How to Launch a Brand New Website (with a Bang!): The Ultimate Guide

Launching a Brand New Website - The Ultimate GuideI’m often asked about the biggest mistakes that I’ve made while starting and running my online businesses. I typically answer with the following:

  • Not starting sooner. 
  • Thinking about money before serving an audience.
  • Trying to do everything on my own.
  • Not immediately starting an email list.
  • Using a trademark in a domain name.

With Niche Site Duel 2.0 in full swing and with branding and the launch of a new website just around the corner, I’m reminded of another mistake that I made when starting each of my online businesses:

Not creating a launch plan. 

You don’t need a launch plan in order to build a successful website or online business, but without one, you miss out on the opportunity to make some noise on day one that could easily put you 3-6 months ahead of where you would be if you just started publishing content without a plan.

Without a launch plan you’re publishing content for nobody.

When you first create a website, nobody knows about it but you. Your best content is wasted and eventually over time gets hidden in the archives. There are ways to bring new life back to old blog posts, but when you’re first starting out you want as many people to read those posts as possible. More readers = more sharing and more authority right off the bat.

There’s no reason you should ever be writing for nobody.

Let’s explore how to avoid that…

An Ideal Launch Day – The Goals

On the day that you launch and share your new website (which is different from the day that you start it), the aim is to have lots of traffic coming your way. “Lots of traffic” is relative, of course (and for any brand new website any traffic is something to be proud about), but there are ways to maximize your reach and traffic on day one, which we’ll get into in this post.

You’ll also want your new visitors to perform a number of different actions – as many of the following as possible:

  1. Read your content (duh!)
  2. Subscribe to your email list.
  3. Share your content and website with others.
  4. Engage on your website and leave comments.
  5. Get excited about what’s coming next.

The main purpose of the launch, beyond getting maximum traffic and engagement on day one, is to truly establish you and your brand as a new authority in the niche that you’re entering – one that’s worth paying close attention to.

I always tell people that entering a niche late is actually an advantage. It’s an advantage because you can see what’s missing from an existing market and come in to fill in those holes and be the solution that has yet to exist. With a launch plan in place, if done correctly, you can definitely ride the “new & noteworthy” wave as well.

Ideally, you’ll want people to think something along the lines of “Finally! Where has this been all my life?”

What to Do Before You Launch

You’ll want to think of the launch of your new website like an event – something important that happens during a specific day and time where your brand and everything it has to offer becomes available to the public.

Doing this puts the launch in the correct frame of mind – not just for you, but for those who you will contacting before launch day to help you promote, and those who visit your site on launch day too.

The specific date also helps you schedule what happens and when, and if anything, it gives you a target date or deadline to shoot for, which will help you avoid procrastination and putting things off “until tomorrow”.

Before you contact anybody, however, there are certain things you should have in place and figured out:

1. Your 7-Second Pitch

The first and most important thing to do is find the right way to quickly let people know what your brand is about and why it’s worth paying attention to. This exercise will become the foundation for everything else that happens in and around your launch. If you can’t pitch your website in 7-seconds or less and it doesn’t sound like a no-brainer for those you are going to pitch to, then you’re not ready to launch.

A significant amount of time should be spent on your 7-second pitch and determining the right language to use. It will help you figure out your tagline and the copy to use on your website to get people to stick around and subscribe to your list when they visit, and it’ll also help you figure out how to send the perfect (and quickest to read) emails to people who will help you promote.

Why 7-seconds?

It’s sort of an arbitrary number, similar to the 30-second elevator pitch, but the fact of the matter is that it’s quick – really quick. It needs to be the MED (Minimum Effective Dosage) of pitches, because online you only have a small window to make a first impression before people leave and look for a better solution. Or, in the case of an email, you only have a small window of time before people read and say “This isn’t worth my time right now.”

2. Content that Will be Live on Day One

On launch day, aim to have multiple pieces of highly-valuable content already available to consume – not just one single post.

If you don’t have a launch plan it doesn’t matter – hardly anyone is there to read that first post anyway, but if you plan a launch you’re going to set yourself back if all you have is one piece of content to read.

I made a similar mistake when I launched the SPI Podcast back in July of 2010. I only created one introductory episode before submitting my podcast feed to iTunes, so when people listened to the new show, all they could possibly listen to was that first episode. I actually received a number of low ratings and comments from people saying that the show actually had very little value to offer, which was totally true at that point. All of the good value was to come, so if I were to do it all over again I would wait until I had 3 or 4 episodes already in my feed.

The same goes for your website. You’ll have one viral piece of content that you’ll be promoting heavily, but you also want other cornerstone, pillar-type content published on your site too. Sometimes, it’s not that initial piece of content they read that gets them to buy into you and your brand, but those other posts that may actually be more relevant to them.

Plus, in whole your site will already look like a resource to serve that audience that will be worth subscribing too. Again, it should be a no-brainer to your new visitors.

So what kinds of content should you initially publish?

First, let’s talk about that viral piece that’s going to put you on the map and help you promote your site.

