What Would YOU Like to Ask Tim Ferriss?

Ask Tim FerrissI’m really excited to have Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Work Week, The 4-Hour Body and most recently, The 4-Hour Chef as a guest on the upcoming session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast!

His original book, The 4-Hour Work Week, was a huge inspiration for me when I first started doing business online and it directly influenced how I shaped my businesses in an automated or semi-automated fashion. It also confirmed my thoughts about taking control and living happy now as opposed to after retirement, which were thoughts that were bouncing around my head after I was laid off.

Tim’s new book, The 4-Hour Chefis a thick, choose-your-own-adventure type cookbook that is about more than just food—it’s about learning fast and efficiently, which I’m definitely all about.

Of course, this interview is happening because Tim just launched his new book and is looking to spread the word. He’s definitely everywhere, it seems, and I’m happy to personally welcome him to the SPI community and pick his brain.

I don’t usually reveal who my guests are on the show before I go live, but I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a chance to ask him a few questions too, and maybe win a copy of the book…

Here’s the deal:

I was generously given a few copies of The 4-Hour Chef to give away to the SPI community!

Here’s how you can get one:

Leave a question that you’d like to ask Tim in the comment section below. I will select 3 questions and ask Tim during the show, and if I select your question, you win! I’ll send you an email later to get your shipping information.

That’s it!

I interview Tim tomorrow (Tuesday, November 27th) at 7pm EST, so get your question in early so I can see it!

Only one question & entry per person, and I will select in chronological order, meaning if you ask a question that someone else had already asked before you, it dosen’t count. If it’s a burning question, you can still ask it anyway.

The winners will be announced during the interview in session 51 of the SPI Podcast, which will go live on Thursday this week, if everything goes smoothly.

I look forward to your questions, and I’m sure Tim does too. Cheers!

  • Nova York

    I will look forward for this interview.

  • Joe

    What quality(characteristic) in yourself do you feel has been the most important for developing a 4 hour work week?

  • Wes

    Based on his “insider” perspective into the silicon valley start-ups, what markets in the online space are the most appealing to start a business in right now? Pat and Tim doing an interview is freaking awesome, BTW.

  • Dean

    Do you think the minimal effective dose (80/20 rule) can be applied to paid coaching? or do you think a client would see it as little bang for their buck?

  • http://www.ithuit.com Perry

    Would you rather work where your passions lie or would you rather have work and passion remain separate? Why?

  • http://buildingawebsitepro.com Michael Szapkiw

    Awesome, Pat!

    Tim, what would you say was one of the hardest business decisions you’ve ever made… and how did you get yourself to a place that you could make that decision?
    Ciao for niao!
    Michael (last name pronounced “Zap-Q”) :)

  • http://www.chipsorveggies.com Jose Reyna

    I look forward to the podcast Pat and here is my question for Tim.

    What helps you stay focused to achieve your business goals?

  • http://www.minimalblog.net Sam Matla (Minimal Blog)

    I have a question – How hard did he have to work initially? Before things started to take off. I’m a strong believer in hard work and I’m assuming he must have done a fair bit.

    I look forward to the podcast, I’ve actually just finished reading ‘The Four Hour Work Week’

  • http://www.lifestyleupdated.com/ Slavko Desik

    Really glad that Tim is going to be here on SPI.
    I would really want to know this (although I suspect it will have less of a practical implication) : How often did he have to fight skepticism at the very beginning, and what was his favorite method of doing so in terms of discipline, work habits, persistence and actually the very basis of his self-improvement idea that eventually came to be his formula.

    Really excited about the podcast :)

  • Jaime Tagle

    Tim, you seem to get done a lot and with little effort.

    Whats your #1 productivity strategy or tip?

  • http://thisiscommoncents.com James Petzke

    Ferriss is one of my favorite authors, I’m more than excited for this!
    I think I would ask him this:
    Now that you’ve achieved all your dreams and then some, and seeing as you’ve written multiple bestsellers, been a successful entrepreneur and investor, and have conquered pretty much every awesome skill ever invented, what is next for you? You’ve got a Guinness World Record, millions of dollars, a massive following, and so much more. Definitely enough to retire and call your career an overwhelming success. But something tells me you aren’t quite finished yet, and as a fan of your work, I just have to know what else we’ll see from you in the coming years!

  • http://www.DennisDuty.com Dennis Duty

    In choosing a skill to improve upon: do you recommend improving on something you’re already average at, or one you’re weak at?

    That is: Should you focus on making your weak skills average? Or making your average skills excellent?

    • http://askmydentisttv.com sam weisz

      love this question. thanks.

    • http://effectsofprobiotics.com ron health

      I’ve enjoyed the 4 hour work week & the 4 hour body. Do you have a hack for blood pressure?

  • http://www.smartbusinessrevolution.com John Corcoran

    Great idea, Pat. I would ask Tim if there’s anything he regrets writing about in the 4 Hour Workweek. The 4 Hour Workweek has been a huge international bestseller which has inspired thousands of entrepreneurs, but it also has been misunderstood by some who think it’s easy to achieve automated success without putting in substantial work. Please describe if there’s anything about that first book of yours that you regret writing or which you’d like to clarify.

  • http://www.auroraitpros.com James Petryka

    What steps did you take to push yourself over the hump from being an entrepreneur to being a successful entrepreneur?

  • http://ztdchallenge.wordpress.com/ Luis

    There it goes:

    Hi Tim,
    When are you going to write the 4-hour-kung-fu-master?

    Damn… only one question, right?

    Ok, there it goes: cheating question:

    Tim, you clearly have an active interest in education, and clearly there is much to improve in this field. So what are your ultimate goals? What would you like as the most awesome outcome possible in terms of education/teaching?

    PS: I just had the best scrambled eggs of my life. Thanks.

  • http://www.collegegraduateguide.com Zephan Blaxberg

    Hey Pat!

    I’ve been a long time fan of Tim and I’ve read 4HWW, 4HB and now I’m working on 4 Hour Chef but in all of his entrepreneurial endeavors, he hasn’t gone into depth on how to decide what type of business you should get into as an entrepreneur.

    I feel like I’ve taken away all of the right tips and strategies from him to live my life to the fullest but it’s not the same as building a niche website. I guess what it boils down to is…

    How do you decide what sort of business you were meant to get into? It’s one thing to have passions and things you enjoy doing but how do you define the key business to enter into?

    I’m 23 so while I understand I have the rest of my life ahead of me, I feel like it’s still crucial to get somewhat of an idea.

    Anywho, I appreciate everything that you’ve taught me through the SPI blog and I can’t tell you enough how many times I’ve referred my friends.

    P.S. this month is the first month I’ve broken double digits on my Adsense revenue thanks to your website and tactics!

  • Johnny Utah

    There is a rumour going around the web that Tim spent ALOT of hours marketing 4hww, but because he enjoys marketing, he doesn’t consider it work and didn’t include this in the concepts in his original book. Any comments on this? Thank you

  • Eileen

    Is there anything Mr. Ferriss cannot do in 4 hours? What will be his next 4-hour project?

  • http://buckinspire.com Buck Inspire

    Here’s my question for Tim. “Before you became successful, did you ever want to throw in the towel and do something else? If so, what did you tell yourself to keep pursuing your dream?” Good luck with your interview Pat!

    • http://domiren.com Domingo

      This one is a good one!
      Pat! Here! I vote for this!

  • Paolo Garcia


    Tim, out of ALL the skills you’re learning which one makes you feel the most FULFILLED?

    Also, which skill do you recommend (that others can learn using your method) to feel more fulfilled as well?

  • Ryan Baker

    Hey Pat! I’ve been looking forward to this!

    I love Tim, his work, and ideas about life. He has been an immense inspiration to my wife and I. He shares with his audience the philosophies and beliefs that has made him into who he is today which include Stoicism and more recently, Mastery, by Robert Greene. My question for Tim is this:

    How does “becoming world class in anything in 6 months or less”, and/or the entire “4-hour” brand for that matter, fit in with the values he subscribed to that allowed for his current success today? These ideas seem more and more disconnected from those that inspired his current path…

    Thanks Pat. Can’t wait to hear the podcast and Happy Holidays to you and your family…


  • http://www.WorkLikeAnArtist.com Karl Rohde

    Hi Tim, With all the information out there it can get seriously overwhelming to kick off a new venture especially when one is working a 8-5 day job and running a family. At what point do you have enough information to kick off. It seems one never knows enough and this ironically creates a sense of hopelessness under a mountain of advice.

    Thanks boss!

  • http://www.healingrescuedogs.com Kathy

    Hi Tim – Hind site’s always a great gift. With all that you have learned up to this moment, what one thing do you wish you’d done differently?

  • http://.olympicdistancetriathlons.com Brandon Breshears

    Hey Pat! I would like to know what he would do today specifically if he was a brand new person just getting into internet marketing and wanted to create a muse business, would he build a mobile app/niche site/sell a product? It has been a long time since the 4HWW came out and his 4HWW book spoke a lot about testing with adwords and stuff which has completely changed, his thoughts idea would be awesome! Thanks pat! So cool you’re talking with him.


  • http://123kPerDay.com Russell @ 123k Per Day

    I got a question for Tim:

    On Joe Rogan’s podcast you talked about doing large doses of shrooms. What are the three biggest insights you have had about yourself because of drug use?

    Pass it on Pat!


  • anthony serfaty

    what is the common thread between cooking, learning a language, or learning to dance that allows someone to master a new skill so quickly?

  • http://yepgraphix.com Morgan Phillips

    When are you making the 4-Hour Artist?……. There are a millions of very talented artist who cold really use some advice that really works to help make things happen…If they went to art school they probably have a big tuition payment and really could use some help. The 4-Hour Work Week is great for other services…. If you can sculpt your body and cook some good food….How can an artist work with passion and not starve?

    • http://gireviews.net Brendan

      Did you see the interview that Tim did with Chase Jarvis? It’s totally centered around creatives and how to apply all of the stuff Tim writes about to them. I’ve watched a lot of Chase’s stuff and this is one of my favorites: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjYcC59DFR0

  • http://www.blogimpossible.com Howie Nguyen

    Could you ask Tim how he would go about pitching an influencer especially when the returns may not be immediate or obvious. If you could get him to elaborate on some good and bad pitches that would be awesome.

  • http://www.EntrepreneurOnFire.com John Lee Dumas

    Tim, you have such great content, I would love to be able to hear it during my commute to work or daily jog. Have you ever considered producing a weekly podcast? With the explosion of smartphones and Stitcher Radio streaming podcasts from all 2013 car dashboards sirius xm style, you would build a HUGE following before you can say 4-hour chef three times!

    John Lee Dumas

    • http://alifeonyourterms.com/ Liz

      Hey Pat I like Johns question! I asked one of my own too, but I’d also like to put a vote in for Johns too. Not that that matters :).

  • http://www.readlikethewind.com Bill Moore

    How do you choose a path?

  • Donna

    Hi Pat,
    Thanks for being AWESOME. Here’s my burning question for Tim:
    Tim, if you had the chance to truly live in the WILD a la Tolstoi for one year (no electricity, no plumbing, build your own log cabin from scratch, exclusively use a wood burning stove, hunt and gather your own food, make everything you use from scratch including food, soap, clothes, home furnishings, etc.), would you do it? I’ve been put through the corporate grinder and I harbor a general disillusionment with many facets of modern life, so I really want to take this kind of “extended retreat” for the experience and deep knowledge I believe it will bring.
    By the way, your interview with Robb Wolff clarified in my mind your position on Paleo (some misinformation is still out there I think) – thanks!

  • http://blog.gods-man.com Carlton Matthews

    I would ask what is the most effective way to meet with someone famous. In the 4 Hour Chef he mentions meeting with different chefs from around the world. What was his strategy for getting the introduction?

  • Richard Ng

    What is the one most unique part/section of your new book (if which you are proud of) as compared to the other books in the market?

  • http://roofyourworld.com Eric Heath

    What is one thing (skill, sport, technique, art, etc…) that you have NOT been able to become proficient at despite applying the learning techniques/processes outlined in your books?

  • Scott Thrall

    How do the techniques for learning discussed in 4 Hour Chef rate regarding retention? In other words, with this high speed low stress learning via compression have you found retention enhanced, limited, or the same as the traditional methods?

  • http://www.anesthesiamyths.com David Draghinas

    Thanks for the opportunity to ask a question Pat.

    Tim: What has been the most difficult “thing” for you to learn?

    Looking forward to the interview and the book!


  • http://alifeonyourterms.com/ Liz

    Hi Pat! Seeing you and Tim together is like a collision of worlds for me. It’s sort of like when you were a kid and there was a cartoon movie with Scooby AND The Rugrats in it. You didn’t even know they knew each other! I’m not saying that either of you resemble Scooby OR the Rugrats…anyway, moving on.

    My question is simple: Why, out of all things in the world, did Tim decide to use food as the “vehicle to teach the art and science of meta-learning–the skill of learning skills.” (quote from his blog).

    I’m generally familiar with Tim and his work, but I don’t remember him ever mentioning that cooking was one of his many skills. Why not use Dancing or Language Learning? Why cooking?

    And if he was trying to use a skill that he hadn’t yet mastered, still, why cooking? Why not investing or boating or whatever else? What is it about cooking that makes it this perfect ‘vehicle’? Whats it a pure business decision? Is that what the masses are clamoring for? Is that what made the most sense after The Four Hour Body?

    Thanks and sorry if he’s been asked this question before. He’s promoted the bejezus out of his book, I’m hard pressed to come up with a question he DEFINITELY hasn’t been asked yet that isn’t ridiculous

  • Robert

    Thanks for this opportunity, Pat – looking forward to the interview!

    Tim, how do you handle mistakes, especially when you have a hard time seeing how you’re making process towards a goal?

  • Isaac

    What is your biggest regret, Tim?

  • Steve P

    Hi Pat, I’m excited for this podcast even though I’ve not read any of Tim’s books. Having said that and not knowing much about him, how is he changing the book publishing business? I heard somewhere that publishers aren’t too friendly to him for one reason or another. Can he explain what he’s doing to change things for the little guys?

