Income Report: Inside a 5-Figure JV Affiliate Promotion

In this Campaign Income Report, I’m going to unpack a promotion I ran for someone else’s online course. Here’s how I became one of the top three affiliates and earned five figures in the process without spending any money on ads!

Welcome to the first of our new edition of income reports here on SPI!

For nearly a decade since the blog was created in October 2008, I’ve been sharing monthly income reports to reveal exactly how my online businesses were performing, including exactly how much money was being made, where it was all coming from, the expenses and the lessons learned that month, too.

These income reports, many said, are what put me on the map and what I had become known for, and they were the most popular blog posts on the site.

Then, in January 2018, I stopped publishing them.

For an in-depth explanation of why I stopped the income reports, watch my YouTube video here, but for a quick rundown:

  1. They were becoming less and less relatable.
  2. They took over eight hours to publish.
  3. They were becoming less valuable to readers.

Number 3 is the most important.

Back when I started, comments like this were not uncommon:

“Pat, this is super inspiring! Thank you so much for being open and sharing your numbers. I’ll take these lessons and implement them in my own business, too!”

More recently, the comments started to look more like this:

“Another successful month. Congrats Pat.” Or, “I’ll never be able to do that.”

The goal was to share the real numbers so that I could inspire and get people to take action. Over time, it was not that anymore.

Now that we’re in a new year, I’m excited to bring the income reports back, but in a completely different way—one that, in my eyes, is much more useful and interesting. I will still share numbers, and I will still share lessons, but instead of an overall business income report that shares a little bit of info about each income stream, we’re going to go deep and into the details of just one.

I’m going to call these my Campaign Income Reports (or CIRs for short), and this is the very first one.

At the end of this post, I would love your honest feedback in the comment section about anything that stands out to you, good or bad. Was it useful? Do you like the format? What other campaigns and specific income items would you like to see me talk about? The goal here is to give you something more useful and tangible that you could more easily learn from, with inspiration and transparency to go along with it.

And like my older income reports, not all of them will be positive, either. Many income reports showed months where I took major hits and saw a decline in earnings. I hope to cover both wins and failures in these CIRs.

If you’d like to see a history of my older income reports, which will continue to live on the blog, click here to see every single one that was published since October 2008. If you’re ready to check out the campaign income reports, well, keep on reading.

Inside a 5-Figure Affiliate Promotion

Affiliate marketing is something that I specialize in, and in this Campaign Income Report I’m going to share the details behind a promotion that I recently ran to successfully sell someone else’s online course and become one of the top three affiliates during the promotional period.

I’ll be sharing how I warmed up my audience, how I promoted the product, emails with open and click-through rates, how I stood out from other affiliates promoting the same product, and finally, how much overall income I generated.

I did not spend any money on ads during this campaign. It was primarily promoted via email, social media, and on the blog.

But first, a little about the product.

The Product and Why I Chose to Promote it

To be a successful affiliate marketer, you cannot just promote any ol’ product that has an affiliate program attached to it. I mean, technically you can, but when you focus on the product commission before how the product can actually help your audience, it can get you in trouble, or leave you with lackluster results. Or both.

This is why I always recommend promoting only products that you’ve used and you’re 100 percent confident that will help your audience.

The product I promoted during this campaign is an online course created by Michael Hyatt called 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever, and I’ve personally used it for the past three years in a row. It updates each year, and is only open for a three-week window near the end of each year. [Full Disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through this link.]

Having used the product helps quite a bit because:

  1. I can personally vouch for it based on my own experience.
  2. I know what to expect when I send my audience into the course.
  3. I can easily answer any questions about the experience and results the course provides.

It also helps that I have a relationship with Michael Hyatt. He’s been on my podcast and some of my audience already knows who he is. Although I did not publish any new interviews with him during this time (which would have helped), a direct connection to the product owner adds a lot of trust to the potential purchase.

Hot tip: Get to know the person behind the products you’re promoting, and make sure your audience can get to know them, too. A podcast interview, like this one, goes a very long way in building trust.

Over the past three years, Michael has strategically promoted this product right before the new year, which is smart because it is a goal-setting course, and that’s exactly what people have in mind during this time of year. Selling during the holidays, however, can be a bit tricky.