Your Viral Piece

All of the content that’s initially on your site is important and should be of the highest-quality, however, there should be one incredible stand-out post that you’ll use as your promotional tool starting from day one, and it should help your site experience some viral quality right off the bat.

In my eyes, there are two types of viral pieces that you could create. They take some work, but the work can definitely pay off. They are the following:

1. A Beastly Resource

In SPI Podcast session #67, Neil Patel from mentioned that one of the best ways to promote a new website and make noise in a particular market is to create a highly detailed guide, the ultimate one-stop solution for people in that particular market who are trying to learn something. This guide is not a downloadable guide, but rather something formatted within the website itself which will help promote sharing, as well as search engine optimization.

Not only that, it almost proves authority and expertise right away to new visitors.

This is how Trevor Page from SPI Podcast Session #55 got started so quickly. Within a year he built and monetized a website with a published eBook and membership site, and it all started with a beastly resource for those getting started with Java programming. It was picked up on and things just started to happen right out of the gate for Trevor, which is awesome.

A website could contain several of these guides covering many different topics within your niche, but when you start out pick the one that you know is just right for your target audience – the one that they are probably already asking for or hinting at elsewhere on the web.

The resource doesn’t have to be a 45,000-word book-worthy piece of content like what Neil typically create, but something more substantial than a regular blog post can definitely do the trick. Of course, the length of the piece isn’t what really matters (although that can make an impression), it’s the quality and usefulness of whatever is provided. So, definitely create something that’s actually helpful.

2. An Expert Round-Up Post 

An expert round-up post was first mentioned here on SPI when Corbett Barr from was a guest on SPI Podcast Session #08, and it’s exactly what he used to launch back in 2010 and take it from 0 to 60 in a very short time period.

Here’s a link to Corbett’s post launch / round-up post.

Compared to something like a beastly resource, an expert round-up post isn’t quite as instructional or step-by-step, but it can definitely be just as useful and impactful for the launch of your site.

An expert round-up post is simply a post that’s made up of answers to a specific question that other experts in your field have answered for you and your audience.

Determine the most important question that your target audience wants answered, and then email other experts in your niche, asking them to answer that one specific question.

Compile all of the answers into a single blog post and you’ll begin to see just how much of a resource this post will be for new visitors.

The beauty of this strategy is that not only will you be able to provide this massive resource to your audience, but you’ll have made connections with several influential people in your niche. If you approach these people correctly, and followup with them after this blog post is published, you can easily have several of them sharing the post that they’re featured in with their friends and followers.

If you’d like some help emailing influential people, check out Derek Halpern’s video here.

So which one is better – a beastly resource or a round-up post?

It really depends on your niche, but one is better than none. They both take a lot of different kinds of work to complete, but like I said you can be put on the map on day one if you do it right.

I’d avoid having both available on day one because they each deserve full attention and promotion.

Other Types of Content to Have Published on Day One

Besides a beastly resource or a round-up post, you’ll want other pillar style content published on your site too. An additional 3 or 4 pieces can go a very long way.

The most important thing when it comes to ALL of the content on your site is this: don’t write about what you want to say, write about exactly what your target audience wants to read. This is always going to be the case, but it’s especially important during the launch of your website.

It’s also a good idea to mix up the types of additional content you have posted on your site. Very much inspired by the content pyramid, different types of posts will appeal to different types of readers. Touch on them all, and you’ll resonate with your audience one way or another.

Forget your personal story – that should be reserved for your about page and you can touch more on that later.

Forget the current events and news articles – that stuff isn’t timeless material. Once you establish some authority you can definitely tap into what’s happening in the news if you want.

With whatever you want you know you should write about, I would make sure to hit that content in three different ways:

  1. Analytical / Rational Content: This type of content appeals to those in your audience who are left-brainers – people who are all about the numbers and analytics, reasoning and logic. An example of this would be if I were to write a post titled: How Much Does it Cost to Start and Run a Food Truck Business?
  2. Philosophical / Theoretical Content: This type of content appeals to the right-brainers – people who are all about  design and theory, intuition and emotion. An example of this would be if I were to write a post titled: 10 Reasons why People Buy from the Food Truck that is Parked Next to Yours.
  3. Case Studies and How To Content: Case studies and how-tos are the backbone of the SPI blog and it’s what people enjoy reading the most. The niche site duel is an example of a case study, as is information about Green Exam Academy and my iPhone application business, for example. The common thread is that this content is made up of examples and experiences (and results) from real life that people can learn from. An example of this would be if I were to write a post titled: How the Patty Flynn Food Truck went from $15,000 in debt to $50,000 in Profit in 6 months.

Putting all of these hypothetical posts together, we get:

  • How Much Does it Cost to Start and Run a Food Truck Business?
  • 10 Reasons why People Buy from the Food Truck that is Parked Next to Yours.
  • How the Patty Flynn Food Truck went from $15,000 in debt to $50,000 in Profit in 6 months.

That’s a nice set of articles to initially have on a site and would definitely give first time visitors a great first impression of the types of content to expect in the future.