  • http://ecsimplified.com Andrea | Go Diaper Free

    If you could have any SUPER POWER, what would you choose? Any superhuman power that you haven’t already figured out how to manifest, anyway. 😉

    (and btw…you helped me get down to 3-4 hrs/wk of work on my business. thank you tim.)

  • http://www.nichesitetool.com Chris

    Looking forward to the Podcast Pat!

    What were the motivating factors in deciding to go with Amazon Publishing for The 4 Hour Chef?

    I’m curious if it was more out of desire to shake things up and make a bold statement on the direction of publishing going forward, if there was a big financial benefit to switching over to Amazon, possible prior dissatisfaction with traditional publishers, etc. Thanks!

  • KimP

    Tim, everyone knows that you’re a wildly creative person and as evidenced by your new book, you’re always churning out new ideas. So many people have great ideas, but so many that it’s often hard to determine which one to go after and unfortunately the individual doesn’t develop any of their ideas into a viable business.

    So, how do you compartmentalize new ideas as they come, how do you decide when to revisit those ideas and how do you finally decide if an idea is a viable opportunity for further exploration?


  • Dave

    Are you going to write an update to the Four Hour Body? Have you found any new blood tests that you would add to your recommended list or perhaps additional recommended supplements?

    Have you looked into Boron? Apparently 10mg of boron will significantly lower SHBG after 6 hours of consumption and also raises free testosterone after only a week of usage. Not to mention it helps elevate vitamin D levels and reduces inflammatory markers.


  • http://www.skipblankley.com skip blankley

    can’t wait to hear this one!

    Q: you obviously applied the 80/20 to your marketing efforts when marketing this book… how do you determine the 20% when you cannot clearly define/measure the results that do not yet exist. an obvious answer would be to determine the number of prospective souls that would potentially see what you’re selling through that effort, but i am looking for the not so obvious answer… the one you have learned to fine tune over the years… :)

  • Chad Kirchner

    Hey Pat, Tim,

    First of all, I want to say thanks for showing that it’s possible to make a good living with products online and giving the roadmap to do so.

    I have read both your books and your blogs, and have been inspired many times. However never enough to pull the trigger.

    Tim, you’ve built an admirable mini empire. My question is: How do you get past the hurdle of completing your first product? And as an avid cook, what are your top three favorite dishes to cook?

    I would have to say my favorite dish to cook is a porchetta.

  • http://www.SmartITOutsourcing.com Greg Vance

    Thanks for asking Pat. Should be an interesting interview!

    My question for Tim: With all the changes that have occurred since you wrote the 4-Hour Work Week, how would you revise your key messages in the 4HWW for someone graduating from college this year and looking for opportunities in the workplace?

  • David O’ Donnell

    Very cool Pat!
    Question for Tim:
    What is the number one thing he does to keep his energy level up in his business and stay enthusiastic?

  • Rob Krecak

    I’m such a huge fan of Tim! I have multiple copies of 4HWW to lend to friends so they can see the light. My question to Tim: If you could go back and change one decision you’ve made in your life, what would it be?

  • Naomi

    How would you go about analysing the skill of – for example – parkour, in order to learn it in six months? I’d like a precise roadmap of how Tim Ferris does his analysis for meta-learning.

  • http://[email protected] Patti

    Yes I would like to ask Tim, is the 5 hour Chef more about recipes or is it more about learning to cook?

    Thank you!

  • Daniel

    What incredible tool or technique for self-liberation that arrived on the scene after you wrote 4-Hour Work Week is so compelling that it makes you want to go back and add a section about it to the book?
    Conversely, what has become so irrelevant that you’d tell people “skip that section, it doesn’t work like that anymore.”

  • http://grabapple.com dave

    Hi Pat,
    I would like to hear what Tim would recommend for someone who already has an existing profitable business – double down or try something completely different?

  • http://www.InsuranceBlogByChris.com Chris Huntley

    My wife wants to know if you can please write a book called the “4 hour lover”.


    Chris Huntley

  • Ruben

    How do you feel with your life now yuo get 4 hours week ?

  • Adam

    What are the best books to read (besides your own :)) on meta-learning and entrepreneurship?

  • http://internetbusiness.co Warren Lynn

    Hello Pat,
    That sounds like a great opportunity to get some insight from someone like Tim. Please ask about how gluten influences the preparation of the food in his book. How is your movie carrer going? The recent movie I was in (Liz and Dick) just came out. It was a lot of fun, but a very long day waiting for Lindsay. Have fun.
    Warren Lynn

  • http://www.coppercoincoaching.com/ Ryan Eidson

    My question for Tim: How do you quickly learn the art of meta learning? (In other words, is there a fast/efficient way of learning how to learn?)

  • Riley Smith

    I’ve heard some great stuff about this book on Social Triggers and Sourcefed, but one thing I’d love to ask is this: What is the REAL amount of work one would have to do to get to the “4 hour work week?” With a lot of coaches on the internet, it’s now stream-lined and people are automating their passive income in less than a year to make a living. Does it take months of nonstop work? Or can it be earned casually in a year?

    Apologies if this question is difficult to understand, but you can email me to get more info if necessary.

    Riley Smith

  • http://www.findingmyfitness.com Jason

    Pat, I can’t wait for this interview! I kinda have a one-side bromance with Tim Ferriss (and I’m not ashamed to admit it!).

    Here’s my question: Tim, all of your books are full of shortcuts and hacks, and you’ve even tried multiple things (with success) to lose some body chunk. What’s your one favorite shortcut to weight loss?

    Thanks for this opportunity Pat!


  • http://www.realestateinyourtwenties.com Brandon Turner

    I saw Tim (on YouTube) peel a hard boiled egg by cracking the ends and blowing in it, making the egg pop out peeled. My question: How the heck did he do this? I’ve been trying for months. No luck!

    (and I’m super excited for this interview!)

  • Jim

    There’s been so much controversy on a 4 hour work day that it boggles the mind. No doubt that once a system is in place, that minimal hours can be spent keeping it going. I’m still scratching my head on how to get to a point where I can work 4 hours a day and still be productive and having passive income.

    Question: With all the distractions that life has to offer, how can I assure myself of having 4 hours of productive time?


  • Kristin

    Hi Pat and Tim,

    Thanks for the opportunity, you guys are awesome!

    Everything I’ve read from Tim has been meticulously researched and tested, tweaked to perfection. Tim – Is there anything you do out of sheer gut instinct/intuition/inspiration or is everything you do planned out and calculated beforehand?

  • brad


    Which of your books do you think is the most life changing and why?

  • Carlos Rivas


    My question for Tim is this :

    I dislike the square footage and money required to stock a regular kitchen ( toasters, pot, pans, utensils , dishes… 1,000 different spices and so on… )

    What is the absolute essential gear required for a minimalist kitchen ?


  • Javier Hernandez

    Hi Pat, I would like to ask: Tim is a very succesful business coach, entrepreneur and book author, how exactly does Tim makes his money now?

  • Dan

    If a person works as a chef does that mean that they have to work 8 hours a week?

  • Arthur Chan

    Hi Tim, I saw you for the first time recently on Dr. Oz. Now I’m excited about reading all three of your books. Which one would you recommend people start with? Thanks!

  • Beau P

    Pat: keep rockin my man!

    Tim: “What would you consider your biggest failure to date and what life lesson did you learn from it that would benefit your listeners?”

    Thanks everyone!

  • http://www.perakoto.com/ Joel

    Hi Pat,
    Here’s my question for Tim:
    I’m a part-time blogger with a full-time job. I know I’m lucky to have both and am grateful to be doing both. But I do feel that my potential is not being fully unleashed. I feel that I can do more and be more. So my questions are:
    1. Should I be content or be hungry for more? How do you assess this stuff?
    2. What’s a practical method that will boost my productivity without sacrificing my happiness?

  • http://www.benfranklinfollies.com Sheree

    What’s the role of the local farmer and gardener in the 4-Hour Chef approach to food?

    Backstory: I’m a big believer in the health benefits of preparing real food at home (thanks to parents who valued real food prepared at home, not microwaved food from a can or box). I’ve also recently started to grow a lot of the food I eat and am in the first season of growing food at what I hope will become a showcase for sustainable farming in my part of the U.S.

  • Emilio

    You are kind of a cocky ahole in a good way. What do you think is the key to one of your greatest attributes, getting what you want? (i.e. finding out how and getting Jack Canfield to write a recommendation for your book, among other things?

  • Geoffrey Langat

    I am looking forward to the podcast. My question for Tim; If you were to start all over again, what would you do different and also what lessons learned in your journey?

  • tomo

    My question for Tim is what do you think about the current growth of technology and since there is no signs of slowing down what are some innovations that you are looking forward to in the next 10 years?

  • http://alsensei.com Al Slagle


    Being a master at learning other languages, what advice would you give to a Japanese businessman struggling to take his broken English to the next level?

    Thanks and well done Pat!

  • http://www.yourbodygrooming.com Ern

    Hi Pat,

    Indescribable, you’ll interview Tim.

    Here’s my question:

    Tim, you have already made a brand for 4-hour term. What’s in the number 4 anyway, and what makes this number special when you first conceived of it as title for your first book and succeeding ones. Definitely, you could have used 2-hour, 3-hour, 5-hour. 2-hour work week sounds better than 4-hour week since work is shorter and more time to do things that you want. So what’s the inspiration for the number 4, if there’s any. :-)

    P.S. Thanks Pat for the opportunity to ask this. Have a great interview.

  • JP

    Tim, you were able to learn languages and cooking extremely fast by focusing on the most important things in those disciplines. What are the most important things for us to focus on in online business?


  • http://Testosteroned.com Mike

    When you first wrote the 4-Hour Workweek I began dreaming of living life in a beach hammock with a laptop on my lap for exactly 4 hours each week. That was in 2007. I no longer feel this way and wouldn’t do it even if I could, but just out of curiosity, is the opportunity still available? I feel that so many people have entered every profitable Internet niche that 4 hours is just not going to cut it to be competitive.

  • Will Griffiths

    I am soooo looking forward to this. My two favorite people on a podcast!

    Here’s my question:
    ‘Tim if you lost everything, (your contacts, businesses, money, books) and you had to start over from scratch today – What business would you start and why?’

    Have an awesome podcast and I can’t wait to hear the answer! :)

  • http://www.nwdebtmanagement.com Dave McGuire

    What is your biggest failure?

  • http://www.carwashbusiness101.com Scott Glover

    Do you remember the first “homerun” (breakthrough) you made in your business and what do you attribute it to?

  • http://www.tylergiesa.com Tyler

    My Question:
    Could you elaborate on where the publishing industry is failing authors, and give a sort of bullet point idea of ways to hack or change the publishing industry in your own unique way?


    I’m a huge fan of Tim’s!

  • http://briancainonline.com Brian Cain


    What is one guilty pleasure that would result in a revocation of your man-card?

  • Abbie

    @ Pat – Thank you for giving this opportunity. I am already looking forward listening to the podcast soon.I only recently discovered Tim Ferris and his 4HW and 4HB and I actually haven’t finished reading both (yes I read it at the same time schedule as I keep the other book at home and the other one with me) and here he comes with the 4-hour chef! The only area that I haven’t seen him write about is a 4-Hour relationship book which obviously I’m not sure a good title. But does he have any plan on making something like it? Thanks again, Pat.

  • http://www.secretsponsoring.com Florin Roman

    I believe every human have weaknesses. Are you avoiding yours, or use them and turn them into more POWER? If yes – then HOW?
    That’s my Q!

  • Asher Wismer

    Very simply: with all the drugs, supplements, drastic body modification through diet, and other major changes you have put yourself through, how are you not dead?

    This is not a joke question. I am sincerely curious. Has your “now” body been evaluated by a doctor to see what has changed and how?

  • http://www.dropoutgotrich.com Kevin

    Awesome, excited to hear the interview.

    My Question: Tim, I really enjoyed your 4 Hour Work Week book, but I was curious as to what a day in your life is like right now. Clearly your a busy man and are working more than 4 hours per week – can you give us some insight into a typical day or week for you?

  • http://www.beatingbroke.com Shane @ Beating Broke

    Q: Most of your (Tim’s) books are a result of his skill at learning new things. It’s the underlying theme. Why write the books you have, but not a book directly about the method for learning new things?

  • http://mchogan.com Michael Hogan

    What are the key elements of a book cover and/or Amazon/iBookstore landing page that will get readers to download the sample and buy?

  • http://Www.equinometry.com Lenny


    Based on the 4 Hour Work Week you clearly are able to live comfortably without having to “work.” My question is what motivates you to keep working and producing new products and will you ever stop?


  • http://www.summitventuresgroup.com Les Walker


    You are an advocate of finding the easiest way to become very good at something, rather than putting in lots of work to become the very best. Good advice for personal pursuits, but do you advocate this approach in business, where the rewards are super-concentrated at the very top?

  • Blair

    Great interview planed!

    Tim: If you were starting all over again-but today, with nothing, from ground zero, what business would you pursue and why?

  • http://sethperler.com Seth

    My life is dedicated to serving outside-the-box students that struggle. It seems our education system lead many to the “deferred life plan” you describe so eloquently. I love your work as it parallels my unconventional approach to working with students and helping them navigate school intentionally. In other words, it’s “lifestyle design” for kids. So I am interested to hear your thoughts regarding education hacks for students and how schools can better help kids with lifestyle design? How can we apply your insights to educating our kids so they can be truly happy and successful?

  • Kevin


    You already had a successful business which you essentially automated (Brainquicken). Was there a specific reason you decided to send out a proposal for the 4HWW and become an author?

    You seem to be an incredible planner and I’m wondering if your transition from businessman to author which has then propelled you into multiple advisory/speaking/investment roles was a planned progression or just serendipity?

    Great book by the way. It is fantastic even for those of use who aren’t afraid of the kitchen–Thanks!

  • Nick


    Ok – for real!

    How many hours a week do you work now?


    PS Thanks for being an inspiration to so many!