Before my strategy, let’s talk about pricing. There are three levels for the course:

The commission percentage was 40 percent during this promo. This is about average for an online course at this price range.

In addition to the commission, there are various prizes for affiliates, too. There are prizes based on sales, which are usual for this coordinated joint-venture type of affiliate promotion, and there are also prizes for leads.

I’ll share more about the promotional schedule in a minute, but essentially it broke down to two periods:

  1. Pre-launch, when leads are collected
  2. Launch, when sales are made

My Strategy, in a Nutshell

With this course in particular, I use a “become a student with me approach” when marketing it, which isn’t actually very common, but works like a charm when you have an audience already—even a small one.

What does that mean exactly? It means that if a person were to buy this course through my link, they will become a student with me. We’ll go through the material together, and I’ll hold them accountable along the way. I’ll also share what I’ve come up with and help guide them when needed.

Another friend of mine, Tiffany Lee Bystander (also known as Coach Glitter), shared how successful this strategy was for her in Session 281 of the SPI Podcast:

“. . . what I could offer was me. I created accountability groups because that was something that I wanted, that I wished for when I had done these courses myself, that I wanted other like-minded people who were going to be just as dedicated, and I didn’t want to be alone doing this because that was going to be a much harder way to do it.”

As a bonus to help you stand out from other affiliates, and really give to your specific audience, offer accountability. Offer community. Offer help. Offer yourself for a little bit. Too often marketers think it’s just about selling the product, but it’s not. It’s about the experience before, and the experience after the sale that helps make people feel comfortable—like they aren’t going to purchase something online and then never hear from anyone again.

“Let’s do this together.” That was my strategy, and although it can’t work for every product that you sell, courses and programs that have a certain amount of days or weeks to complete, or have a very specific end-goal are ideal for this approach.

You’ll see the language and positioning later in this report when I share my emails and posts, but before we get to that, here’s the promotional schedule that Michael’s team provided for the course affiliates:

I hope you pay careful attention to the schedule here. It looks like a lot, but it’s crafted with precision to warm people up and close a sale in various ways. Let’s see if we can break this down real quick.

11/28: Promote LifeScore Assessment

The LifeScore Assessment is a proprietary quiz and score that Michael Hyatt created. The results allow you to understand what areas of your life you might be excelling at, and what areas of your life you may be lacking in.

This is a great lead magnet because it’s actually extremely useful. Whether a person continues into the sales process or not, even here at step one, you get a quick win—useful, personalized information that you can then begin to understand how to remedy.

As an affiliate, this is when my lead count begins to climb as I promote the assessment and people sign up to see their results. I don’t have a specific number for leads generated by the assessment alone, but I know it captured a few hundreds after I sent an email out.

I sent my first email on 11/28, but it wasn’t about the LifeScore Assessment. The subject line was:

Winners Selected for Podcast like a Pro Giveaway!

I had recently run a contest to give away some podcasting equipment, and this is an email that announced the winners, which was already scheduled for the same day as the LifeScore Assessment promotion. Instead of sending two emails in one day, I added a little something to the end of the email:

LifeScore Assessment email ending

This email, which was more of an announcement email for the contest, still generated a total of 657 clicks to the LifeScore Assessment. Not everyone will convert, but that’s a healthy start.

I also shared a few social media posts, like this one:

I didn’t go too heavy on the assessment promotion because my strategy was more about taking the course with me. The course hadn’t even been mentioned or launched yet at this point.

12/3-12/9: Promote Video Series

The three-part video series, just like Amy Porterfield teaches us in Session #137 of the SPI Podcast (sometimes known as the Product Launch Formula), works really well to warm people up to the idea of needing a solution for a specific problem.

The first two videos: all value. The third video: value + product mention.

Michael’s video series is always very strong. It’s one thing he excels at very well. This is the opportunity for people to get to know Michael and the man behind the mission (and the solution that’s coming). Promoting this was important for adding trust, so I added small CTAs in existing emails to seed the idea of the course and begin feeding the more interested parties into the video series:

Email call to action, with a post-script that reads: "If you're ready to start planning out your 2019, then I'd recommend you check out these videos from Michael Hyatt that reveal some secrets about goal setting that are really important. I follow his Best Year Ever process every single year to help me plan out exactly what I want to accomplish, and how to do it, too."

