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SPI 257: The Incredible Story Behind Kelsey Baldwin’s Business, Paper and Oats

Sometimes, when life throws us a curveball, taking a risk on a brand new entrepreneurial journey is the last thing on our minds. That wasn’t the case for Kelsey Baldwin of Paper & Oats, who rebounded from a major setback by selling digital products and courses online.

Kelsey made the leap into entrepreneurship after learning she was going to be a single mom. It was a shocking turn of events for Kelsey, but thanks to some expert planning, drive, and skill as a graphic designer, she transitioned from her nine-to-five job at a design agency to freelancing and selling her designs online. Today, she continues to run a thriving business educating fellow designers through her online courses and selling digital products through Etsy and

Kelsey’s resourcefulness and resilience is so inspirational to online entrepreneurs like me. Listen in to hear her advice for recovering from life’s setbacks, and how she’s built a thriving online empire one piece at a time.

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Today’s Guest

Kelsey Baldwin

You’ll Learn

  • How Kelsey built her successful business selling digital products and courses online.
  • How Kelsey transitioned from her full-time job into full-time entrepreneurship.
  • Project management and productivity tips for solo entrepreneurs.
  • The ins and outs of selling digital products on Etsy.
  • Why and how Kelsey transitioned from digital products to online courses.
  • What Kelsey made from the first launch of her first online course.
  • How Kelsey’s online business impacted her life as a new parent.
  • Kelsey’s advice for embracing entrepreneurship in the wake of setbacks.
  • A free resource for digital product sellers, and more!


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