  • Neel

    Hi Pat,

    Tim has talked a lot about his experiments and its amazing results. But one question is unanswered and should be talked about more.

    Self-experimentation can come with lot of side effects, these never get talked about in the marketing and results.

    I lost about 15 pounds in 4 weeks or so and that was good. However, it did come with some side-effects.

    Please ask Tim what side effects has he encountered in all the experiments he has done. I have noticed his hairs have disappeared (not sure if that is by purpose or as a side effect). Is this a side-effect?

    I believe in all the “great results” it is important to stress the side effects. However in any of the interviews, I haven’t seen/heard anyone talk about side effects and Tim’s experiences.

    To make a really balanced interview, it is important to talk about both positives and cautions of self experimentation (specially body modification etc.).

    Thanks for all you do Pat.

  • Mike S

    Pattt! Looking forward to this interview. Two of my favorite people. :)

    Question for Tim: Why did you choose to focus on cooking? How do you choose what to write about?

    After a book on productivity (4 hour work week) and a book on health (4 hour body), it’s interesting to see him focus on cooking.


  • http://www.freeaudacitytutorials.com Carey

    I’d love to hear from Tim regarding the impact personality/wiring has on learning things at speed. I guess my question would be, “What things particular to your personality or wiring did you discover made the speed learning process more difficult, and how did you overcome them? Can you derive some principles from your experience that would be helpful to people with other unique personalities or wiring?”

    Thanks Pat, for this opportunity!

  • Karen M.

    Thanks Pat!

    I would like to know how many times Tim failed before he felt he reached his first motivating success to continue on his current path? I am following his advice in “The 4-Hour Work Week” and I am patenting and launching a first in it’s class kitchen product which is very exciting but scary at the same time.

    Thanks a bunch!


  • http://pioneerquilter.com Kelley

    Can’t wait to listen. I heard Tim speak on the Social Triggers Insider podcast about his book. (a worthwhile listen, btw.) He talked about breaking things down to Lego-like basic blocks. My question is, how can I translate that strategy to a different skill? He gave the example of learning a subset of super-frequent Japanese characters to gain a foothold of expertise in learning the Japanese language. It sounded like he stumbled upon that idea, not that he actually went through the process of block-breakdown. I’d be curious to hear how he would say to extrapolate that out to a generic process of breakdown. i.e., how would a physical skill like archery or a creative skill like oil painting break down.

  • http://www.GraciesItalianWineReview.com Mike

    My question:

    I recently published my first ebook with amazon. Can you suggest any free marketing channels that you may have used used to promote your ebooks?


  • http://[email protected] lennie

    Has Tim applied his principles to playing musical instruments?

  • Wade


    If you had to start over from scratch (with less than $500 to your name), what would you do in the first 30 days to succeed and why?



  • http://www.raymondduke.com Raymond Duke


    Ideas are generated from problems, and since the world contains a lot of problems, there are a lot of ideas out there. What advice would you give to someone who has a great idea for a service that solves a problem, keeping in mind that this person doesn’t have any connections to any investors, programmers, or anyone in the industry that this type of idea would normally come from?

    Feel free to change the wording a little for clarity. Basically my question is about how to go forward with a service or idea when you do not know anyone, or have any connecctions.

  • Tossi

    “Do you actually believe you are an MMA champion? All you really did is work the system and cheat someone who worked toward excellence out of their championship. It was sort of a weasely way to get a medal, don’t you think?”

  • http://reachfinancialindependence.com Pauline

    Would you be able to be a 4h chef if you didn’t like cooking in the first place? I understand passion is a key factor, so what about things we don’t feel like doing and procrastinate on for hours?

  • Melissa Chetty


    You have the most awesome life – and by that, I mean, totally random, diverse experiences. How do you decide which challenge/focus/goal to commit to next?


  • http://tarvergraphics.com Terrill Tarver

    Hi Pat… Huge fan of your work.
    Question for Tim: What was the breaking point or the last straw that pushed you to the point of deciding to leave corporate america behind?

  • Reggie Paquette

    What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever eaten that you enjoyed?

  • http://seriousgivers.org Ed Long

    Question for Tim:
    Can you still stick with the 4-hour workweek, with your additional writing work (4-Hour Body, 4-Hour Chef, what else you’re creating)?

  • CaseyC

    I would really like to know what was the most effective tools Tim used for marketing his first major business? He managed to be very successful in the supplement industry which is highly competitive.

  • http://www.livingauthentically.org Evan

    Why would I want to outsource my life? Isn’t living it preferable?

  • Phillip Gonzales

    Where are you (location, state of mind, etc) when most of your inspirations come to you?

  • http://littleguywebdesigns.com Wyatt Christman

    Do you think you could take a regular person from the land of cubicles through a six week Ferriss training and have them with the same mindset you have? In other words is it possible to create a significant shift in most people to become Tim Ferriss like? What would that training be like? Tim Ferriss Boot Camp. Glad you are here to inspire us Tim, thanks! And thanks to Pat Flynn for getting him on the show.

  • BJones

    When will we see the 4-hour Marriage, the 4-Hour Parent and the 4-Hour Divorce?

  • http://www.donnaclements.com Donna Clements

    How many concepts do you (Tim Ferriss) see yourself applying the “Four Hour” approach?

  • http://www.actingclassesinperth.com Loren Johnson

    Hey Pat,

    G’Day from down under! Ep 51 sounds like it’s going to be great!

    My question for Tim. “Tim, you have inspired many people (including myself) to take back control of their lives and I am interested to know who inspires you and why?”

    Thanks Pat and Tim.

    Hope you both have a great week, and best of luck with the book launch Tim.

    PS: Pat when is your book coming out :) ?


  • http://mywpexpert.com Brandon Yanofsky

    Tim, if you could start all over from the beginning, before your success with the supplement company that gave you the initial ability to then be financially independent of the whole system, what would you do differently and how would you build your financial independence?

  • Ricky

    What will be the best way (solution) for starter to raise the capital for funding the project?

  • Ryan

    I would love to hear Tim give advice on eating well, staying in shape and meeting income goals when you have a family, kids, a mortgage and other major responsibilities that absorb time and money. Basically, how do you maximize your potential in fitness, finance and nutrition when you have limited time to yourself and limited resources?

  • David England

    If you had to hire someone to do your “job” what would you look for?

  • Brad

    When can we expect the 4-hour Marriage, the 4-Hour Parent and the 4-Hour Divorce Trilogy?

  • http://postcollegesuccess.com Dan Holterhaus

    Tim – How do you think your travels throughout the world have shaped your entrepreneurial success? And do you think there is a correlation between traveling and becoming a successful entrepreneur?

  • http://www.nickfisher.me Nick Fisher

    First of thanks Pat for the opportunity to go straight to Tim.
    Here we go:
    What do you make of all the doom and gloom with the fiscal cliff, and how the US is losing its dollar as the benchmark currency, and the looming US Government bankruptcy. There is a lot of Doom and Gloom out there from sites such as http://www.sovereignman.com and http://www.dollarvigilante.com, saying things like its the end of the west and everyone should move out of the US. As someone who promotes geo arbitrage and is heavily involved in business, whats your take on the future of Nth America, economically and for the average citizen?
    Cheers for your thoughts.

  • http://Iwebxpert.com Jacob

    To Tim Ferris – To date, meaning up to November 26th 2012, what has been the most effective marketing strategy to promote yourself, and of the 3 books, which one was the most successful and why?

    I would love a copy of the 4 hr Chef and think it would fit perfectly on my bookshelf. Thanks in advance :)

  • nunusada

    If you think Norma`s story is flabbergasting,, four weeks ago my daughter in law basically also broght in $5356 putting in a twelve hour week at home and their classmate’s sister`s neighbour was doing this for four months and worked and got paid more than $5356 part time from a pc. apply the information at this site… http://Cloud65.com

  • Bloom

    Would like to work 4 hours per day at writing promo’s for great brands and their products. Would do this for $250 to 25k per week. Please walk me through set up.

  • http://sokopedia.com Peter H

    Have you read “The Millionaire Fastlane” by MJ DeMarco?

  • Chris Jacob

    Dear Tim,

    I find listening to audiobooks and podcasts to be a convenient way to multitask learning with completing “mindless” daily routines like running at the gym, cleaning the dishes and driving to work.

    What are your opinions on learning through listening, versus reading?

    … E.g Audio vs Visual brain, engagement with audience, knowledge retention, fixed path vs hyperlinked content.

  • http://ShyEntrepreneur.com TJ Mollahan

    You have achieved a great deal of success at quite a young age, why is that?
    Follow up; Looking back what would you do differently is you could?

  • Andy

    Hey Pat, congrats on being able to interview someone That’s always inspired you.

    My question for Tim is this: do you think you’ll ever get married? It seems to me that his current lifestyle is based around living out his guy fantasies as much as possible. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – perpetual bachelor/bachelorettehood has some pretty noble ranks. But it often seems hard for such high-output individuals to keep it up after they tie the knot. Any plans for this, and if so how do you plan to keep up your output?

    Thanks much!

  • http://www.redzhu.com Ken CHOW

    Question: i’m doing graphic design business. as you know this is a business needs lots of involvement in working with coworkers, clients, creative process bla bla bla… how can i use 4-hour workweek principles to create my 4-hour workweek life?

  • http://www.healfissures.com David Neff

    Seasons greetings everyone!

    Without just quitting my day job to pursue my online business, how can I break away from the 9-5 work week and still provide for my family’s financial obligations each month? I feel like I am trapped in a cycle I don’t know how to break!!

    Can’t wait to listen to the SPI Podcast.

  • Chris Sines

    Hi Pat,

    How are things coming for the podcast awards? A question for Tim:
    As you have inspired/taught so many to leverage with passive income and affording a lifestyle not that its different, but a fuller neighborhood since you began, what SWOTs are out there and what is interesting in the next 5 years?

    • Chris Sines


  • http://csmccurdy.com Chris

    Who is/was your #1 mentor?

  • http://www.thefreefinancialadvisor.com/average-joes-money-blog/ AverageJoe

    When presented with opportunities what criteria do you use to choose which to pursue? It seems like you have tons of opportunities and I’m curious to know what criteria you use to decide which is “the one” for you.

  • http://www.adventureventurellc.com Jeremy

    Time Ferriss, You have said before that with the 4 Hour Work Week, “What do you say to the Brick Layer or Taxi Driver?” and “Unless they own their own company its not for the Brick Layer of the Taxi Driver.” You’ve said you can’t right a book for everyone (and I believe that to be true).

    Have you considered writing a book for the Brick Layer, Taxi Driver, or Fast Food Employee?

    My Question Is: (While you can’t write a book for everybody,) Would you consider doing the research and writing a book for the Fast Food Employee, The Grocery Store Cashier, and other Wage Slaves out there to help them escape their (most likely) miserable lives? Maybe something to do with shoe-string budgets and “boot-strapping”.

    Where this question is coming from:
    I’m am a low-income wage-slave at a fast food place. I’ve been trying to escape the low-income wage-slave my entire working life. I’ve gone to collage and got a degree, and all that really got me was more debt. Until recently I didn’t see any way to start my own business without a ton of money. I now see there are ways to start businesses on a shoestring. I’m very interested in bootstrapped businesses. So many books out there for entrepreneurs are about breaking free from the cubical, but those guys and gals in the cubical still have a bit more funds to work with than I do here down as a fast-food-slave.

    This smart passive income site has a lot of great information for people in my position (Thanks Pat!) and there are a few books out there that I haven’t read yet, but actually own and are on my list to read very, very soon, like The Lean Startup and The $100 Startup.

    So, my question is: Would Tim Ferriss be interested in creating his own version of The Lean Startup? Maybe the 4-Hour Startup? Or how about the 4-Dollar Startup? (He can have that name too, just give me a shout out for it aye!)

    So, I’ve phrased it a couple ways now, there’s no rule that says we’re only allowed to post one suggestion for a question to ask is there?

  • Seth Frank

    Thanks Pat. Thanks Tim.

    The Slow Carb diet had a revolutionary impact on the way people think, you introduced this in your last book my question is can you tell me what the fundamental difference of philosophy is between the Slow Carb diet and someone like Robb Wolf or your friend Tucker Max that have adopted the Paleo Diet? And your thoughts on that diet.

    Thanks again for always going the extra mile for us…both of you


    P.S. Also initial 4 hour body forum member.

  • http://denny.co Denny Robert

    How does someone without a tech background make it in internet based business?

  • http://www.SpeechAndLanguageKids.com Carrie Clark

    What are the three most important things you do each day to bring you closer to your life goals?

  • http://www.eitstudyguide.com Neel

    Tim, How often do you make the sexy time steak? Would you make it for me?

  • Keith S

    What was the biggest influence on you and your life’s work? It could be a book, a person, a personal experience, anything. The first thing that comes to mind.

    Thanks Pat and Tim for all you do.

  • Sean

    Since Tim is all about mini retirements… With all of his world travels, what is his one most awesome/favorite place in the world to escape to? Now, same question, but answer it only based on the best cuisine offerings.

    Looking forward to listening to this interview. You rock Pat!

  • Rich

    I would ask Tim: I am 63 with diabetes and overweight. Whenever I ask a doctor how to loose it he shrugs his shoulders and gives me more pills. Is there anything I can do safely.

  • http://businessandblogs.com Matt Wolfe

    I’m really looking forward to listening to this episode! The 4-hour Work Week really inspired me when I decided to leave my job.

    My question for Tim would be about marketing books. I would love to know what his best advice for getting a book noticed would be.

    Can’t wait to listen in!


  • http://www.infernopromotions.com.au David Counsell

    When most people build a bricks and morter business they make the mistake of puting themselves at the centre of a wheel that traps them in thier business. What do you think is the first step to breaking the wheel? A system to deliver the product without a drop in customer service or a system to market the business to new and existing customers without the need for the owner to play a role?

  • Dillon

    My question: hey Tim, I’m 20 years old and have started my own business in the wedding industry. I have gone through your first two books and researched you a lot. What advice would you give a young entrepreneur who is tryin to build something great at a young age?