A Well-Designed Website

Before you launch, you’ll want to have a well-designed website in place to house of all of the amazing content you’re going to have published and create in the future. It doesn’t have to be fancy or include all of the latest in website design and technology (and really, it shouldn’t), it just has to accomplish a few major things.

All in all, it should leave a great first impression. Your content will help the cause, but before the content is even consumed people are going to make snap judgements about your brand and the website based on the design, and you want that judgement to be favorable.

A clean website that’s easy to navigate through and isn’t too overwhelming (i.e. too many options, and especially advertisements) is what you should be aiming for.

The branding elements including your logo, your tagline and any other graphical elements on the site should make it easy for new visitors to understand why the site exists and why they should stick around. Remember, people will be approaching your website asking themselves, “Why am I here and what’s in it for me?”

And lastly, you’ll want to make it incredibly easy for visitors to do the following:

  • Read your content.
  • Subscribe to your email list. 
  • Share your content.
  • Leave comments.

An entire blog post could be dedicated to just the design of a website for launch date (and it will be when my food truck site is launched soon for NSD2.0), but for now these are the main elements to keep in mind.

Setup a Google Alert for Your New Brand

Go to Google Alerts and setup an alert for keywords that match your brand name, your URL and even your own name. The idea here is to have Google monitor activity on the web and send you emails the moment another site mentions your brand on their website so you can go there and thank them, but also capitalize on any PR that might be happening after you officially launch.

This is just preparation work for what happens after you launch.

Create a Share Page

After you launch, you want people to share your website in any way possible. So, beforehand you should create a page that makes it incredibly easy to share your website in any way that people desire.

A great example of this comes from a recently launched website (launched today actually!) over at Click here to check out what their share page looks like.

Create a Pre-Launch ‘Coming Soon” Teaser Page

Before you officially launch your website, you can already begin the marketing process for your site by creating and promoting a pre-launch “coming soon” teaser page. People love to know in advance of the next big thing, so if you can convince people that what you’re creating is worth paying attention to and you create an environment of anticipation, creating this page will be well worth the effort.

Once you launch, you can send an email to your list and immediately have traffic coming to your website, not to mention a list that’s already greater than zero.

Furthermore, if you begin to notice a number of people getting interested in your website before you launch, that’s a huge motivator for you to keep going and get things done.

On this teaser page, you’ll want to make sure you:

  1. Let your visitors know what you’re doing.
  2. Spark some interest.
  3. Capitalize on that interest by capturing email addresses.

Think of these early subscribers as ambassadors – they will be the first to know when your new site is up and can be there to help you spread the word right from the start. If possible, give something away to them as a thank you for subscribing that will only be available before the launch.

So technically, how do you create this page on your site? 

The tool I have experience with is LeadPages, an incredible landing page resource that makes it super easy to create a sleek, wordpress compatible, mobile-friendly and responsive landing page in just seconds.

LaunchRock is another that I’ve heard people use and have enjoyed, but I don’t have any experience with it myself.


Build Relationships and Buzz for Launch Day

All of the above is stuff you create yourself, but unfortunately we don’t live a world where “if you build it they will come”. Although it can happen sometimes, it’s never guaranteed and it never happens without the work and influence of other people involved.

You must get other people involved to help you maximize the effectiveness of your launch. 

If you want to launch with a bang, it’s important to start building relationships before you launch your website. Nothing else will help get your site off the ground more than other people talking about it, and if you have a relationship with others influencers and people with a similar target audience, you will have people on launch day who will genuinely want to help you, which is awesome.

The 200-Outreach Program Spreadsheet

First and foremost, it’s important to understand who you should be building relationships with. Taking advice from Neil Patel in SPI Podcast Session #67, I (or a VA) should organize a spreadsheet and follow the 200-outreach program.

Here’s how it works:

On that spreadsheet, list the top 200 websites that are highly relevant to your topic who may be interested in what your site is about. Next to that column, add a space for either a contact form URL or an email address so you can easily contact the owners of these websites.

In another column, start listing the top 200 blogs.

In another column, list the top 200 Facebook Fan Pages, then Twitter Accounts, then LinkedIn profiles.

I would also add as many relevant podcasts to that spreadsheet as possible too.

This spreadsheet will become your go-to resource for who to reach out to and start building relationships with, and yes – you can start building these relationships before you officially launch your website.

It’s really important to understand, however, that when you reach out, it’s not about you – it’s about who you’re reaching out to and what’s in it for them.

The Round-Up Post Resource

If you’re doing a massive round-up post as the featured post during your launch, your spreadsheet is exactly where you’ll want to start. As Neil recommends, I would customize each email slightly so they don’t read too “cut-and-paste”. Go to the websites that you’re reaching out to before you send an email to the owner and mention something that they’ve been writing about recently on their site in the email.

To take it a step further, even before you email people, retweet their stuff, thank them on Twitter and Facebook and have legitimate conversations with them so they at least notice you’re there. Now is not the time to pitch your new website – that will come in a later email. Plus, if there’s a relationship at all, less pitching will be needed. Then, when you eventually email those people it’ll feel less like it’s out of the blue because you’ve at least attempted to make contact with them before via social media.