In this particular email, which was primarily promoting a YouTube video, saw 737 clicks to the video series. And remember, not everyone who clicks will actually watch the video, so the actual lead count is likely less than 40-50 percent of that click-through number.

Again, I didn’t push hard pre-launch because my strategy was all about taking the course with me. Softly mentioning the course is okay, but a hard promotion for it would have been weird before it was even available.

12/13: Cart Open to Public

It was on December 13 that the cart was open to the public, and it was a day later that I began to shoot my shot.

First, an email to my existing course students, both to students of my paid courses, and my free Build Your Own Brand course:

Subject: I’m becoming a student (again!) this year.

Actually, I decided to split test this subject line. In ConvertKit, when you split test an email subject line with two subject lines, it sends each subject line to 10 percent of your recipients. After four hours, the winning subject line is sent to the remaining 70 percent. [Disclaimer: I am a compensated affiliate and advisor to ConvertKit.]

A/B test email. Variant 1 has the headline "I'm becoming a student (again!) this year." Variant 2 has the headline "I'm going to be a student again (and I love it!)"

As you can see, the winner was just a small nuance in the punctuation of the A/B test, but not a terribly huge difference overall. Still, it’s fun and informative to test subject lines in this manner.

Over 30,000 emails sent with a 27 percent open rate (that’s 8,100), and then a 3.1 percent click-through rate, which isn’t terrible.

Here’s the copy in that email:

Hey, it’s Pat here! I hope your holiday season is treating you well!

During office hours today for my premium courses, a student had asked me if I was taking Michael Hyatt’s 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever course again this year. The answer is an astounding yes, and I’ve actually taken it, as a student, the last 3 years in a row.

It’s become a tradition for me, every December, to go through Michael Hyatt’s 5-day lesson plan to clearly define my goals and plan the actions I will take to achieve them, and it’s been instrumental in my success and growth over the years—both personally, and professionally.

This discussion prompted several people who had never heard about this program to ask a few more questions after office hours was over, so I wanted to shoot you an email to tell you a little more about the program, and the fun thing I include on top of what Michael offers for anyone who wants to become a student with me.

A lot of people ask me who I learn from and what courses I take, and 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever is the number one course I always make sure to take each year. Since you’re already a student of mine, whether through a paid course or a free course I offer, I know this is something that will help you, just as much as it has helped me.

I’m just going to be honest with you here: I am selling this to you. When you know you have access to something so helpful, and an audience that you know can benefit from it, you must sell, and with confidence. Now obviously there’s a line that can be crossed, so you’re not going to see 400 emails from me in seven days about this, but I just wanted to get it in front of you so that you know this is here.

If you’ve got a clear plan for 2019 already nailed down, and you know exactly how you’re going to get there—awesome. You don’t need this, and you’re going to crush it. If you need guidance and direction, accountability and a plan of action, then I invite you to take this course with me, and let’s go through it together.

And literally, we do take this course together.

Starting on Wednesday, December 19 (the same day enrollment closes), I’ll be going live in a private Facebook group created just for students who want to take this course with me. During that time, we’ll work through the day’s lesson plan together, and I’ll share tips and strategies for optimizing your work through that particular lesson. There’s a workbook that comes with the course (see mine below for my 2018 plan) and I’ll share my work and thought process with you, too.

We’ll go live for five days straight and go through all of the lessons together. And yes, there are only five lessons in this course, which is why I love it so much. It’s only two hours of total content, but it’s a total game-changer. Remember the value of a course is not how long it is, but what it can do for you.

Then after that, we will get together regularly once a quarter to check in with each other, and adjust our goals if needed. Plus, I’ll give you a nice dose of motivation to take you into the new quarter. I’m here to hold you accountable!

With Michael’s framework, and the accountability that comes with taking the course with me, you’re going to define your clear path to success in 2019. Just to give you a dose of inspiration now, here’s what some of the students from last year’s bonus group said when I asked them about the extras that I throw in:

Screenshot from Facebook with three comments, all saying that the quarterly review calls were very helpful.