  • http://busymakingmoney.com Rahul Verma

    well Tim we’ve all read your books and been your fans since but what i would like to ask you is that what do you make of the role of your parents in your life when starting out as an entrepreneur – helping hand or obstacle? because not all parents believe that a passive income life could be chosen which doesn’t make you cranky each day rather gives you time with your family and friends saving you from the 9 to 5 criteria.

  • http://www.creativethirst.com Bobby Hewitt

    Questions For your interview

    1. What was your inspiration for the 4 Hour Chef?
    2. What are some ways we can use to identify our own individual learning styles?
    3. What was your biggest learning form this new book that you didn’t know before you started out on this journey?

    By the way Pat, congrats on your book as well.

  • http://www.myjobsit.com Mike Kawula

    Small Businesses account for over 65% of new jobs and are the key to the economic recovery. How would a small community business owner practice the NR Lifestyle when so many small businesses are dependent on the owner?

  • http://www.winthebellyfatbattle.com Amir

    Great idea Pat!

    Question for Tim: When was your first step beyond the “rat race”? When did you really accept and believe that it is easier to make for example $30,000 a month than it is to make $3000 a month (what my mentor keeps telling me).

    How did you go through that period and what advice would you have for someone who is right there, at the edge…

    Thanks and look forward to this interview.

  • http://www.FUMSnow.com Kathy Reagan Young

    Pat, you’re amazing. Thanks for all you do.

    Tim – here’s the question: how about taking on an intern/disciple/mentee (me). You could document the experience, turn it into a book and title it “4 Hour Midlife Turnaround”.

    Just say the word and I’ll be seated at the right hand of the master1

  • http://diymusicbiz.com Greg Savage

    I’m an owner of “The 4-Hour Workweek” and my question is how do you separate yourself/your brand from “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and Robert Kiyosaki?

    There we a lot of rude comments and comparisons to RDPD (mostly negative)

    This is important to me because I’ve noticed that anything related or similar to Rich Dad Poor Dad begins to tarnish these days (especially with their business decisions over the last few years)

    How do you separate yourself from that negativity?

    I hope this question is chosen because in business we all have people within our niche who are bad apples which automatically puts a label on those who are legit.

  • http://localartistshq.com Rich Berning

    What activities do you like to do for more than 4 hours? After all, sometimes 4 hours just isn’t enough time…

    Can I propose a 2nd question? Tim, what were you like as a child, or adolescent? Were you always driven, self-disciplined, task oriented? (I know he goes into some of this in his books, but I’d like to hear his spontaneous answer out of curiosity.)

  • Brian

    My question-Tim always does lots of stuff about mind hacks and improving learning but what do he do to help retain everything. For example how does he remember all those languages. (I’ve lived abroad and learned language pretty in depth but I find it hard to retain things if I don’t use them routinely).

    Ps I just ordered the 4hour chef the other day so if I happen to win a copy I would pay it forward and give it someone I know could really use it.

  • http://www.anhaengerreifen.com Simon

    Hi Pat,

    I would propose to ask when he thinks about writing “The 4 Hour Tim Ferriss”-Book or “The 4 Hour Father” this would be great!

    Love this guy and his books, although that some things are not applying or appealing to me 😉 Also I always have difficulties to implement the ideas into my life, which is probably the most important fact.

  • http://Totoventures.com Tom Gardin

    Hey Tim,

    The 4 Hour Work Week was completely life-altering for me. Two years after reading it for the first time, I have tried to earn passive income through numerous channels; I’ve built a number of websites, and I now have an iPhone app in the app store with one more on the way. I’ve spent my time traveling while working – I’m writing this from my Mexican apartment largely because of you.

    My question is, how will The 4 Hour Chef change my life, and how can it possibly match or even exceed the impact that your first book had on me?

  • http://start-your-web-site.com Tim Hague

    Hi Pat,
    Ask Tim what happened to him when he realized “Yes, I can do this” and was convinced that he would be successful in business. Was it a first sale or something else. I’m still waiting for that moment when it all kind of clicks internally and your confidence soars.
    Tim Hague

  • http://playbaseballclassics.com Dean Patino

    Pat, as always you are awesome!

    Tim, I haven’t had the pleasure to read any of your books yet. Which is the first one I should read that will best help me launch my new business venture on the web and why?

    Thanks gents! Happy Holidays!

  • David M

    Great job on landing the TF interview..

    What area would you focus most to build a 7 figure biz if you were starting over today?

  • Nick Stewart

    Huge fan of both Pat Flynn and Tim Ferriss…

    The one question that springs to mind is “What do you think is an up and coming opportunity that entrepreneurs should be looking into?”

    Another question I would have for Tim, but not necessarily for your interview is “What on earth were you going to talk about on the most recent Joe Rogan podcast when Joe interrupted you to go to the washroom??? It was going to be something about what you learned from hedge fund folks but you never came back to it?” — I REALLY wanted to hear that story…

    Keep up the great work Pat!

  • Ruben

    Thanks Pat for putting this together..

    Question for TF..

    What 3 qualities do you attribute most to your success?

  • http://www.supremestrategies.com/ Kevin Espiritu

    As far as productivity goes, what advice would you give to someone currently doing client-based work to support themselves while also trying to launch a business of their own?

  • http://Www.comicbookreaderguide.com Troy Parke

    Would you keep the same advice from 4hww as a parent raising a child?

  • http://www.amelia-c.com Amelia C

    I am such a huge Tim Ferriss fan and I can’t believe I haven’t already gotten my copy of this book!

    My question is this: Tim, I currently own and operate a successful business, but have my eye on another enterprise that will definitely deliver smart passive income on a semi-automated basis. What I’m really struggling with right now is separating both my time and brain power to launch the new business while maintaining or even growing my current business. Specifically: How do you maintain so many projects at the same time and excel at each?

    Book or no book, this is the burning question I need answered.

  • Nigel Cook

    Hey Pat,

    That’s awesome that you’re interviewing Tim! Here’s my question for Tim:

    “How do you usually overcome setbacks and frustrations that might come up in your work and projects? On a similar note, how do you stay positive and keep your energy up?


  • Vasiliy Neo

    Hi, Tim and Pat! 4HWW is my favorite audiobook to re-energize motivate myself. My question: Tim, after all that you achieved, what is your big dream today, at this very moment?
    Thank you!
    Can’t wait to listen The podcast.

  • http://www.adventureventurellc.com Jeremy

    Would you consider writing a book for starting a business without money and without loans?

    How can a person start a business using sweat equity, without risking the loss of their intellectual property or the business?

    If someone wanted to start a business similar to your original vitamin/supplement business, but maybe with a different product, what books would you recommend?

    If someone wanted to start a business similar to your original vitamin/supplement business but maybe with a different product, and without a whole lot of money, how could they?

    If you woke up tomorrow with no money, no business, and no one knew who you were, but you still know what you know now, how long do you think it would take you to get back to where you are now in quality of life/income/lifestyle? Do you think you could do it?

  • http://www.smalltalkofdoom.com Kwin Peterson

    4HWW has made a huge impact on me, and I have loaned out copies of the book to a few who expressed a desire to break out of the reality handed to them, but who then never cracked to book, or who skimmed without reading. I would love to engage with an acquaintance who is as jazzed about the principles in the book as I am, so here’s my question: How can you tell if someone is ready to make the leap?

  • http://Howtoworkwood.ca Giles

    Hi Pat and Tim.

    You have both achieved a huge amount in a short space of time and I find you both an inspiration. However, surely not everyone will like what your doing so how do you deal with criticism when it inevitably comes?

    I was recently crushed by some very harsh criticism and am struggling to regain motivation/shake it off.

    I assume that a lot of people suffer with this so I hope by asking this question we will have an opportunity to help lots of people!


  • http://debtdefeater.blogspot.com/ Mo

    Thanks Pat!

    My Question:

    Much of your advice from the 4-hour work week assumes familiarity with the business world and experience as an entrepreneur. What is the most important piece of advice you would give individuals who are not experienced in business at all (for instance, academics/teachers).

  • Alleycatmom

    When people say stuff like he is arrogant (like with his dating philosophy) or unrealistic (like applying 4HWW while on hourly wages, or single parenting), does it hurt his feelings? Has he changed his mind about anything over the years? Thanks.

  • http://www.photographyinstyle.com John Davydov

    Hi Pat,

    Great job as always.
    My question for Tim is,
    Hey Tim, you always talk about systems on how it helps you get things done. From learning different languages to waking up in the morning. My question is, What other forms of systems do you use or come up with to help you get things done.

  • Ida

    Hi Pat!
    Question for Tim: This evening I choose to bake cookies for my husband and son instead of working on creating content for my website. I cook because I find it both therapeutic and productive, and it feels good make my family happy. I want to break out of my 9-5 cubicle life SO badly, but writing for the website feels like just another work assignment, only I have no idea whether I will ever get paid for it. How have you overcome such obstacles? Are you more motivated by the possibility of success or the fear of failure?

  • Cindy

    Pat, I think your podcasts are great, and just right in length for your topics. I’ve listened to them all – more than once – and am busy finding out how to apply them in my world.

    What I’d like to know from Tim is this; given your topics, what do you think about doing a 4-minute podcast?

  • Barney Conroy

    Tried to send this a couple of times, but has not gone through – so here goes again…

    Tim, Regarding the “Four-Hour” franchise, are you planning multiple books on various topics in the future, and, if so, what topics are being considered? Thanks to you both, Pat and Tim for all your great work!

    Barney Conroy

  • http://elitemarketingsecrets.com Niveen Salem

    What was the toughest business decision he had to make and why?

  • Jacob

    How can one apply Meta-Learning to one of the arts? (ie. acting, filmmaking, painting)

  • Darryl

    I 2nd the Adwords question. Adwords testing is a lot more competitive than it was Back in 2005. Would he still use it or would he recommend another approach to testing the market?

  • Matthew

    Hey Pat! Way to go getting Tim… he’s one of those legends…
    Question for Tim is about meditation: How long has he been using this practice in his daily routine and how does this work in with his schedule… the next question is, how does he practice, what does he do, like, and recommend to us ? Does he have his sip of red wine before or after his morning med?

  • Cindy

    BTW, Pat, I usually just listen to your podcasts on the way to work and don’t make it to your site much. Using this technique to get people here & to listen to your podcast works really well! Thanks for the demo! Having TF on your podcast is a Win/Win all around too! I’ve been curious about his new book. Thanks!

  • http://weaknesselimination.com Maurice Askins Jr.

    My question:

    I’m 16 years old, and still in high school. Right now, i’m in the planning stage of my life.
    At this time, I have a lot of uncertainty about what i want to do with. I know that i don’t want to have a 9 to 5. I don’t want to have a boss who’s going to tell me when to eat or when to use the bathroom. I don’t want to go to college for four years and get into thousands and thousands of dollars of debt.

    How so I as a 16 year old set myself up now to live the lifestyle of the new rich?

  • http://propodder.com Jay Walsh

    Tim, you’ve had a lot of success priming your tribe when you’ve got a new book release and as a result you receive a lot of 5-star reviews for your work. However, I’ve noticed that there is a growing amount of snarky comments appearing – in particular on Amazon – calling you out for this practice. One reoccurring complaint was (sic), “…all these 5-star reviews are from people who show up, review just this book and vanish, leaving one to question the sincerity of the review.”

    Do you feel that there’s a tipping point in generating good reviews vs. the appearance of being phony or stacking the reviews?

  • http://askmydentisttv.com Sam Weisz

    Thanks Pat love the podcast.
    Question: What strategies would you use to bring your team of employees toward a unified goal without using the dreaded staff meeting?

  • http://tammyhelfrich.com Tammy Helfrich

    How would you suggest we take the principles from the 4 hour work week and apply it to our out of date education system?

  • http://www.qpractice.com/ Lisa

    I’m a longtime fan of Tim and his 4-hour series, because I love the idea that anything can be hacked if you approach it with the idea of working smart, not hard.

    My question for him is:

    What gourmet meal could be made on a 4-hour flight (or less) with:

    4 ingredients (must be TSA approved) and be able to go through airport security
    + 4 dry herbs/ spices (or less)
    +standard coach fare ( drinks, peanuts, etc)?


  • Mykola Dumenko

    Hi Pat,

    Can you please ask Tim how he approaches his potential customers for the first time (which order email, phone, in person) and how he convinces them that his products are worth it.

    Thank you.

  • http://www.melanietoniaevans.com Zac Evans

    Tim, what advice would you give to someone who wanted to be the best (or close to the best) in the world at something?

  • http:drsPIX.com Duane Stevens

    From Tim’s blog, it appears he has “carpet bombed” the publicity for 4HC:
    Q: How many assistants and time did it take to line up the publicity for the book launch?

    (REF: http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog/2012/11/24/the-4-hour-chef-launch-summary-of-week-one/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+timferriss+%28The+Blog+of+Author+Tim+Ferriss%29 )

  • http://www.naturalhealthwriter.com P.J.S. Dougherty

    What is the future of digital publishing?

  • http://mind-rezduan.blogspot.com Rezduan Bakar

    Thanks Pat for the opportunity.
    What I like to ask is as follows:
    After reading self improvement/motivational books/articles, all of us are inspired, eager and fully motivated to start all sort of things but not all will start off immediately. Some will start however will not complete it, due to what-so-ever reason. my question would be: What is the most important things/criteria for you in order to keep going with your plan (with all the 4 hour books, interviews, all over the place spreading the words) and kept the inspired feeling with all the challenge and obstacles during the journey?

  • Jason Lee

    Tim, if you were starting over from scratch, which industry would you actively pursue as a business endeavor and why? Would you start by creating and marketing your own product or service, or utilizing someone elses?

  • Richard

    If you have less than a minute to advice us something really life changing what would it be? Give me one people you really look up in life.

  • http://www.garmaonhealth.com Joe

    Pat, for T. Ferriss:

    “You’re among the best Internet marketers, yet one of the major techniques they use and espouse you do not do, which is the freemium in exchange for an email opt-in followed by a drip marketing sequence that eventually sells something. Why not.”