What this does is introduce you to these influencers in your niche and if your teaser page is compelling, these influencers will not be able to ignore a new potential player in this niche who is obviously trying to work with them, not against them.

If you’re doing a beastly resource instead, you can still reach out to these top influencers beforehand and even include them in your resource and mention that to them. Don’t be afraid to share that resource and mention your launch plan too. A few of them might begin to show major interest in what you’re doing and help you out in more ways than you can imagine.

Guest Posts

The old tried-and-true method of guest posting can definitely apply before you even launch your main site to help build buzz for your brand, kindle relationships with website owners and build your email list at the same time.

Linking to your homepage before the launch in a guest post you publish on another site will drive traffic to the the teaser page, which is exactly what you want. After launch, the teaser page will no longer exist and traffic will see your main site instead.

If you have a list of at least 50 potential posts to publish on your site over time, it’s definitely worth investing some of those articles into other websites to make a big splash on launch day.

Build an Off-Site Audience

Because your site isn’t live yet doesn’t mean you can’t start building a community of fans and followers. You can create a Facebook Page and start to build a community there (and paid traffic is definitely a great option if you have the money to spend) but you could also go to where hordes of your target audience already exist.

Beyond other people’s websites, which you can get in front of via guest posts, you can actually have a lot of influence on forums too. Provide value, answer people’s questions and don’t pitch, and if you include a link to your teaser/homepage in your by-line, chances are you’ll start to build a little bit of authority there which can easily transfer to your site on launch day.

Ask Your Existing Network

I remember a friend who launched a new iPhone app last year and I did get an email from him about it – but it was on the day it went live!

He spent 3 months building the app which was 3 months he could have used to build buzz and get people ready for its launch. I would have totally been down to not only help him develop a launch plan, but simply be ready to mention the app to those who I thought it would be useful to on the day it went live. Because I didn’t know about it I couldn’t just randomly post about it and even if I did, it wouldn’t be as effective as if I knew about it beforehand.

Don’t be afraid to ask your existing network for help. Friends, family – if it’s something you truly believe in, even if it doesn’t 100% apply to those people, it’s something they will be proud to share for you.

And Remember…

The launch of your website should be treated like an event, so build anticipation for it and keep people who have given you words of support up to date on your plans. Then, when the date comes around and you turn off that teaser page, celebrate what you’ve just accomplished – but realize that you still have a lot of work to do.

After You Launch

The moment you flick off that teaser page there are a number of things you should do:

  • Email the list that you’ve built. You already have an email list – awesome! Now it’s time to email your subscribers and let them know you’re live. Also, give them an easy way to share your new site by including a link to that convenient share page that you created on your website. These are your ambassadors and you’re definitely allowed to ask them to share for you.
  • Your 200-Outreach Program. Beyond tapping into your existing list, send a quick, personalized email out to each website and blog on your 200-outreach program spreadsheet. You could even draft each of these emails beforehand so you aren’t spending time on launch day writing them. A quick mention that you’re live and a link to your ultimate resource can go a long way, and even if you get a 2-5% response rate, that’s more than you’d get if you didn’t send any emails at all. Don’t force anything or be aggressive in your emails, and remember what’s in it for them too.
  • Thank those who have helped you. If anyone has helped you get to this point, email them to thank them. It can go a very long way. If you’re thanking those in a round-up post, include a quick, easy to copy & paste link that they can share on their social media platforms. If you find people are retweeting your stuff or mentioning your new website on twitter, quickly reach out and thank them too.
  • Reply to every comment. On launch day, if you do it right and you have traffic coming to your website, chances are you’ll get a number of comments on each of the posts that you’ve already written. Respond to each of them. You want to be as present on day one as possible because if new visitors see you’re actually replying to comments and active on the site, they’ll be more likely to stick around and share. You won’t always be able to reply to every comment down the road, but it’s one of the most important things to do within the first few months of a website’s start.
  • Reach out to Local News. Local news stations are always looking for new stories, content (and events!) to share. There’s no harm in reaching out to all of the local news networks and pitching them your new website and seeing if they’d be willing to cover the story. What’s the worst that could happen? They’ll say no…and thats not a big deal.
  • Keep producing more content. If things are going well, you’ll want to ride that “new & noteworthy” wave as long as possible, and the best way to do that is to continue to provide more content quite frequently right from the start.

Beyond those things, keep asking people (and providing easy ways) to share and subscribe to your list. Within the first week or two you’ll be several months ahead of where you would be if you just started dripping content to an audience of zero. Keep your eyes and ears open around the web about you and your brand, and over time make pivots to better serve your audience in the way that they want to be served.

I hope you enjoyed this post. It came out much longer than I anticipated but I couldn’t shave any of it because I want you to learn from my mistakes and have the best chance to make the most noise right from the start.

If you enjoyed this post and feel it’s worth sharing, please click here.

Cheers, and I wish you all the best!

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      I’m sure I missed lots of these points on my niche site I did for NSD2, will have to look at it again!