The enrollment period just began, but it ends on the 19th. Click the link below to join now and be a part of the SPI bonus group for 2019! The link is an affiliate link, which will also gives me access to the list of students for the Bonus Group. I will send out information on the 18th and 19th about the bonus Facebook Group, the live streams, and the quarterly check-in calls.

Click Here to Enroll in 5 Days To Your Best Year Ever With Me! [Full Disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through this link.]

There are different options—no matter which one you pick you’re in. And if you’re an alumni who has joined me in Best Year Ever the last two years, you’re automatically in as well.

Cheers, thanks so much, and hope to see you on the calls soon starting daily (for five days) on December 19, and then throughout the year, too.

All the best! I appreciate you!

Pat Flynn

As you can see, this is a lot more aggressive than my P.S. mentions in the previous emails, but this is the strategy at play here. This, again, was sent to my existing students, so to pitch myself as a student makes it pretty cool—you get to take a course with your own course creator.

You’ll also begin to see specifics about my bonus, and exactly what it means to be a student with me:

Starting on Wednesday, December 19th (the same day enrollment closes), I’ll be going live in a private Facebook group created just for students who want to take this course with me. During that time, we’ll work through the day’s lesson plan together, and I’ll share tips and strategies for optimizing your work through that particular lesson. There’s a workbook that comes with the course (see mine below for my 2018 plan) and I’ll share my work and thought process with you, too.

We’ll go live for five days straight and go through all of the lessons together. And yes, there are only five lessons in this course, which is why I love it so much. It’s only two hours of total content, but it’s a total game-changer. Remember the value of a course is not how long it is, but what it can do for you.

Then after that, we will get together regularly once a quarter to check in with each other, and adjust our goals if needed. Plus, I’ll give you a nice dose of motivation to take you into the new quarter. I’m here to hold you accountable!

My goal was to help people understand that I’m in this with them, and I’m creating this to hold them accountable. You’ll see that language throughout the email, including the call to action link:

“Click Here to Enroll in 5 Days To Your Best Year Ever With Me!” [Full Disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through this link.]

Sales began to come in from this email already. By the end of December 14, this was my sales breakdown:

Twenty-two sales, 60 percent coming directly from this email. The others came from leads who watched the video.

The cart close was on 12/19, so there was still a long way to go, and usually with longer promotional period like this, a majority of the sales always come in on the final day. It happens every time.

Hot Tip: Although a majority of sales come on the last day, it’s important to talk about and promote the product beforehand. Not just for the quick and early takers, but for the people who need more time to think about it. Wait until the last day, and you won’t be giving people enough time to understand and think things through. Sometimes people need multiple touch points and more lead up time before the deadline in order to take action.

December 17

At this time, I was ready to send emails to my entire list. Looking back, I should have promoted to my entire list sooner, like on December 14 alongside the email to my course students. To be honest, I’m not exactly sure why I didn’t do that.

This email was sent twice, once to everyone, and then again the next day to those who did not open:

Pat Flynn here, and I hope your holiday season is treating you well! Can you believe we’re just a couple of weeks away from 2019? Insane.

At this time of the year, I traditionally reflect back and think about the things I accomplished, and the things that I wish I accomplished but just didn’t get around to. For many years, this exercise usually left me feeling bad about not doing what I set out to do. Since 2016, however, it’s become the opposite:

I feel great because I finally learned how to not just CREATE goals, but how actually ACHIEVE them, too.


I have to give credit to where credit is due: it’s because of Michael Hyatt.

In 2016, I discovered Michael’s 5 Days to your Best Year Ever framework, and it completely changed my life. I’ve been able to start new businesses, create a high-level mastermind program, hire a team, write books, create courses, live healthier, have a stronger relationship with my family, become more spiritual, and create better habits, all because I had his framework from which to base my goals and actions.

Picking goals is just part of the process, creating a plan and developing habits which support those actions (which was a huge takeaway I got from Michael) is the secret sauce.

And my favorite part of Michael’s course? It’s literally the shortest course I’ve ever taken: only five days—one video to watch per day. About two hours of total content.

Here are some pictures from my workbook for 2018:

Picture of Pat holding the Best Year Ever Workbook
Picture of the Best Year Ever Action Plan workbook page filled out by Pat

I become a student of Michael Hyatt every single year, and I’m about to go through 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever again starting on December 19. If you want to see more about what this process is like and learn how to make goals that stick, Michael is hosting a number of free webinars early this week that I recommend you check out:

Click here to register to one of these webinars (live or replay) [Full Disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through this link.]