  • Kent McCorkle

    Thanks Pat! After recently hearing you recommend “The 4-Hour Work Week,” I just picked it up and am about halfway through. Great stuff!

    Question: Tim does an excellent job breaking down how to test a product, bring it to market, advertise it, etc. However, considering the relatively recent rise of digital products (eBooks, Kindle books, online courses, etc.) since the publication of his book, if he were to do it over, would he still have gone with a tangible product when starting out or focused more on digital products?

  • http://www.happygohealth.com Thoa Tran

    Hi Pat,

    Been a silent reader for some time but I really really want to ask Tim this question and the chance of me seeing this crazy busy man is zero to none.

    Q: Cooking scares the life out of me and I’m a woman. You know the elevator question deal right? Say I’m in the elevator with you for the first time and you only have a few minutes to convince me that this book will really help me go from being a cooking phobic to becoming the next Martha Stewart, what would you say?

    Please Pat, ask Tim for me!!

  • https://sites.google.com/site/lynxesandpearls/contacto Petr

    Hey Pat,
    my questin to Tim:
    what are the best and actually proved true ways of coming up with a business idea for those who feel sick of boring office jobs and what to stand out from the grey everyday surroundings?

  • http://www.thebudgetschool.com Sheri Harrison

    What makes The 4-Hour Chef different from the 4-Hour Work Week. In what ways are they similar?

  • Charley

    Looking forward to this interview with great keenness. You can ask Tim what principles and ideas guide his 4-hour convention

  • Ed

    How do you come up with these completely insane life hacks ( and a hack is a great thing! )?

  • http://www.theaffiliatemarketinglab.com Monja

    How would you “launch” a new product (book, website, membership) if you can’t rely on any audience? How would your launch plan look? How would you get the buzz going?

  • http://kumarsetu.com kumar

    I have this working philosophy which drives everything I do in business – “Every work has to go through one of these 3 filters first – automate, outsource or delegate – before reaching to me. That makes sure I do only those thing which only I can do or which no one else can do [ ..of course within my reach]”.

    And that’s why I loved the similar idea proposed by Tim in his book. But I personally feel that his book makes thing look very easy and doable by all. It doesn’t convey the message that “4 Hour Work Week” should be the destination but can not be the starting point. It created illusion that everyone can live that life – no matter what stage of career he or she is at.

    So my question for Tim is – if he has to re-write the book from scratch – what changes or new angles he would like to introduce in the book and how will his new book be different from the original one [ if at all, he thinks it’ll be different].

  • http://alpha-dog-food.com Kate

    Do you think that women can succeed as well as men do in making a living (or even a fortune) in the online world?

  • http://www.WellKeptWallet.com Deacon

    I have read both the 4 Hour Work Week and the 4 Hour Body, so I am excited to hear this podcast. Here is my question for Tim: If you had to focus on one activity that produced a consistent revenue stream, what would it be and why?

  • janet

    I have the Kindle version of the book. In his Meta Learning chapter, I’m unclear about his explanation of learning languages with helper verbs. How do you know what the helper verbs are in any given language? Can he explain it a different way and expand on how he learns languages?

    The 4-Hour Chef is a great book, I’m having so much fun reading it. I can’t wait for the interview in your next podcast.

  • http://blogs.forbes.com/kellyreid Kelly Reid

    I have recently begun practicing speed-reading. It’s been crucial to accelerating my learning. A mentor of mine explained to me that the mind cannot differentiate between an experience and a vivid imagination. By condensing a decade of someone else’s experience (a book) into an afternoon of reading, I can exponentially increase my ability to learn new things.

    It feels like a super-power.

    I’d like Tim to speak on the subject of speed-reading. Has he tried it? Does he actively practice it?

  • http://benjaminboyer.com Ben

    For both Tim & Pat

    what is the coolest thing you’ve done specifically to push the limits your comfort zone?



  • Cason

    What’s your opinion on doing 17 things at once to see what sticks VS. your style of deconstruction and selection? (in the context of business, and otherwise?)

    Don’t you think some things just HAVE to be tested to know which are the 20% among all activities?

  • charles marabella

    Pat your a beast!
    when taking yourself to the next level/your version 2.0 of yourself to become better than what your currently are, what principles and processes do you take so that I can implement that im my life?

  • Doreen

    What an inspiration you have been for many. My daughter gave me the 4hour work week for christmas a few years ago and we both came away motivated.
    With all of the recent news about social media bullying and the lasting effect bullying has have you ever considered doing a book for young people who are victims and thier parents to help them through in the hope they can turn that around to something positive?
    In short have you considered becoming a 4 hr youth phychologist? sometimes the answer is very simple.

    • janet

      Wish there was a like button for this one.

  • Cason

    Also – what’s your opinion on massive action vs. toe-in-the-water action?

    Who do you think will improve faster?
    A -> The guy who decides he wants to get good at X, goes out, buys 5 different programs from gurus, joins 5 different classes around his area, and makes 20 new like-minded friends to feed his new-found passion in X


    B -> Someone who goes through your D-S-S-S process (possibly taking a couple of slow days of back-and-forth) and uses that information, then studies/trains/practices the MED 1-2 hours per day?

  • http://www.grantwritingsite.com Geoff

    I have been wondering one thing since reading Tim’s book. Because the Internet world changes so rapidly (as in dog years) and it’s been a few years since 4hr w/w was first published. I’m sure that Tim would be just as successful starting now. But I think he would have had to take an entirely different approach.
    The question is:
    Tim, how would you go about establishing yourself in the “new rich” if you were starting out now? What would you do differently in response to changes in the Internet and workplace?

  • http://www.mobilemixed.com Greg Hickman

    Pat, super stoked for you to get Tim on and looking forward to it.

    My question for Tim: In starting your businesses who have have become your go to mentors?

  • Carlos

    What would he do to get into a new job/business in an area in which he has no previous experience or related degree? I mean in order to have credibility in front of his possible new investors/employees.

  • http://www.RevolutionFanCast.com Jake

    I am 51. I always thought my mind was sharp… now I find that if I learn something new, (I’m learning to program) I have a really hard time remembering something I learned only 2 – 3 days ago… What can a person do to improve the BRAIN FUNCTION.

    I am really getting concerned.



  • http://www.ipassedmybarexam.com Dustin

    What felt cooler? Winning the Argentinian Tango national competition or getting your 4 Hour workweek book published?

  • http://www.ipassedmybarexam.com Dustin

    What felt cooler, winning the Argentinian tango competition or publishing the 4-Hour workweek?

  • http://dreameurotrip.com DJ Yabis | Dream Euro Trip

    Does it get boring after you get everything you wanted in life or when getting what you wanted is too easy?

  • http://Zentivity.com Jim

    What is the best advice that Tim has ever received from one of his mentors?

  • J

    What does he think that someone with very little to no skills or knowledge can do to start making a living on line today?

  • Amy Thompson

    What revelation did you have that made you have the aha moment when you realized the 4 hour concept?

  • http://www.alinterpretations.com @.l.interpretations

    Hello, Pat & Tim.

    Tim: With social media being the beast that it is, how can B2B marketers effectively “elbow” their way into such an over-saturated space? (SM is ever-evolving, but how can one effectively share important / timely content without regurgitating what’s already been shared?) THX!!!

  • http://www.moretas4less.com.au Karyn with a Y

    Hi Pat, awesome that you are interviewing Tim I am in the middle of the 4 Hour work week which I purchased on your recommendation! First book I have read in years but well worth it!

    My question is with the changes that have happened online since writing the 4 hour work week with the ever growing integration of social media and instant interaction and feedback from customers is it still possible to work a 4 hour week? What changes, if any have you had to make as social media in business has grown?

  • http://onlearningpoint.com patrick

    How do make sure you are focused on the right things when getting started in a new niche/project? There is a 100 things to do, but many are more important than others, like writing, marketing etc, how do you prioritize them.

    Bonus question: now that you have prioritized all the items, how do you know your doing it right? What are the roadsigns, or the feedback you look for before continuing to the next step, or not taking based on feedback. An example what what stopped you or made you go into a new direction would be interesting.

    Thanks Patrick

  • http://www.onlinesellerniches.com Steve

    Pat, would you ask Tim,..since writing the 4HWW…which online monetization model is best Now?? Selling physical products, Info products, blogs monetized with AdSense (like your Security Guard HQ) or review sites w/ affiliate links? With so many choices and so little time,..I need to strike out in the best (and hopefully still) most viable direction.

    Love your stuff-downloaded your iPhone App. Have my first info site up (www.onlinesellerniches.com)-not bad for a 54 year old guitar player! Thanks for the inspiration :)

    All the Best,


  • http://www.arduinopassion.com Bart Pelgrims


    I’ve been following you for years, and it appears to me that you get done a lot, and that’s an understatement imho.

    How do you manage to do all that you do, in your 4-hour workweek?

  • http://www.blacktri.com Eckhard

    hello pat & tim,
    my question to you:
    has there been a skill that you tried to learn, but failed?
    and looking back – what do you think was the reason to fail, what woul you do different today?
    thanks for both your inspiring work!

  • Luca Lazzari

    Well done Pat.

    Tim, what’s the kind of post that you prefer to read? A comfy cup of tea, a lively espresso, or a hearty pasta fazool?


  • Edgar

    Great news! 2 favorite bloggers in 1 interview!

    As for the question,

    What do you think about metabolic regulation (not the ”how do you feel after eating meat” metabolic typing testing. More advanced stuff like Bill Wolcott’s work)

    And if this is just for business/lifestyle related questions:

    How would you start out all from beginning if you had to? What would you avoid doing?

  • janice

    Hi Tim,
    If you could invite 5 people (living or dead) to have dinner with you, who would they be and why?
    Cheers Janice

  • janice

    Hi Tim,
    If you could invite 5 people (living or dead) to have dinner with you, who would you choose and why?
    Cheers Janice

  • Jeff

    Why the four hour series. Is there any special significance or attractiveness to a four hour time frame?

  • JK

    Dear Tim,
    Are you mostly lazy or mostly energetic? Of course I assume that you are a highly energetic guy, but since the title of your (awesome) book could point to both characteristics I am curious anyhow.
    Thanks, also to Pat!

  • Pete

    What would be the 4 hour approach to marketing a bricks and mortar LOCAL business?

  • Umair

    I know for a fact that Tim (and your blog, Pat) would have some readers in developing countries, where the options for launching business are more limited. I am one such reader. Around me, I see a lot of people in financial sector with sharp analytical skills and somewhat good communication skills. How can this resource-base be effectively put to work towards a 4-hr workweek sort of structure? How do I go from having abundant skill availability and take it to designing services/products related to financial services industry?

  • Sasha

    Hi Tim and Pat,

    I am one semester away from receiving my bachelor’s degree at UC Berkeley. But after reading more and more about entrepreneurship, I’m starting to believe that the degree I’m about to receive is a joke (and must I add, extremely overpriced).

    What is your advice to college students in this situation? And more importantly, what are some ways people can start being entrepreneurial while still in school?

  • http://GrowEverywhere.com James

    Hi Pat, thanks so much for this opportunity.

    Tim, I notice that you have launched a couple “4 hour” themed books. Work week, body, and now chef. Do you think it is possible to achieve a “4 hour” …… (fill in the blank)? Is there a limit to what you can apply the 4 hour philosophy and time allotment to?

    Thanks again!


  • Jantje

    Dear Tim,
    what is your biggest lesson learned in 2012?

    Thank you to you and Pat,

  • Moran

    i’d love to know What you think is the minimal effective dose (80/20 rule) to success in life in the areas – business, productivity, health, relationships, feeling good daily (i know you dont like the word happiness :))

    looking forward to the podcast!

  • http://wp4fb.com Wilco

    Hey Pat!

    I’d like to ask the following question to Tim:

    Can you imagine how your life would’ve looked like if you didn’t write the 4h ww? How did this series of books influence your own life (as a writer), and what else would you have focused on otherwise?



  • Christopher

    Hey guys,

    First off, just wanted to thank you both for reassuring me and I’m sure others, of great opportunities that surround. I’m in the process of my own detour, but One uncertainty seems to be the last hurdle.

    How do you insure yourself after leaving a company with benefits?

    With all the travel especially, what steps should be taken to protect yourself from huge hospital bills in case of an emergency either home or abroad?

    Confidence is contagious, so thanks!

  • David O’Rourke

    If you had to start from scratch, a veritable blank slate, with a minimal income, say a minimum wage job, where would you start and how, what direction would you take.
    This applies to learning, earning and living.


  • Wayne

    Love the 4 hour concept.
    Q how disciplined do you have to be to achieve these results? Is there a lead up time over 4 hours initially to achieve this objective of only four hours per week. Or is there some sort cuts that you can share not in the book that can help a beginner?

  • http://www.maknesium.de Maurice

    Hey Pat!

    I’d love to ask Tim Ferris the following question:

    What was THE MOST demoralizing moment in your (Tim Ferris) career so far? What did you fear in those moments? Why was this situation so daunting? Was it really so bad?

    AND, what did Tim do to motivate himself to get over the situation? What were his core beliefs? Friends, Family, Fame, Independence? How do you motivate yourself if everyone keeps telling you “you won’t succeed” and you even begin to loose faith yourself.

    Thanks Pat 😉

  • Alex

    Is he a fan of LessWrong.com and how does he hedge against black swan type global existential risk?

  • http://bootstrapcafe.com Adam Beckett

    Tim, assuming that the Global Climate Crisis is the largest problem we face, what is the no.1 action you have personally taken that created the biggest benefit for the Environment and continued Human existence on this Planet?

    I look forward to your reply.


  • http://www.joanbars.com Bill Loganeski

    How do you overcome the fear of hiring the wrong VA?

  • http://www.acomer.be Tim De Prijcker

    Are you considering a family life to some extent (wife/kids)?

    My wife and I are big fans of your work. However I often notice a self-centered perspective in your books (please don’t take this negatively).
    I would be very interested in reading the 4-hour-family ;-).

  • http://wfcolonelswarroom.com Kevin Thomas

    What is your favorite way to polarize people to get them to talk about you?