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    Personally, I’ve never been a big fan of planning. Prefer to start building and then adjusting.

    Still, I could see how this would be an effective strategy for many…as long as they hold themselves accountable for taking “real” action.

  • Darlene with BlogBoldly

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    • Pat Flynn

      I think this is why making contact on a platform like Twitter, and even swapping a few emails beforehand without promotion is a good idea. I don’t know if you remember SPI Session #51 with Tim Ferriss, but he mentioned meeting people and building relationships to a point where other people were asking him what he was doing, which opened up many doors for him. I’m thinking the 200-outreach program would be sort of similar, except instead of putting yourself into face to face conference situations like Tim did, it would be via email. There are obviously advantages and disadvantages to both though.

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      Sandy, one thing you might do is double check the company’s website for any legal docs that specify use of their brand name. For example, one my niche sites revolves around a game which has a trademarked name. The company that owns the game has provided very specific instructions on how their brand name can and cannot be used. This particular company is pretty lax, but not all are.

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    Brilliant piece I have to admit but unfortunately it’s a week late for me. I launched my brand new blog last week ( and I really wish I had read this before I went live! From following you and previous podcasts I managed to take on board a lot of your tips (beastly resource etc) so perhaps my launch wasn’t so bad.

    I have a tip for you and anyone launching a new site who looking for social signals from the very start. Over on Themeforest is a WordPress plugin called “Social Locker”. Essentially this is a plugin where you can hide some content or downloads on your page which is only revealed if the reader Tweets or Google/Facebook shares.

    In my case I used it in my “beastly resource” for any files I made available for download. So all my copy is free but if you want a file, you have to share my page. I also only provided Google +1, Google Share and Facebook Share as I believe they are the three most powerful social signals. Looking at my copy now I can (slowly) see the +1’s and shares growing. Here’s the “beastly resource” where I used it:

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    I launched my site, wrote my content and waited around. However, my saving grace was that i wrote my pillar content with Corbett Bar’s “Write Epic Shit” mantra in mind so i tried to make it the best resource ever.

    It worked and i slowly started picking up natural links and ranking in search engines!

    If i had the marketing launch plan in place, i’m sure i would’ve fast tracked :)

    Thanks for creating such a great resource Pat!

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    I am here to attest to the ‘beastly resource’ ultimate one-stop solution tactic by Trevor Page. After reading about him in one of your previous posts I immediately implemented the same process to my new site. It was being created as a tutorial, step-by-step site. But rather than start with all new content, I took the content from my existing ebook and created the how-to posts. The site was ready so much faster that way.

    I then went a step further and created a secondary ‘main topic’ taking the content from a second ebook and creating a follow up to the main tutorial. This, plus constantly adding new blog posts has beefed up the site quickly.

    I do worry that the design of the site is garrish. But considering it’s not even showing up on the serps for my keywords yet, I have traffic and regular readers who are returning day after day, several times per day.

    Thank you Pat for your hard work and generous sharing of your methods!

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    Wonderful insights Pat. Thanks for another amazing post. I try to follow this model on a compressed scale for “non-passion” niche sites. Although I don’t always plan to collect email addresses or try to get social traffic, I do try to create an ultimate resource that blows away anything else in the category. This is of course what you did with your security guard training site and what Spencer Haws did with his survival knife site. I think the details you outline above are especially relevant for larger passion sites, but the framework is incredibly useful for any website regardless of scale. Great stuff!

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    For the complete beginner who has never worked with WordPress, set up a site, etc. Would you recommend that they jump into their big branded site first, or maybe build a smaller niche site first to get through the initial learning curve?

    I’m usually the type to jump right in, but I also like to get through the learning on something that doesn’t matter much first. Love to hear your thoughts.

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    • Pat Flynn

      Great idea Brandon, let me sit on this and see how I might be able to best set something up.

    • Ben Chilcote

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    There’s also getting over the fear of building and launching something.

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    Concerning Google Alerts, I’m quite worried. As you know, Google Reader is no longer available and so Google Alerts in RSS format. Maybe Google is planning to take the entire service down too…

    I’ll recommand using another service to get this job done, just in case. For example Mention ( or another service from this post on Venture Beat :

    It seems that I delayed (again) the time I was supposed to sleep lol
    Nevertheless, your post deserved it :)

    All the best

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    That post was pure gold man. What an awesome resource and it couldn’t have come at a better time for me as I’m in the process of launching a new graphics tutorial site for bloggers. I’ve been building it quietly behind the scenes and adding content but wasn’t quite sure how to go about an actual launch. You’ve just given me the blueprint! Thank you so much.

    Quick question about reaching out to other bloggers…
    In your opinion what is the best medium for making contact – Twitter, Facebook, Email etc?

    • Pat Flynn

      I think INITIAL contact is best done through Twitter. Quick, easy and less chance to screw up a very first impression, lol. Then a followup via email perhaps, if it flows well.

      • Joseph Michael

        Perfect! Thank you. And good point – there is less chance to screw up a first impression with Twitter and it seems less intrusive for an initial contact.