Each year when I’m about to take 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever, I also offer some useful bonuses to other SPI community members who follow-through and take Michael’s course with me:

I’ll be going live TWICE each day (for five days) starting on the 19th within the Facebook group for students who want to do this with me. On those calls, I’ll be there to help you through the content and exercises, answer questions, and we can literally just get this done together before the new year starts.

(I’ll be going live at 2:30pm PT and then again at 10:00pm PT daily through the 23rd, and then one call only at 8:00am PT on Christmas Eve to wrap up the lessons.)

Again, you can check out the webinars in the link above to learn more, however if you know this is something you need now and want to take the course with me this week, click the link below to get 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever and be a part of the SPI Bonus Group!

Click here to take 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever with me! [Full Disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through this link.]

This is an affiliate link that allows for me to also make sure you become a part of the bonus group!

Monica Louie, an SPI community member who took this course with me this past year, said this recently:

Facebook testimonial from Monica Louie for Best Year Ever. TL;DR: She appreciated the live calls, his encouragement, and feedback.

If you do end up grabbing 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever, expect an email from me tomorrow (the 18th) related to the Facebook group, the quarterly calls, and the live streams that start on the 19th. I look forward to doing this with you!

And whether you end up using Michael’s exact framework or not, I just want to wish you the best in 2019. I know you have some amazing and big opportunities in front of you, and I’m excited to help continue to support you next year through SPI in any way that I can.

Happy Holidays, and here’s to an amazing 2019!

-Pat Flynn

p.s. Enrollment for 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever ends on the 19th. There are various levels you can join the course at, but any level qualifies you for the Bonus Group. Just wanted to clarify just in case. Thanks again, and here’s the link to join one more time. [Full Disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through this link.]

This is a very similar email to the one I sent my course students (and don’t worry, they didn’t see this one TOO because I removed my course students list from this list. I love the power of tagging thanks to ConvertKit!) [Disclaimer: I am a compensated affiliate and advisor to ConvertKit.]

The differences are that I added some images from my workbook from 2017, specifically left out the part about office hours for my existing students (which was not relevant to these subscribers), and I used a more powerful testimonial from a student who has once taken this course with me before.

I also added two calls to action—one for people interested in catching the free webinar from Michael (which eventually leads people into the course), and then the CTA for direct enrollment.

Also, with how long this email and the images are, I made sure to include another link and one more quick message to the course in the postscript at the end of the email, too.

Remember how I said I sent this email twice? Here’s why sending the email again to unopens is important:

Hot Tip: When re-sending to unopens, change the second email subject line just a tad so that it’s not exactly the same. I also like to just change a few words in the intro to the email, just on the off-chance people see both emails.

Through this particular email set, over 2,000 clicks came through.

One thing I wish I did was send one more email out to my entire list, but I’m hyper-sensitive to being overly promotional and, during this time, a lot of emails were being sent out. I also had a holiday party I was throwing I wanted to let people know about, so I did squeeze in a bunch of things in a short period of time. Perhaps that’s why I didn’t promote earlier. If I had, I likely would have had room for just one more email to everyone on the final day.

Instead, I did something a little similar, which was send an email to everyone who clicked through during this promotion, but did not buy. Thankfully, Michael’s software and team were able to supply me with who my buyers were, so I could add them to my email software and make sure to remove them from correspondence for this email. The last thing you want to do during an active promotion like this is sell a program to someone who has already bought it from you. Here’s that email:

Best Year Ever affiliate email, going out to 4,033 recipients with and open rate of 41.9% and a click rate of 7.9%.

Pat Flynn here!

I’m about to start my coursework through Michael Hyatt’s 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever program to plan my 2019, and I wanted to remind you one more time that enrollment closes today, and if you sign up to become a student with me, we can work through this course together to set ourselves up for an amazing 2019.

My bonuses include:

I’m actually going live TWICE per day (2:30pm & 10pm PT) for the next five days to accommodate for students living in different time zones, and I’ll be streaming live from within the Facebook group you get access to. The calls are also automatically recorded.