  • http://www.dueno-de-mi-tiempo.com Mariana

    Thanks for the opportunity Pat, here’s the question:
    What would be the 2 main advices you would give to someone who wants to live 4hww lifestyle but is bloqued to go on.

  • http://smartcocktailz.com Mira

    Hi, Pat!

    Here’s my question to Tim: do you think you could learn any skill, even if you have no talent in that area? Is there a way to become really good at it, despite your lack of talent, or you’ll just stay average?
    What I mean is, is talent so important, or the will of learning and taking action is what really matters? :)

    Thank you!


  • http://culturematters.com Chris Smit

    Hi Pat,

    Here’s my question: “What’s the Next Big ‘Thing'”? Not so much for Tim, but more for the Internet, Google FaceBook. Maybe even SEO.
    Is it “liberation of the nation”? Or will it all be dominated by Amazon & Wall Mart?

  • http://www.estrategiasdemarketingonline.com Pepe

    Awesome Pat! Here is my question: Could you tell us the best way to approach world top performers or experts to be part of your book when you are not already a best-selling author? For example, if you are writing a book about sport success, how would you try to get in contact with Michael Phelps to have an interview with him for the book?

    Thanks a lot in advanced to Pat and Tim 😉

  • http://www.symeology.co.za Symi

    Hi Pat – thanks for the opportunity!!!

    Tim – what is the single most basic partnering / networking / positioning tip you can give someone who is just starting out. i find that it’s the basic stuff we keep forgetting, that throws us off track. so if you can shout something at me over the sound of shells exploding and horses galloping, what would it be?


  • http://badcatchris.com Charles Huss

    Tim has great advice on language learning. Can you ask of their is a book on the subject on the horizon?

  • Anthony Maduekwe

    Your story is inspiring and I derive a lot of energy just seeing and following after those who have achieved so much. My question then is this Tim:

    What inspired you to write the 4-Hour Work Week and how widely applicable is this globally?

  • http://www.ancadumitru.com Anca Dumitru

    Question for Tim: At what point did you first feel in tune with yourself?

  • http://www.TheQuestToFindLove.com Irena

    I love the idea of the free and fulfilling lifestyle Tim develops in his book. However, after reading it, I can’t help but ask the following questions:
    Doesn’t Tim think that his ideas are too elitist and if people are to follow what he preaches, this will create a society of small elite who could afford to work 4 hours a week and play around the rest of the time, while their business is being maintained by the hard labour of their assistants, working long hours to handle secretarial, logistics and manufacturing duties (and possibly living in India, Philippines and other countries of lower standard of life)?
    Does Tim realise that his recommendations to take a regular 9 to 5 job and turn it to “remote -work from-any-location” job can in practice be applied only to about (no more than) 5% of all of the existing jobs?
    To follow his principles and create the 4 hour work week lifestyle, one needs to have before all, the way I see it, a very creative mind to notice and take advantage of opportunities where others have not seen them. This again is quite elitist, as very few people naturally possess this creative streak of mind. Wouldn’t it be better, if Tim gives advice on how to develop creativity, instead of saying that one can become an expert in any field, if they read 3 books on the subject?

  • http://www.safeserps.com Jonny Cooper

    My question to Tim:

    At what point did you feel you had achieved your own version of the lifestyle you promote in the book?

  • marco fantozzi

    I got an online business in “idea validation” stage and a single private ready to invest in this idea by covering the cost of a MVP. How a top performer should get the most out of this situation? Take the money and build it or refuse and spend time pitching to real high-end VC?

  • http://www.handymarketer.com christelle

    Question for Tim:
    How do you manage mini-retirements when you have kids at school and a spouse in corporate world?

  • http://www.workshopbank.com Nick

    Can ‘charisma’ be learned or is it really true that you either have it or you don’t?

  • Diederik

    Question for Tim;

    I see you as an advocate of the simple life, travel and live lean and mean.

    With all this value you are creating comes also money as reward, what do you do with it ? Yes a couple of gadgets would be nice to know but also the big picture. Is there a special mindset or goal ?

    Love everything you do! (more random show!)

    Kind regards,


  • http://bassmedia.net Dave

    can the stuff be done in 3 hours!?!



  • http://www.meuslivrosdigitais.com Felipe Madeira

    When will your next book come? Will it be called “80/20 lifestyle” or something?

  • http://www.escapee925.com Robert Longley

    In as much as I loved the original, I was skeptical about the Four Hour Chef. It seemed like the title was just riding on the success of the previous books. I’m about 100 pages into it and I couldn’t have been more wrong. This is a really interesting book, and I think he has setup a framework for other areas. So my question is – how far can you take the Four Hour (insert subject here) – government, education, business, workout, etc.?

  • http://howtospeak-japanese.com Yamato

    Pat, I am interested in how Tim Ferris managed to learn all the different languages when he relocated to different countries. I understand that he tried to work with local tutors, but not sure if he also prepared at home and if yes, what type of training he took (tutors, audio courses, books).
    As being able to converse in a foreign language is mandatory to get the most out of your stay, I really would be glad if you could raise this question.
    Thanks and have a nice day!

  • Jason Yount

    Simple…. What’s next Tim Ferriss?

  • Ann

    Since you’ve learned how to hack “learning,” how do you see the global education system changing with the growth in progressive acquisition of skills?

  • http://www.topappsforchildren.com Mandy D’Arcy-Evans

    Thanks for the opportunity Pat

    My question would be, how does Tim prioritize his projects and ideas – does he have a system to determine what he is going to focus on next?

  • ara

    I wanted to ask something to:

    You once said. Information products are the future. People are lazy and just want to get what they want to know. So what is your opion about it now and what is your opinion about the future of information products?


  • Chris

    I read Four-Hour Body. I enjoyed it very much and learned a lot, but I still had one lingering question: When are you going to run your longer-ish race? We runners want to know!

    (Austin, MN)

  • Tim Schwartz

    Thanks Pat! My question for Tim is this:

    For a talented individual, how do you reconcile choosing the path of passive income rather than a more traditional profession? For example, running a micro-business like BrainQUICKEN vs. being a neurobiology researcher are two completely different lifestyles, but they are also completely different ways to make a mark on the world and contribute to human knowledge. I understand that this is a matter of personal choice and how we decide to use our time, and I am hoping that you can comment further! Thanks very much!

    -Tim Schwartz
    Atlanta, GA

  • Mary Ludwig


    My husband and I have been waiting for the 4-Hour Chef forever it seems! I had to stop reading everyone else’s questions because it was taking forever. But my big question is, “WHAT possibly could be next for you, Tim?” I am very interested because each book seems to be coming at just the right time to inspire us and get us over a particular life challenge.

    Thanks, Pat, I cannot wait to hear this interview!


  • http://developmentslate.com Joseph Slawinski

    Hi Tim,

    When you’re faced with two great opportunities at the same time – either in the same field or that need to be dealt with in the same limited time period – which are both likely to conflict with each other. What is your immediate reaction? Do you build a plan so that you can do both, or make a sacrifice? And why?

    Many thanks,


  • http://relationshipsmag.com Rohan

    So Tim, are you ever going to use the content of your books
    to create online training programs to not only tell people what
    is possible with outsourcing but to actually show how you live
    the 4 hour life ?

  • Thomas Guillot

    I would like to have Tim answer the following questions:

    a) How many times did BrainQuick “fail” before the product was a success? and,
    b) What did you consider your “early wins” that pushed you forward with this product rather than trying something else?

    Thank you!

  • Ampi Castano

    I have multiple interests and talents. It’s hard for me to focus on just one thing. I have started several home-based businesses, but would like to focus on just one in order to ensure its success. I read the Cash Machine, which states that you should just do whatever you are good at in order to make money now, and then later you can do what you love.

    Do you think it’s more important to work at what you love, or do you think it makes more sense to do something (even if we don’t love it) just because it might make money.

  • David Lynch

    I’d like to ask what the parallels are between learning to cook and learning any other skill in life and how Tim came up with the idea to juxtapose the two?


  • Brian

    If I could ask Tim one question, it would be this: What is the ultimate purpose of your existence here on earth? To qualify this; You teach and practice how to do things effectively and efficiently, but to what end? Is your existence to experience everything life has to offer or something less hedonistic?

  • Valeriu

    I’d like to know if Tim has ever considered (and maybe even already working on) using his approach to improve eye sight or cure hair loss (male pattern baldness)?


  • http://www.masonworld.com Mark Mason

    In 4HWW, you describe how you exploited a loophole in the Jiu-Jitsu rules to win the championship. In 4HB, you exploit body metabolism hacks to optimize weight loss. How important is your mindset of getting leverage through working smart outside of the box? What would you tell people that don’t seem to have your gift for “finding a better way” about how to be successful?

  • http://marktzk.com Mark Tosczak

    I’m just getting into the 4 Hour Chef – great book. One question I’d love to ask is whether Tim has techniques for getting experts to respond to requests for help/assistance. He recommends contacting experts as part of his technique to learn a new field quickly, and he also is able to connect with quite a few experts himself (including some pretty big names). I am wondering if he has specific techniques for this that would be applicable for those of us who don’t have his level of fame.

  • http://www.androidpaycheck.com/ Vickram


    Wonderful news that one of my favorite is gonna interview another. Just like Tim inspired you, SPI and you have inspired me and shown the way in the online world of blogs when I felt a little lost.

    Question for Tim:
    What is one productivity tip that you dig into when all others fail ?

    Thanks Pat for the opportunity to put out a question to Tim. Welcome to the SPI community, Tim.


  • http://lifestoogood.net Alan | Life’s Too Good

    Hi Tim/Pat,

    my question is this: Do the concepts in this book apply the same for everyone in every situation, e.g. regardless of if you’re single or married, regardless of location, if you have kids, employed or self-employed etc.?

    e.g. 4HB is probably easier for singles as you don’t have to worry about separate cooking & rules for family for example.


  • http://www.realworldmyth.com Ryan


    “The 4 Hour Chef” is more about learning than it is cooking. How and why did you choose cooking as the vehicle to get your message of “learning” across?



  • http://hippiehickmom.com Amanda

    Tim seems like Superman to me, good at everything he tries. I’d like to know if there has ever been anything he couldn’t do or was horrible at. Hopefully with an illustrative anecdote. :)

  • http://www.julesfuel.com Julia Visser


    I’m so looking forward to this podcast and have recently stumbled upon your brilliant website. Keep doing what you’re doing – it’s a wealth of helpful information.

    I’d love to ask Tim (and you):

    1) How do you suggest narrowing down to more specific focus within a saturated niche (i.e. health/nutrition/wellness), when my interests appear to be many?

    2) How to push through when growth seems stagnant without stalking all forms of social media?

    3) What would you suggest as an easy-to-learn graphic design program, if there is such a thing? I’d love to learn how to design my own tools, etc. on a decent scale vs. outsourcing.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  • TJ


    Sustainability… what is Tim’s proven method to provide the best probability for one to develop their own ‘personal sustainability’ on their way to developing 4-Hour Everything skills? This is a very critical question for those of us who already are over-subscribed in life’s duties.

    Many thanks,


  • http://gireviews.net Brendan

    I mentioned this on yoru FB post as well, Pat, but I would ask, as a classroom teacher: How does Tim think we can use his style of ‘meta-learning’ in the classroom to help students learn required material faster?

  • Dan

    How does someone currently on a “deferred-life” career path with a wife and family to support begin to redesign their life? I think most people who read Tim’s work think, “I would do this in a minute if I didn’t have a family to support.”

  • http://opalagate.com Clara Darlene Reger

    What is the medicine and MED (minimum effective dose) for childhood and lifetime negative programming? What does it take to develop a “can do” attitude, optimistic spirit and confidence?

  • Rachel

    Tim – for a person who preaches automation and efficiency, you seem to be running around like crazy for this book promotion. I realize the heartache of creating a new project that you believe in only to find major barriers. I saw you on Creative Live and with Ramit as well as Dr. Oz. It really looked like you were running yourself ragged.
    What has been the most effective and efficient to overcome the challenges of promoting this book?
    If you had to do it all over using the Tim Ferris automation and efficiency methods, how would you do it?

  • Ciaran

    Q. How can rapid learning be applied to starting an online business?

  • Howie

    An amazing cook in her own right, I’ve been scouring Amazon for a great “cooking-type” book for my wife, for Christmas. I can’t believe I totally overlooked this book. I vowed I was done shopping for her, but it looks like this will be the last…I swear. lol. Just purchased it through your link, Pat.

    P.s. Here’s a picture of our “daughter’s” room. After a 90% “definite” that it would be a girl, after 2 ultrasounds, I went and scheduled my wife for one of those 4D ultrasounds….hoping to come a little closer to 100%. At 90%, we felt confident enough that it’d be a girl that we did the nursery in pink, and had everyone bring “girl” gifts to the baby shower (with receipts, of course). Low and behold, that 4D ultrasound revealed a boy….quite an interesting turn of events. :)


  • http://www.babyflathead.org/ Sarah

    What was your biggest failure and what did you learn from it that contributed to your success?

  • http://TiredOfTheCube.com Grant Dixon

    Hey Pat,
    I would like to ask Tim about his writing style. Does he write on a schedule, like from 8AM to 11AM each day? Or, does he write x number of words per day? Does he write while away from home base? Just curious how he does his best or most productive writing. Thanks.

  • Jeffrey

    What is the worst thing that has happened to you while testing on yourself?

  • http://www.inventionaddict.com/ Stephen Bozzone

    How to do you get people to notice you, your book or your product when you are not Tim Ferris?

  • Bernadine

    My husband and I are in our mid-50’s and happily married for 31 years. I just started reading your book (4HWW). We have lived modestly most of our lives with some health issues (fortunately health is better). I’m pretty knowledgeable online and I’ve just completed a Multimedia Technology course at the local tech college. Question: Is it realistic to be able to follow a 4 hour work week and be comfortable in the next 5 years or so? If not, what would be more realistic?

  • http://us.movember.com/mospace/5548601 Andrew Pettit

    This loaded question is both for Pat and for Tim: you both are very forthright with your audiences about your businesses, which is part of why you’re both so compelling to follow. With that in mind, where do you draw the line? Without revealing too much, is there anything about your businesses that you avoid sharing with your audiences?