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    Another fine effort, Pat Flynn.



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    You really are special. This is what I was hoping the NSD was going to be. I need action steps and because I’m fairly new at this, it makes it easier for me to implement and then do course corrections from there.

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      Great tip, btw, MJ.

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    So, thank you for writing this and it’s something I will definitely be coming back to in the future.


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    Looking forward for the NSD2.0 posts!

    • Ben Chilcote

      Here’s a thought – if you DID do 2 launches, you could do them one at a time. You could launch first to the eBook crowd and then somewhere in the launch let them know of your upcoming Podcast guide. Whichever you want to make a bigger splash, put that second. This may create some momentum for the second launch and allow people interested in both to participate in both.

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    Literally today I was e-mailing friends in the PR world asking, “What can I do in the last 13 days?” So glad you popped up on my facebook feed so I could get your insight. E-mailed my website designer to add a share page – great idea!

    Thanks, Mr. Flynn!

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    I love how you’ve devised such a comprehensive but easy to follow blueprint for new bloggers to follow.

    This is like a blog business plan on steroids, if I’ve ever seen one, this is definitely it!

    I didn’t go about my blog relaunch in exactly this manner; however, I did implement several of the strategies you mentioned to build up my traffic, brand, creditably, exposure and recognition in record time.

    Including networking with other bloggers, creating several pieces of pillar content, emailing my peers, round ups and guest posting.

    In only 3 months, I was able to generate over 19,000 blog visits and land 3 *unsolicited* guest post spots on three high profile blogs, including Ana Hoffman of Traffic Generation Cafe.

    This isn’t my first time visiting your blog, Pat; however this is my first time leaving a comment. I want to say that you’re doing an amazing job here at SPI and your content is incredible.

    I’ll be sure to share this post with my social circle. I’ll also comment and share it on BizSugar.

    Thanks, again! :)


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    I find myself growing ever more addicted to your content.

    One question about all of this though….you make it clear that the goal is to write about what your target audience wants to read. But how do you know what that is? I am going after a niche I have a passion for, but not really any experience in, so I will be sharing my learning experiences as I go. How do I make sure to tailor the content I create to the target audience I am going for? How do I know what will interest them? This also translates into composing the ‘beastly resource’ or the ‘expert round up’ ~ if I don’t know what the target audience is interested in, how will I know what to focus my viral piece on?

    Everything else here is clear and if not fully understandable, at least leaves me with an idea or two of where to start. But the question of identifying the audience’s interest baffles me.

    Any help or ideas on this would be appreciated.

    Your Awesome Pat.

    Thank you!

    • Ben Chilcote

      Chad – One approach is to look at yourself not as the content CREATOR but the content CURATOR. I think the expert roundtable approach might be good to pursue. Reach out to some other professionals or experts in you niche and ask them each for one small tip or but of helpful content. You provide the value by having a unique platform (your blog) to share this content.

      If you can’t find other blogs or forums where your target audience is talking about their interests, maybe you can just take your best guess, put it out there, then ask your readers if your content is helpful. If it’s not, then there’s an opportunity for them to tell you what IS.

      Just some thoughts! :)

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    I find that setting a target number of posts before launch really helps. Apart from providing a healthy inventory of articles for the site, it helps me determine if I can produce enough great content for the niche I’m tackling.

    As a personal rule, it’s 50 full-length posts or no launch. And it always works for mê!

    *Patiently waiting for your next gold nugget*

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    Should I create a share page and/or a landing page with email list signup for my site that has been live for 2 months?
    In hindsight, I wish I had had a launch plan! Lesson learned. fortunately things are going well for my site, but I can only imagine how good it would be if I had planned better! Thanks for this awesome post!

    • Phuong Le

      You can even add the opt in form to collect the email right after publishing the website. What you need is a compelling giveaway to offer the niche customer.

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    I definitely agree that having a solid launch plan is one of the most effective ways to capitalize on a new web site. You are leaving a whole lot on the table if you just “go with the flow” as opposed to planning things out in a judicious manner.

    My history teacher used to say that ‘proper preparation prevents poor performance’ – apply this lesson to your Internet marketing and you cannot go too far wrong.

    Traffic Travis Customer Support Manager

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    Definitely something I want to add to my existing sites and new one.

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    Again, thanks for everything you do and keep up the amazing work!


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    Lately I’ve launched Entrepreneur Package Part 1. Its good idea to Split your content into parts so people will keep coming back.
    Also, I have this guide – It’s about raising start-up funds for domain/startup.
    Im kind of thinking about splitting it too, since it’s not complete yet.

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    How’s shooting the bow going? You still working at it?

    You need to come down here to Texas and let me teach you to shoot and take you fishing!

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    I’ve been doing research, and can’t find an answer to one question: do you suggest separating a personal blog from a business blog?


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      Start a business blog because that’s more professional in the eyes of your reader! Hope this helps.

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      I guess not everything can be ultra useful.

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    That’s the thing that really guarantees me that I will make money: managing to rank stable on 1st spot on google. The audience will come, and if not, I will always have fresh visitors coming from google.

