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This Is for All the Turds Who Send Me Emails

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This Is for All the Turds Who Send Me Emails

By Pat Flynn on

As the popularity and traffic of the Smart Passive Income Blog grows, so does the number of emails I get in my inbox—and that’s totally cool. I love reading emails and helping people out as much as I can, and thanks to those of you who shoot me a message just to say thanks. I really appreciate that.

Sometimes, however, there’s a turd or two in the pool of emails that I receive. That’s right…

A turd.

This message is for those people who send me spammy emails who try to cover the fact that they just want to benefit from this blog and it’s traffic.


Dear Turd,

My name is Pat.

Not “”. Not “webmaster”. Not “blog owner”.


It’s always nice to call someone by their name. Hence, turd.

I’ve worked hard to get where I’m at today, and guess what? I’ve never had to ask for a link exchange or anyone to write a blog post about me. People do that voluntarily because I believe I write good content that’s worth talking about and linking to.

What do you have to offer me? Oh cool…a product that helps people lower their credit score. And you say that’s related to what my blog is about? Well, I wouldn’t expect you to know what my blog is about, since you don’t even know my name.

Do you think it’s cool to go up to someone you’ve never met before and say: “Hello human, would you like to try this new candybar?”

We’re all taught as children to never take candy from strangers, so your method is not going to work.

Try getting to know me first. Make me want to know exactly what you do and what you have to offer. Show me you’re a real person and not a stranger trying to get something out of me. Become my friend.

Do that, and I will no longer call you a turd.

Until then, I will ignore you and your silly emails.



Thanks to those of you who have contacted me with legit emails. I have the best audience in the world, and none of you deserve any kinds of offers from people like this.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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