  • http://www.fitdeskjockey.com Matt

    Greetings Pat!

    I’m SO stoked that Tim’s going to be on your podcast! “Bring on the huskies.”

    Many online gurus cite Tim as a major inspiration, but then they use words like “passion” to describe how to find your first business idea. The idea of the muse that Tim proposed was not rooted in passion or changing the world, but in building an automated source of income that requires little or no time.

    My question for Tim – What is one concept that you teach that you see people (even and especially your supporters) getting wrong the most?

    Thanks for the opportunity to be heard Pat.

    Best wishes,


  • http://FastandFuriousCook.com Kurt

    Most people that don’t know how to cook don’t like it. Did you end up liking cooking during or after the process of writing your 4 Hour Chef?

  • http://www.byejob.ca Carl

    Question to Tim:

    -What’s your all-time favorite quote? Why?

    Thanks Pat.

  • http://www.elderlydriver.org Dan

    Tim, in a recent interview you did with Derek Halpern a process was discussed, for mastering almost any subject, that you called: DieSEL’S FaCE. This acronym, you explained, stood for: (1) Deconstruction; (2) Selection; (3) Sequencing; (4) Frequency; (5) Compression; (6) Encoding; and (7) Adherence.

    I started a blog for elderly drivers to help them keep driving, well, for as long as possible. I hope to monetize the site someday. However, first and foremost I believe I should provide quality content that represents the very best possible information I can give to my readers. Consequently, I want to become an “expert” in this area of interest where currently I have little expertise.

    How, do you recommend, that I apply DieSEL’S FaCE in a field encompassing geriatrics, driving skills, physical and cognitive fitness?

  • http://www.swimuniversity.com Matt Giovanisci


    Pat has mentioned before that he displays inspirational quotes and other messages to himself on his desk while he works to keep him motivated. Do you have any messages to yourself on your desk to keep you going while you write and create content for your book and your blog?

    Thanks Pat! I can not wait to hear this podcast. I’m a huge Tim Ferris and Pat Flynn fan. It’s going to be pod-gasmic!!!

  • Michael Moriarty

    Tim: If you were writing the 4HWW in 2012 what would be the one major difference?

    follow-up: What is the one principle that is timeless.

    Thanks Pat!

  • Kawtar

    Just finished reading the 4 Hour Work Week.

    Here’s my question:

    If one feels that he or she is destined for greatness, how does she or he go about realizing that greatness and making it a reality?

  • http://www.luxury-thailand-travel.com grahame

    Hi Pat
    Just so you know I have read Tim Ferriss book “The 4-Hour Work Week” and have to admit the book OFFERED NO VALUE WHATSOEVER. so much so that I came up with the conclusion that it was all based on hearsay. That he had never actually achieved what he set out to say in the book. The whole book was a complete waste of my time.

    Personally I think that Tim was just out to con people and rip them off. Even his writing style is far off the plot and in practice came to nothing. Good scam though to pull the wool over his buyers.

    Definitely won’t be buying any more of his books and my friends won’t be buying any either.

    Sorry to burst your bubble but the TRUTH IS THE TRUTH.


    Grahame Pike

  • http://www.truepotentialmedia.com Steve Spillman

    As an entrepreneur I get the part about being able to learn new skills and strategies and applying them to our business quickly. The part I’m stumbling on is effectively teaching/passing these skills and strategies on to assistants (virtual or otherwise) in order to free my self from the application grunt work. What’s your best tip for replicating what I do in others?

  • Tatenori

    Tim, you met many experts for their advice and learned how they do what they do. How do you maintain amicable relationships with them, when all you do is take their advice and turn them into blog posts and books? How do the experts benefit from you telling their secrets to the rest of the world? Does any transaction take place between you and the experts?

  • kirk

    Does Tim still have any Muses that generate him income or has he completely moved onto other ventures (angel investing, authoring, etc.)?

  • Travis Farner

    As an angel investor, can you give some suggestions on ways for individuals to connect with the most appropriate investors for their brand or product?

  • http://www.RampageShop.com Rob

    If you were mentoring a young person today, what is the one tip you’d give? For example, knowing what you know now, what would you do? What would you try to create if you could do anything you wanted?

  • http://www.growloop.com Nick Venturella

    I’ve heard a few interviews with Tim regarding the “4-hour Chef,” I’m interested to know:

    How can the principles of the 4-hour Chef be applied to lead generation when marketing one’s business?

    Thanks Pat for the opportunity to submit a question — good luck with the interview!

  • http://thinkbusinessblog.com/ Ancuta

    I would like to know if Tim have ever thought that what he is teaching today will be the ‘normality’ in 50 years…

  • Roscoe

    Your book deals a lot with selling physical products online. Do you prefer that over digital products, and why? How is your business split between physical and digital products?

  • http://www.twitter.com/dreamjobguy Alex B. (@DreamJobGuy)

    Pat, thanks for the opportunity to submit questions!

    My question to Tim is as follows:

    If you were to do it all over again, knowing what you know now, what would you do differently, if anything at all?

    Thanks for your time!

    All the best,

  • http://bethecriticalmass.com Ben Rutkevitz

    Dear Tim,

    Do you enjoy the sound of Pat’s voice as much as we do:)?

  • Harry

    I’d be curious to hear Tim’s thoughts on financial “literacy”, as it were – becoming more astute and knowledgeable with regard to one’s finances, and becoming more comfortable in general with dealing with money (there are a lot of people in the world that are terrible with it!) Obviously – although Tim’s books clearly aren’t just about making money – it must have been important to a certain degree, as you can’t just travel around the world being completely blasé about money otherwise you’ll end up pretty broke, pretty quickly! Would he recommend any particular resources for financial literacy, or is there anything he’d recommend to people above anything else?

    Come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind hearing your thoughts on this, Pat!

  • http://www.dotterweich-natur.de Marc

    Also in Germany Tim Ferris is very famous. I would like to know what he thinks about digital informations products, such as video courses or amazon kindle publishing etc. Is there a big market for these things or is it just a little hype for some internet marketers like “how to earn your first million with the internet…” :-)
    Many thanks from Germany.

  • http://www.perfectingparenthood.com Alex | Perfecting Dad

    Question: Does Tim think ANYONE can do what he does? A lot of people think that success is mostly luck or based on advantages they don’t have. How would he convince people that ANYONE can do it; even the down-and-out people with disadvantages?

  • Brent Mair

    In the 4-hour workweek you focus on strategies that reduces the amount of time you need to work. How does that fit with passion in your employment?

  • http://www.dylanvarian.com Dylan

    Out off all the things Tim has done in his life – new york times bestseller, angel investor, etc. etc. What has been his proudest achievement?

  • http://www.moneywisepastor.com [email protected]

    Hey Pat, I love your podcasts! I was privileged to meet you and Cliff Ravenscraft at the meet up you guys hosted right before FinCon2011 in Chicago.

    My question to Tim is this:

    When it all goes back in the box, what do you want to be remembered as? What do you want your legacy to be? And how does that impact how you live your life today?

  • Louis Abbott

    Question: What is your best method for maintaining a stoic attitude when the highs and lows of life bring strong emotions?

  • Steve Hardaway


    I feel like this interview has been a long time in the making. Thanks to Tim’s 4HWW book, I wound up finding you and your podcast. I will forever be grateful for both of you for changing my business mindset.

    There are a lot of great questions posed already, but I would also like to know what Tim would do if he had to start all over from scratch, and what he would have done differently.

    Pat, one of my favorite pieces from you was your business ideas that failed (or didnt see daylight). What are some businesses of Tim’s that didn’t succeed or never got developed?

    Thanks for all you do!

  • Max

    Great to see two lifestyle design heavyweights brought together!
    My question: If you only had 4 hours to make $10k. Starting now. What would you do?

  • http://personalizedlanyards.co.uk Tomek

    How Tim is testing new ideas now, when it’s harder with adwords than few years ago?

  • James Mathison

    Great idea Pat! I’ve got a great question, though it might be a little far-out:

    Tim, imagine you were dropped in the middle of a country where you didn’t speak the language, you didn’t know anyone, with no fame, no passport, no money, no nothing. How would you set about building a fortune again, from complete scratch?

  • Logan

    Pat, this is awesome!!!!

    When was the last time you actually felt like you were “working”? As in doing something that you had to do but didn’t necessarily enjoy, and how do you avoid/mentally prepare for those things now?

  • http://www.pixandtrips.com Bella

    What are a few tips on how to start a passive income?

  • http://www.SurvivalStill.com Glenn Meder


    Tim is “Being Everywhere” to promote his new book. What are 3 key strategies that he has employed to “be everywhere”?

  • http://www.SurvivalStill.com Glenn Meder


    Tim is “Being Everywhere” to promote his new book. What are three key “being everywhere” strategies that he can give us?

    Glenn Meder

  • Sheri

    Pat…here is my question…

    Tim, I have a ten year old daughter and with all the learning tools at hand I would like your input…

    What would be a great teaching/learning method for me to incorporate into the strategy that is already in place so that my daughter will be in the upper echelon of her peers across the world? I would like to make basic learning as well as advanced learning skills available for her so that she can be very competitive when it comes to middle school, high school, PSAT/SAT tests, college acceptances and being an entrepreneur.

  • http://churchtechtoday.com Lauren Hunter

    As I read 4-Hour Work Week, the burning question in my mind was (and still is) how do you manage social media AND run your blog (or business) in 4 hours a week? Social media is a huge time suck . . . takes more time to manage social media than run my blog. Love Tim’s two cents (and yours too!)

  • http://www.recyardmuse.com David


    Do you have a system/methodology that you generally apply to all your learning experiences. A particular approach to new subjects.

  • http://www.trovatten.com Frederik Trovatten


    I would like to know what motivates Mr. Ferris. Plain and simple :)

  • Stephen

    Looking forward to this podcast.

    My question would be, “What is the single biggest mistake that you see new entrepreneurs making these days, and how would you suggest they remedy that mistake?”

    Short and sweet :)

  • Jason

    I want to ask Tim: “How much time did you have to invest in your company before the 4-hour work week became an option and if you were to do it again from scratch, given what you know now, what would you do? Specifically, which business do you recommend starting today with the 4-hour work week in mind as the end state?”

  • Steven

    What kind of limiting beliefs did you have early on when you first started doing business, and if you did have any, how did you eliminate them?

  • http://www.accountablerunning.com Curt @ Accountable Running

    Definitely looking forward to this one, Pat!

    To Tim: How do you stay accountable in your life’s “unorthodox” environment so that you achieve your goals, both personal and professional?

  • http://www.how-to-play-the-acoustic-guitar.com/ Conrad

    America is a consumerist society that seems to be hell bent on possessions as opposed to learning or having experiences (mini vacations) what would you recommend as “first steps” for people who want to change their way of living?

  • Tiffany

    Did Tim use a ghostwriter when writing this book or do all the research himself?

  • Pete

    What is your definition of “success”?

  • http://www.theselfhelpexperience.com Jay Hiller

    I have a real passion for personal development and achievement, especially for our youth. I would like to ask Tim what his inspiration was in the beginning of his book publishing success and if those same inspirational moments occur still today. Thank you! Jay

  • http://simplylearnbusiness.com Nick Purcell

    Hello Tim and Pat,

    Q. Is the 4-hour work week possible in college? I mean I already have 6 hours of classes. How can I use my time more effectively at school and make it a “shorter” work week at school (I go to a business school in Massachusetts, Bentley University)

  • Lorrie

    Actually, I am just curious if he knew about the Smart Passive Income blog before agreeing to appear here. What a coup for you. Pat! I had heard of his book and thought it was a scam. I hadn’t thought of buying it until you had referred to his book here on your blog. Now I am a Tim Ferriss fan, I suppose.

    You know, your site and Tim’s book had got me to thinking about many older people, especially those I met in some classes I have been taking, who had been laid off from their jobs unwillingly. It is very difficult to find work when you are older. In fact I had gone to a job fair and one of my classmates was practically begging for job. When you have a mortgage, family and can’t find work, it is very scary and depressing. In some ways, both of you gentlemen make having your own business seem like a viable alternative to unemployment. It is less costly.

  • Ciaran Murphy

    If you were 18 years old, with no qualifications and no real experience, what is the first thing you would do?

  • Claudio Meynet

    Hi there, here’s my question:

    “Hi Tim, I’m in the Hotel/vacation industry, and I’d like to know what would you do to start a “2.0 Hotel experience”, trying to create a new way to offer vacations and experiences to the guests”.

    Thank you and thank you Pat for this killer interview!

    Claudio from Italy

  • Luis Carrillo

    I read many books at the same time (audios, books, e-books, videos, etc) about 4-5 the same day

    But usually just absorb a little bit of the info day by day (instead of always chunking down a full chapter for example

    In your opinion what has been your preferred why of learning and why?

    Do you jut focus on one thing at a one and take action on it? Or work on multiple things at once? (Would love to hear both you pay and Tim each share its way of learning:)

    Thanks Pat & Tim and can’t wait to read the book!

  • Heather

    Since all the intelligent questions have already been asked how about this; Boxers or briefs?

    • http://www.actingclassesinperth.com Loren Johnson

      Gold! Great question Heather.

    • http://ciriongroup.com Justin Westbrooks

      Haha – that IS a great question. Maybe next time he can slip that in? Just listened to this podcast – and now I can’t stop listening to the 4-Hour Work Week audio book. Oops.

  • Wolf

    I’ve read the 4HWW and had a genuine attempt at trying the principles. The book had a big impact on me and changed how I view work.
    I didn’t quite by corporate job, but I tried to reduce the hours spent on it as is suggested in the book. Within a couple of weeks of applying the principles, I cut my hours in half down to 25 hours a week, but I wasn’t able to get them much lower on a regular basis. Is it really possible to bring them to 4 hours a week in a corporate job? What does one really have to do to really push them down that far?