I wouldn’t be pushing this if I didn’t think it could help you—I’ve used this framework for the past three years in a row, and I’m excited to do it again and I hope you’ll join me this time. Just click the link below to register—any course option will qualify you for the bonuses.

Click here to gain access to 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever today! [Full Disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through this link.]

There’s about a half day left to register. At midnight, the course will no longer be available until next year. You’ll get a couple emails from me before each call today (2:30pm & 10pm PT) with the bonus information, including links to join the FB group and watch the calls.

This is the final email you’ll see from me about this course and offer, so I hope to see you in the FB group soon! Cheers!

Pat Flynn

p.s. Here’s a picture of my 2019 workbook I just printed out to go through. I decided to go all out this year and get a folder to go with it 🙂

Photo of Pat with the Best Year Ever 2019 workbook

And lastly, here’s a message from Chris who was in last year’s group who had some nice things to say about the course and the bonus I uniquely offer. Chris is, by the way, coming back again for another year 🙂

Post from Chris Gilmour in the 2019 Best Year Ever group about how the Best Year Ever plan helped him achieve his goals for 2018 and get back on track after getting sick.

Thanks again, and click here to go grab 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever! [Full Disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through this link.]

One last noble effort! I also showcased a new folder with the new 2019 worksheets inside to fire up those mirror neurons and get people excited about joining. This email had an open rate of 41.9 percent, and a click-through rate of 7.9 percent. Quite high, but these were people who had already once clicked and didn’t buy (so they were somewhat interested), and scarcity is at play here—there was less than twelve hours remaining until the cart disappeared for another year.

To show you just how wild the last day can be, here’s a breakdown of the overall total course sales by day:

96 sales on the last day! That’s 53 percent of the overall sales all happening on the final day.

Hot Tip: If you’re in the middle of a launch and the numbers don’t look so great, all is not lost. Keep following through and pushing into the final day! Don’t give up!

Other notable numbers included in the 181 total sales: 135 were for the basic plan, and 46 for the VIP. This totals a NET commission of $16,695.60, minus refunds. Just enough to place third in Michael’s affiliate contest, which has various prizes at different price ranges.

Post Launch

Post-launch. A quick celebration, and then following through.

If you’re promising something to your audience and customers, it’s important to fulfill on that promise as soon as possible. Even before the launch ended, I already had customers coming into the Facebook group I had created for this group of students and gearing them up for the five days of live streaming I was going to do with them so we could go through the course, together.

Screenshot of the SPI Facebook Bonus Group 2019

And the most important and best part of the process . . . results! I finished the course with many of the Facebook group (going live each day in the group), and now we’re seeing people sharing their wins and progress already. It’s still active as of today, which is awesome!


Post-launch, I was extremely happy with the results. With just a few emails and social posts, and five-days of going LIVE after the launch, I know I could have done more, but I’m excited that it was done in a tasteful manner, and I was still able to generate about $16,000 from it, all while helping people live a better year this year!

And really that’s the secret—picking products that will help your audience make the process so much easier. Sharing a little bit of the insides of how I work and giving people a chance to have access and complete the course with me is a big draw for this type of promotion, and it’s not one I can do with all my products, but with a little creative thinking, it can likely be done with more than you think.

People don’t want to go it alone, and people don’t buy when they aren’t sure what’s going to happen after the purchase. No matter what you sell, whether it’s your own product, or you’re an affiliate for someone else’s, share more about what to expect, and help guide your students and customers into success. Reassure them, and you’re more likely to convert higher.

So What Do You Think?

Personally, after writing this report, I feel really great about it! As I was writing, it was bringing me back to those early days of writing income reports, back when they mattered and were helpful. At least that’s how I perceive it, but it’s not about me—it’s about you. What do you think? Helpful? Want more?

It’s nice to get behind the numbers again and into the weeds of the business, and I hope the specificity of this income report adds more color and detail to the kinds of things that happen here, and my wish is that you take anything you want here, whether it’s the inspiration, or the actual email copy itself, and use it as you wish.

Please leave a comment below and let me know if you like this style of focus and writing, and I’ll be sure to listen intently. Cheers, and thank you Team Flynn for all of your support!


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