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    What if you want to keep what you will be producing to some extent a secret but still try to gather interest?

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    the community think!

    P.S thank you so much for including my tweet!!

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    I believe you can build a niche website around just about anything, assuming you’re passionate enough about the topic. If you want to do this successfully, basically think of this new site like a blog. A blog where you have to write a LOT about one particular topic, and the content has to be really good.

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    • Chris


      This article is a comprehensive “How To” based on Pat’s actual experience as well as the actual experiences of other well-known successful internet business owners.

      BTW, is your opinion (as stated above) based on actual events… or just your “theory”? Because in my few years of online experience, I found that a large percentage of my initial “assumptions” were later found to be incorrect once I actually tested them. Just saying…

      • Pat Flynn

        I see where you’re coming from Jaclyn, and I appreciate the honest comments. I think it depends on how you create your buzz. If you say “check out this new site it’s going to give you all you need”, and then you get there and it’s nothing but an opt-in form, then I agree. But, if you say “sign up to become one of the first to get this new, cool thing that’s going to help you do X, Y, and Z” that’s pretty enticing. It all depends on delivery.

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    • David

      Joanna, I am a bit old school and new school. Be careful with direct competitors. One company will not make you but they could break you!!!
      I am rewriting several websites after having direct competitors borrowing info. You should not educate your competition.
      Regards, David

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    you’ve got to be kidding? ALL this would take 5 years to put together, Ill be living in a box under a bridge somewhere before i get all this done, 200 websites, 200 blogs, 200 Facebook pages, 200 LinkedIn sites 200 twitter accounts, that’s 1000 emails plus 1000 more if they respond back plus 1000 =3000 minimum, all you would do is spend 24 house a day writing and answering emails, you’d never get anything else done! Did you factor in when to create the website, and content, there is only 24 hours in a day, this is impossible for the complete beginner, most of us have jobs that eat up 8-12 a day, a wife and kids! If all i had to do all day is build websites and answer emails, things might be different for me too. Listen folks Pat is just another online guru using a transparent tactic to get your money. sure he had to learn, but remember he himself told you, he had nothing else to do all day other than stay on the computer because he was laid off. You will not get these results no matter how hard you try, he makes 54k a month, just work at your own pace, build a few niche sites, get them to the first page of Google put ad words on them with a few affiliate links. The rest of this crap is simply guru vomit, when you make enough money to stay home full time then you can try these ideas. Most of you need money right now, Right! He don’t, he has got plenty of it! And wants you to give him more, so he can Bragg to his cronies about how awesome he is!

    • Pat Flynn

      Kevin, thanks for the comment, I appreciate it!

      I’m not asking for money from anyone. Where do I do that? I’ve never guaranteed results either and I’ve definitely told people many times on the blog that what I earn online each month is atypical – but making money online is not, and these strategies are doable and they do work.

      I don’t sit in front of a computer all day – I play with my kids and spend time with my family too, but at night I do what I have to do to get things done. I don’t work all day long, but when I work I work smart.

      When I got laid off, yes – I had more time to hustle but no matter what you have to utilize the time that you have. If you don’t have the time during the day – stay up later – wake up earlier – you HAVE to do these things if you want to get results faster – but even an hour a day devoted to yourself and your business will help. Plus, have you thought about utilizing outside help too – for example, having someone you hire on Odesk or create a spreadsheet for you of the top 200 everything in your niche, which can be done for a very minimal fee.

      The point of this outreach program is to play the numbers. You’re going to reach out to a large number of people, but only a few are going to reply back. But wait a sec, what if all of them DID reply back – then heck yeah that would be awesome! For some reason you’re thinking that would be terrible because you’re have more work to do to respond – but in reality that would be amazing! All of those people who could potentially help you boost your site – why wouldn’t you want that? That’s a huge opportunity and you don’t want it to happen?

      No offense to you Kevin, and I totally appreciate your comment and see exactly where you’re coming from, but succeeding online takes work. A lot of work – hard work and smart work. Plain and simple. It looks like you may be able to benefit a lot from the content here on SPI based on what I see on your homepage and the advice you’re giving the SPI audience in your own comment: to put up a website, get it to the top of Google, put adwords on it and some affiliate links. It’s not that simple (and side note: it’s AdSense, not adwords) and in today’s environment if you want to build a business that actually matters and becomes successful, it takes a lot of work. You can’t just throw up a site anymore, hence the entire purpose of this post.

      You said, “The rest of this crap is simply guru vomit, when you make enough money to stay home full time then you can try these ideas.”

      I like to think that unless you try these ideas, you might never get to a point where you might be able to stay home full time.

      Again, I appreciate your honest comment Kevin. Wishing you all the best!

      • Andy

        Soo classy sir.
        First I was impressed by your epic guide above; you’ve really achieved your goal of sharable, epic content!

        Second, you show a ton of grace and class in responding to trolls, which AGAIN taught me something.

        Thanks again for everything Pat.

      • Markus Beher

        Respect, Pat. That is a brilliant response to an unnecessarily angry post. Luckily you don’t get many of these I’m sure as you really don’t deserve these. Thanks for all your great content!