    • Dan

      Wolf, I read the 4 hour workweek.. and then I bought the revised and expanded edition..The title of the book does not have anything to do with working 4 hours a week for a company “full time job”; it has everything to do with spending 4 hours a week managing your new online business after it is built… I’m not sure you read the book.

  • http://rickzullo.com Rick

    The Devil’s Advocate question from Rome, Italy.
    I would ask Mr. Ferriss about finding balance and defining the things in life to which we should perhaps devote MORE time to, not less. As an American living in Italy, I can tell you that “only” 4 hours a week devoted to grocery shopping, cooking, and sharing meals would be universally perceived as DIMINISHING the quality of life, not enhancing it.
    So I guess the question is:
    Can we be too efficient with our meals, work-outs, and life in general? Isn’t there some value in being a bit INefficient with our time?

  • http://endofillness.com ron health

    Loved 4 hour body.
    Do you have a hack for blood pressure ?

  • Wolf

    In addition to attempting to reduce my corporate job work hours, after reading the 4HWW, I’ve tried to get a ‘muse’ going on the side. However, I’ve found it much more difficult to come up with a profitable idea than is suggested in the book. I focused on the suggested approach of attempting to sell a niche information product via Google adwords traffic. However, I found it to be very difficult to find an idea that Google Traffic Estimator suggests would produce enough clicks in a day at a low enough cost per click to have a good shot at being reasonably profitable. Can you go into detail regarding what may be the best strategy to get better at coming up with viable information product ideas that have good profit potential? Note that I’d tried the suggested approach of looking through magazines, but that wasn’t particularly fruitful for me.


  • Wolf

    Having read the 4HWW, I’d tried to test a particular muse that was an information product idea. I charged the minimum suggested price (in the book) of $50 and no one entered their info to purchase it. I had to lower the price to $25 to get some submissions. However, that means I need twice the conversion rate to be profitable and I may attract more painful customers. What are some ways to ensure people are in fact willing to pay $50+ for an information product? Might selling the product in physical form (as opposed to digital form) much help?
    Note that I’d already tried a hassle-free money-back guarantee without much luck.


  • AL

    I would ask, just how do you look yourself in the mirror every morning to STAY MOTIVATED! When you’re starting something from the ground up… how do you stay motivated? Is it GOALS, TRACKING PROGRESS, WHAT?



  • http://www.spinningstrawintogold.blogspot.com Marjorie Stradinger


    Having been a Southern California Restaurant Writer (food critic), somehow the combination of “efficiency” and food doesn’t quite hit if for me. I have not read the book (and would love to), and since I write a lot about food on my blog, I would like to know how Tim incorporates the JOY of eating and cooking with the idea of efficiency.
    Thanks for your inspiration, both of you.

  • http://Truckstress.com Militza

    When family sits together to eat, or anyone for that matter, weather alone or not, what are appropriate thoughts and conversation if any, and is there need to atone for consuming, since it is such a violent act.

  • http://appsandkids.com Ole

    I’m a fan of 4-hour work week. Looking forward for the interview!

    question for Tim: do you feel you have achieved everything you wanted by now? Are you happy?

  • http://www.fromdreamstolifestyle.com Patrick

    I love this idea. Two of my favorite entreprenuers together!

    Since this is something i’ve never really heard asked before I would ask Tim: Can you walk me through how you set up your first successful business, how you made it finanically profitable and what you did to automate it?

  • http:www.indieleap.com Tom

    I want to know Tim’s process for deconstructing a skill. That’s it.

  • http://TheMusicCoaches.com Eric

    How much time do you spend doing what you love vs grunt/admin work during your work day and what is the most important way you accomplish this balance?

  • http://TheMusicCoaches.com Eric

    Tim, do you self-talk? If so what phrases or words do you feel help you the most in your success?

  • http://nathanielofficial.com Nathaniel James

    What are your top 3 tips for someone starting an online business?

  • http://www.epicwebstudio.com/ Rodrigo

    Tim, how did you start getting clients from other states or countries? did you use letters, cold calls or email?

  • Markus

    How many copies do you want to sell and how many do you have already sold on the first days?

  • Andrew

    To become the great marketer and copywriter you are, did you handwrite old successful ads?

  • Lindsay

    If a scary monster took away all the money you had today and all of your investments, what would you do to start over again?

  • http://www.michaelaeaves.com Michaela

    What questions aren’t people asking you that they should be?

  • NanaLana

    My question for Mr. Ferriss is what could possibly have inspired you to do a “4 hour” book on cooking? Were there any memories of early home life that motivated you?

  • http://168opportunities.com/ Peder Aadahl

    For those of us that are working a typical 40 hour week and have kids and a spouse to work with, how do we learn something quickly?

    Does the 4 hour chef help answer that question?

  • daniel

    I am freaking excited about tim’s new book as i have the 2 past works. One thing I would really like to ask him is about becoming world class at anything, which he covers in depth in the 4 hour chef. anyway my question to Tim is: how would you go about becoming world class at something like marketing? It is a very subjective field/subject. so how would you go about breaking down or deconstructing a subject like this to begin mastering this art? P.S. I know Tim would recommend reading kevin kelley’s 1,000 fans but I would still like to know how he would go about deconstructing a subjective subject/field. Thanks again.

  • Dunn

    I really like to know “How to build a good support team?” i.e. an awesome accountant/firm, lawyer and advisers.

  • Blaine Crosby

    Tim, you have been a very inspirational person for a lot of people, some of the things you have done are simply unbelievable. I am sure you have experienced a lot of skepticism throughout these accomplishments, and if you’re like most of us, some of that even came from you. What is the best way you have found to deal with this uncertainty?

  • http://www.vegetarianmagic.com/vegetarian-recipe-blog/ Graham Rowe

    Hey Patt, Tim,

    What was the biggest mistake you made just starting out in online marketing?


    PS. Tim, you have a bit of a following in Jamaica you may not have been aware of.

  • http://www.inmarketingtips.com Kent Chow

    What is your KEY to succeed?

  • Ryan

    What’s the best way to test if there is a market for a physical product? More specifically, if the product doesn’t already exist.

    Is there an easier way then building a full prototype from scratch and possibly wasting time and money on a product with no market?

  • Nathalie Biviano

    Two awesome minds in one podcast – my dreams have come true :)

    Tim, this Q is somewhat related to your post on gender loyalty on FB:

    What qualities/attributes/actions does your other half show that makes your heart skip a beat?

    Personally, I’m curious about deepening an already healthy marriage. Gaining insight to the male psyche would be ace ~ particularly, of one whose accolades are beyond words.

    Thank you both, Game Changers, times a 1,000,000 for all you do.

  • J

    I would ask Tim…
    Any person in history, whom would he like to spend a day with/have dinner with?What question would he ask this person?

  • http://aal-productz.com/ Harish Dundurthi

    It’s great to see people commenting for only the ‘prize’. In all posts comments averaged 100, but in one day over ‘350’ comments, Nice. Okay here’s my question ‘Why you are using only ‘4-Hour’, why not ‘3-Hour’ or ‘5-Hour’. Out of syllabus question. HAHAHA!

  • Luis Miguel

    I Folks! My simple question is:
    For a person like me that has a mental handicap (deficit) earned from an accident but lot’s of “will” in work less and produce more, the book can be an excellent tool to achive/obtain this?

  • Sam

    I just wanted to say that I am so excited for this podcast. I’m a huge fan of Tim Ferriss and I’m totally fascinated to see what he has to say.

  • David

    Pat, here’s my question to Tim Ferriss:


    When the buzz about your newest bestseller has gone back to a normal level and you will have more time again, will you then finally make your 4 Hour Body promise of running an ultra-marathon come true?”

    Best regards from Greece,

  • http://psychicrevolution.com Rosemary Breen


    Given you were ahead of the wave when it came to outsourcing and time management what do you see as the next ‘big thing’?



  • Will Cowan

    Hey Pat,
    My question for Tim would be,

    If you lost everything (money, contacts) and had to make money from scratch (with your business and internet marketing knowledge) what would you do to get up to a full time income?

    Thanks a lot Pat and Tim

  • http://www.smartlifestyledesign.com Hash

    First it’s The 4 Hour Workweek, then The 4 Hour Body and now The 4 Hour Chef.. What’s your next venture?

  • mike

    I would love to ask Tim….
    First off I am just now reading the 4hww about half way through.. Love the productivity and time gaining ideas.. Which leads to the ultimate question..

    I have had a desire to work online.. But I can’t seem to nail down what to do.. I have seen others say about information products… But are the markets saturated already with everyone becoming an author? I just can’t seem to find the what…
    Saving time to do it would be great…. If only we knew how to determine the what factor..

    So your suggestions on helping in this area would be greatly appreciated not only by me but from many others reading and that wool be listening to Pats’ podcast.

  • http://www.escapestudio.org Nick

    Hi Tim,
    Thanks to you I have quit my ulcer inducing job and am now pursuing my dream as a professional fish artist. I have 2 muse ideas– seafood hot mitts and tea towels, and a You Can Paint Fish educational toy/ kids’ art kit. a. Do you have any other million dollar muse ideas for me? b. what is your two sense on distributors vs. self distribution for my 2 concepts?

  • http://www.dollarsperday.net Ben

    I’m sure you have enough questions by now, Pat, but man I am excited about this! I usually save your podcasts for long drives but I know I won’t be able to wait for this one. Tim is an inspiration.

  • http://www.google.com/google.jpg Zara

    I am eagerly waiting for your interview on 4 hours work week. Have it soon!!

  • shenry

    I’d like to know what he thinks of the show on BravoTV, “Start-Ups: Silicon Valley”?

  • http://Forginglife.com Felicity

    Hi Pat,

    It would be interesting to know who/what the influences are for Mr Ferriss, and what Tim’s thoughts are on voluntary work, such as working for something more than your own material benefit.

    Thanks, look forward to hearing interview.
    Keep up the good work.

  • http://www.kevinhq.com Kevin

    Question for Tim:

    why do all his books title started by “4” ?

  • http://tradlands.com Jeremy

    I know I’m late on this as I just finished the interview but I followed the link below the comment button on the interview blog post.

    My question for Tim, had I replied in time to respond would be how does Tim feel about being a leader, thought leader, business leader, author, “guru”, mentor, or person in the world who has positively affected and influenced so many thousands of people? Tim’s work has transformed peoples lives.

    Tim’s 1st book changed my life as well as my fiance’s and we have developed a product business since we read the book only a year ago. We were living the deferred life plan and now a life of possibility has opened up for us that we know we can create and live in to.

    I think this also has happened for thousands of others and I would be interested to hear what Tim or Pat thought as well as what others thought about his influence for this generation?

  • Jeremy G

    Awww! I just thought of a really good one, dang.

    Why isn’t 4-Hour Chef in Audiobook format yet, and will it be?

  • http://www.tensionmyositissyndrome.org TMS Mike

    I would ask if he’s ever done experimenting on relieving back pain from TMS.

    Eagerly awaiting the interview as Tim was my original inspiration.

  • http://giacomoballi.wordpress.com Giacomo Balli

    I already read the 4hour work week and loved (as pretty much everyone).
    Is it “worth” reading this (http://amzn.to/SJ2D6y) or should I just check out the new 4hour chef?

    Thoughts from someone who read both?


  • http://www.geronimojoeapp.com Jason Goodman

    Hey Pat! I know this is past the contest, but I wanted to know if you or Tim could tell me what you (he) thinks about this website: http://www.challenge.co I was given this by a friend of mine, Ben Bressington. I am on module 4. Very interesting. Thanks! (I am serious, I really want to know what you think, that’s all. :-)

  • http://thehowtomakemoneyonlinemom.com Julie

    I really really need to read this book. It has been on my list since I started this journey.

  • http://7Payouts.com Jeremiah Say

    Just 2 simple questions:

    1) What motivates you to write?
    2) Do you write to earn or do you write to inspire others (or both)?

    Looking forward to reading your new book:)

    With regards,

  • C. William Peterson

    Hi Pat, what if you can’t find any published information about your niche and you know that the information is important to others like yourself, how would you start creating it?

    Mostly the printed circuit board market has been keep away from the general public for not wanting to share trade secrets and their are many DIYers who would like to produce professional looking PCB’s themselves with out having to send to Pro Shops.

    “Professional Printed Circuit Board Production in Your Own Shop” is my theme.

    Please advise

  • http://www.cloud65.com Easy Earn Money

    my friend’s mother makes $78/hr on the laptop. She has been without a job for 10 months but last month her paycheck was $20932 just working on the laptop for a few hours. Go to this web site and read more http://www.Cloud65.com

  • http://www.bigstoryteller.org/blog/ Matthew

    How I wish I had read this post before 27 November’12! That way I would have stood the chance of finally grabbing a freebie that held (I’m sure it still does) true value. I haven’t read Tim’s first book yet but curious to read after reading your post. Even more so with the 4-hour Chef!

  • Tim Berg

    how can I get a hold of Tim Ferris?

  • Laura
  • patti

    This is a good video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8I6PEnN4Xyw
    about Timothy Ferriss.

  • http://www.tapchidanong.org/categories/Hap-dan/Thoi-trang-nam/ thanghn92

    I know I’m late on this as I just finished the interview gia vang giay nam thoi trang FiFa Online 3 thoi trang nu tu vi xem boi mon ngon am thuc but I followed the link below the comment button on the interview blog post.

  • Hùng Nguyễn
  • Lữ Linh Kỳ

    Only one question & entry per person, and I will select in
    chronological order, meaning if you ask a question that someone else had
    already asked before you, it dosen’t count. If it’s a burning question,
    you can still ask it anyway., mang thai, day con, sao han, món ngon, truyện ma, truyen ngon tinh, oto, oto gia re

  • Lữ Linh Kỳ

    I’m really excited to have Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Work Week, The 4-Hour Bodyand most recently, The 4-Hour Chef as a guest on the upcoming session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast! sao han, truyen ma

  • Lữ Linh Kỳ

    Only one question & entry per person, and I will select in chronological order, meaning if you ask a question that someone else had already asked before you, it dosen’t count. If it’s a burning question, you can still ask it anyway.truyen ma co that