on that platform too.

If you’re not a Fan already, click here and come say hi. 🙂

Goal: Reach 10,000 YouTube Subscribers and 2,000,000 Video Views by December 31st, 2012.

YouTube is an element of my Be Everywhere business model that I’ll be paying a lot more attention to in 2012.

The SPI YouTube Channel, which is about two and half years old, currently has 6,158 subscribers, and a total of 1,014,867 video views.

I’ll be recording a lot more videos in 2012 to help me reach my goals, and within my videos I’ll be adding a lot more opportunities to subscribe to the channel as well. This includes adding YouTube annotations for easy subscribing, and just simply asking people to take action and subscribe.

Goal: Reach Session #50 with the SPI Podcast

During my presentation at Blog World Expo in Los Angeles last year, I shared some incredible data that came from a survey I conducted here on the blog with over 1,500 responses.

The data revealed that the number one way people first heard about me and/or the SPI brand was through the SPI podcast.

Not Google, not Social Media or even other blogs – but the podcast.

I’ve also published several posts about how incredible the results have been from starting a podcast, so in 2012 I want to continue publishing new episodes.

Setting a goal of reaching session #50 by the end of the year (I’m currently at session #30) helps me to make sure I continue to publish new episodes and don’t slack off.

Goal: Launch the First Product for SPI by March 15th, 2012

Even though the demand for an SPI product has been there since 2010, I have yet to release my first real product to sell here on the blog.

Why has it taken so long?

Because I didn’t want to FORCE a product just because I could make money from it. I know I’ve always had the platform and the audience to launch something that could make a lot of money, but for me personally, that reason alone is not a good enough reason to create a product and start charging for it. Greed ruins a lot of people (and businesses), and I don’t want to go there.

In order to charge for something, there must be something of high-demand, of true value, and something that is obviously worth purchasing that gives back the purchase price, in one way or another, many times over.

You’ll definitely hear more about this product as the launch date approaches, including what it is, why it was created and who it’s for exactly.

I’m spending most of my time fine-tuning the user experience through the product, because, as with anything I put out there, I want it to be useful, easy to consume, and noteworthy.

Goal: Launch 1 Premium WordPress Plugin by August 1st, 2012

In 2011, my goal to launch a premium Wordpress plugin was a complete failure.

I actually had two plugins that I started developing last year, and one of them I’d like to bring back to life in 2012 – primarily because it’s a plugin that I absolutely need, and doesn’t exist.

I will focus on one plugin only and do my best to make sure that it not only does what I need it to do, but is easy and intuitive for anyone else to use.

You’ll hear a lot more about this, I’m sure, by mid-year.

Goal: Buy 2 Existing Websites and Increase Revenue by 300% per Month

I’ve had a lot of interest, recently, in expanding my non-SPI related businesses.

With my lastest income reports showing a significant portion of my income coming as a result of the SPI blog, it sort of overshadows that I still earn between $7k-$10k per month outside of the blog.

I want to increase my earnings outside of SPI because, although I’m extremely thankful and happy for that income and the generosity of the SPI community, I want to show that you don’t need to talk about making money online in order to make money online.

The Niche Site Duel was a fantastic start (in addition to the income I already earn from and iPhone apps), but the more income streams outside of SPI, the better.

In 2012, I want to purchase at least 2 existing websites that are already earning some kind of income, and increase the monthly earnings by at least 300%.

I would love to publicly share at least one these experiments on SPI, much like how I did with the niche site duel, so look out for some high-value, insider posts in the near future about that.

Goal: Earn at Least $8,000 in a Single Month from Non-SPI Related Niche Websites

To further address the issue of earning more outside of SPI, I’d like the total earnings coming from niche websites, specifically, to surpass $8,000 per month.

This means that I’ll be creating more niche sites in 2012, and expanding existing ones.

I actually just hired a second VA (part-time) to help me manage these projects and reach this goal.

I doubt that I’ll be sharing the exact domain names and niches with you because of copycats and the few people who would steal my content and use it on their own sites (which happened when I revealed my security guard training niche site, unfortunately), but I will be keeping close track of things and sharing my results with you.

Goal: Diversify Income Streams from and Earn More than $3,000 in a Single Month

Currently, my security guard training niche site (which you can learn more about, again, on the Niche Site Duel Hub), is earning between $1,600 and $2,000 per month – 98% of it coming from Google Adsense ads.

I really need to start diversifying the income streams on this site, and although I’ve wanted to for a long time now, I haven’t found the perfect solution – yet.

I’m determined to branch out in 2012, not only to increase my earnings, but also because I don’t want to rely on one single company or income source that could, at any moment, be taken away from me.

If I could get the site to earn at least $3,000 per month by the end of the year, I’d be a happy camper.

Goal: Speak Live at a Conference at Least 4 Times

Last year I experienced my first taste of public speaking, and now I’m addicted.

I loved it so much, I want to do it as much as possible, and with each new presentation I can feel my skills becoming that much better (all skills, except maybe creating slides that work).

I already know I’ll be speaking a few times this year, and unfortunately I’ve had to turn down a couple of overseas opportunities because of the short notice – but I will keep my eyes and ears open, and wherever I’m invited to speak, I’ll definitely let you know.

I’ll do what I can to make sure the next presentation is always better than the last.

Goal: Start Smart Dividend Investing

No – I’m not starting a blog called Smart Dividend Investing, but I want to actually start investing in dividend stocks in 2012. I’ve been doing research and working with a Financial Mentor over the past 6 months, learning all about it and in 2012 it’s time to take some action.

I don’t talk about my money outside of what I earn online publicly too much, but it’s something I’ve always paid close attention to.

Ever since landing my 9 to 5 job in the architecture industry, I’ve been investing for my future. A 401k, a Roth IRA, a brokerage account to save for a house, an emergency fund, a 529 plan – the whole 9 yards. I’ve even been steadily putting in $100 a month for about 5 years into a ShareBuilder account, buying stocks. Now that I work on my own, I also have a SEP IRA that I contribute to each year.

Now I won’t get into the performance of my current investments, but with dividend investing, combined with the earnings here on SPI, I can really set myself up for some dictionary definition passive income, potentially earning thousands per month without lifting a finger, or even having to sell the stocks that I own.

Of course, it takes time to see earnings from investments like these (the power of compounding

That seems to be the next step for me, financially, at this point in life.

I’m still debating whether or not to share my eventual earnings from dividend investing here on SPI, primarily because this site is geared more towards online business, blogging and entrepreneurship, but a part of me thinks it would be very interesting and potentially draw in a new crowd, although I don’t think I’d be teaching about it like I do with everything else.

What do you think?

Let’s Make 2012 an EPIC YEAR

There’s not much more to say than that. 🙂

Hopefully you have your S.M.A.R.T. goals ready, and if you’d like to share 1 or 2 here in the comment section (maybe as a way for you to publicly hold yourself accountable), I would gladly welcome them.

My next post will be my December 2011 Monthly Income Report, so look out for that in a couple of days.

Cheers, and here’s to an amazing year.

Don’t let your lack of action be the reason you do not meet your goals.

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