        • Pat Flynn

          Thanks Markus – it’s always good to get people to speak up though, even if it’s in disagreement with what I’m doing or teaching. As long as they are respectful I don’t mind, and I think it benefits everyone. Cheers!

      • http://comingsoon!!lol Kofi Asirifi

        Wow, I never leave comments, but your professionalism is simply A1… I had to. Thanks again for this awesome (and quite detailed) post. I recently bought 2 domains (baby projects that I hope turn big) with hosting and all and was looking for some type of guidance that would allow me to go from the initial idea into more action planning. This provided it for me. Granted, I’m going to have to re read everything, but it’s exactly what I needed. Thanks again!

        btw, found you thru !!

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    While I think you’ve written a fantastic guide here, I do believe it’s a bit “wrong” to teach people how to make viral content (the so-called viral piece). There are no hard and fast guidelines as to what constitutes viral content, and generally the people who claim to know the secrets of creating viral material always have something to sell.

    Apart from that I think you really hit the nail on the head!


    • David

      Mary , You are a joy! It IS a fantastic guide! And you are right, not everyone will be able to write viral content. But most of us can do a credible job of it, with a little help from friends and cohorts. Stand by!
      Regards, David

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    “Should a food cart be mobile or always in one location”

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    Why are you getting so angry and defensive in your responses? Where’s the old “nice” Pat?

    • Pat Flynn

      No one angry on this side of the computer, just have to stand up for what I know is right, that is all. Thanks Bert!

      • Bert

        Glad you’re not, but your response to Kevin struck me as angry and slightly rantish. I may be the only one who read it that way, but I might not be. Writer intent is less significant than reader interpretation.

        • David

          Bert, I don’t know you. But it appears to me, it is you and Kevin that appear angry and rantish. One of the great benefits of Pat’s website is the unending supply of free and pertinent information that was previously a guarded secret of Gurus.
          A further message: is that you have to understand, there is no gain without pain. So go to work and be the best you can be.
          Happiness, David

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    I want to make a comment about Kevin’s post, Kevin you are barking up the wrong tree. It happens to all of us at one time or another. But don’t despair, grab the moment. Start working in the positive, no matter how small the effort you can currently support.
    We all wish you well,
    Regards, David

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    Thanks for this post. It gave me new ideas in how to launch my next websites and even products.

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    Great info as always! Thank you!
    Quick question: What is your opinion of using PLR (private label rights) articles on a blog, such as the “Thrifty Content” service that Jonathan Leger just launched?

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    Thank you very much, Pat!

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    Great insights! It’s very useful for new starters, and definitely answered the few very important questions newbies’ having in starting their blog!

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    Guest Posts is not a good method anymore coz google don’t like it. So, it can make our penalize if we have link in the Guest Posts sites.

    • Phil

      I’m sorry, but I seriously doubt that. How should Google determine if it’s a guest post or something written by a regular author? Links to other sites were never bad and still work very well. These days it’s even easier to rank with no-quality content than ever (google the latest Viperchill or Source Wave blog posts for more info).

  • Phil

    Amazing info, Pat. I’m currently digging through your podcast in my own little automotive academy (listen to business and entrepreneurial podcasts each day on my way to work ~ 30 mins. one way) – currently I’m at session #12.

    I personally think that this post is very useful and others charge a lot of money for the info you charge here for free. One thing though I have found out does not always work well is your outreach 200 list. I’m currently in a pretty tiny niche and I’m far away from those 200, if I’m lucky I would find 50 to 70 websites highly relevant at all. I mean, I’m talking real knowledge sharers not only people who copy & past – the real “gurus”. That was a major difficulty although this niche still is pretty profitable.

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    I have really enjoyed reading your wealth of knowledge your provide. Launching a business has been a passion of mine for a long time, and I am ready to pull the trigger. With reading your wealth of knowledge has touched on so many new and innovative ways that have opened my eyes. I have been very interested in health products, but more so with the nootropics niche. As a life long learner I have bee fascinated about enhancing cognitive abilities. I want to focus creating strategic partnerships and have narrowed down the demographic of focusing on helping students use the supplements to improve their studying. Some of thoughts have been placed ads on online universities and student study forums. What would be the best way to either quickly find a network I or use the appropriate keywords to find websites like that? Any help you can be would be greatly appreciate. Even it its a brief response or a link. Thanks in advance!

    Best Regards,

    Logan Mattson

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    So, the launch date for my site is tomorrow (a day after my birthday!) and I’ve tried to implement these tips as much as possible. I have subscribers, fans on FB, a couple of other blog writers in the same niche helping me out, a bunch of pillar posts to get people started and my teaser page will come down tonight. Wish me luck!!! Getting excited now!!!

    • Janice Masters

      Good luck and all the best with your new site Dene. I know how exciting this is. Mine’s going live a week from today on 2/3. Teaser page will come down right before. Doing the same things you are. Have never launched a site with so much consciousness and strategy. And Happy Birthday!!

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