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SPI 543: Marketing, Mindfulness & Making Things Happen with Espree Devora

Today, you are going to learn so much. You’re going to be inspired, but you’re also going to learn a lot of tactical things. For example, a not-so-common tool that our guest uses to find the right people at the right time.

You’re also going to hear about how to get something started. If you’re starting a podcast, or anything where you have to put yourself out there, our guest today tells us a lot of her secrets for how to stand out.

But she’s also going to tell us how to feel worthy. Because we often question ourselves; we often ask ourselves, “Well, why would anybody listen to me?” Or, “Why would anybody watch this video?” Or, “Why would anybody read our blog?”

Well, there are some very special things we can do right at the start of our journey that gives us an advantage over others who have been in it for a while. We’re going to talk about all those strategies and more, today with a Espree Devorah, who I’m so excited to chat with.

She’s just such an amazing woman. But what I love most about Espree is her energy. She’s not afraid to share her story. She’s not afraid to be vulnerable, because she knows it’s going to help all of us.  I highly recommend you stick around and listen, because we’ve got so much to talk about today.

Today’s Guest

Espree Devora

Espree is a speaker, author, founder and podcaster. She’s listed by Inc. Magazine as one of the top 30 Women in Tech to follow. Harper’s Bazaar says her podcast is the top 10 to listen to. She’s also one of the faces of the Clubhouse app icon, the most influential audio social app. 

Espree started her 1st company in college, and fell in love with the start-up culture. In her early 20s she founded ZexSports, a digital media company that connected brands to youth through local action sports events.

Espree is the founder of WeAreLATech in 2012. WeAreLATech started as a video series, then an event calendar, then a podcast. Later came a community mobile app (thanks to Ira Herman). WeAreLATech has been self-funded solely by Espree’s hard work. No investment money, no trust fund, and no money-growing trees.

Espree is also the producer and host of the Women in Tech Podcast. Women In Tech shares stories of ‘actionable empowerment’. Listeners walk away feeling “If she can do it, so can I.” 

Espree’s life’s work is unifying communities by creating on and offline “experiences,” with the purpose to move tech professionals from digital connections to meaningful offline relationships.

You’ll Learn


SPI 543: Marketing, Mindfulness & Making Things Happen with Espree Devora

[00:00:00] Espree:
Essentially, all building an email list is, at its core ethos, is sharing a journey. Sharing the story. Get better at sharing a story and really helping people picture that story, and sharing it in a way that could also help them in their lives.

We feel that, “Oh, why does anybody want to hear anything from me? What do I know? I’m just starting.” But there’s someone else who’s a couple steps below you who would find a lot of value learning from you.

[00:00:45] Pat:
Hey, what’s up. It’s Pat here, from the Smart Passive Income podcast, session 543.

You’re gonna learn so much today. You’re gonna get inspired, but you’re also gonna learn a lot of tactical things. For example, a not-so-common tool that our guest uses to find the right people at the right time.

She even talked about specifically something that happened just a few minutes before this episode started, that got her to share a brand new company with her platform and her audience. She didn’t even know this company existed a couple of minutes before. So, what did that person do? Well, you’re going to hear and find out.

You’ll also hear about the start of things. If you’re starting a podcast, especially, or anything where you have to put yourself out there, our guest today tells us a lot of her secrets to how to stand out, but also how to feel worthy. Because we often question ourselves; we often ask ourselves, “Well, why would anybody listen to me?” Or, “Why would anybody watch this video?” Or, “Why would anybody read our blog?”

Well, there’s some very special things we can do right at the start of our journey that actually gives us an advantage over others who have been in it for a while. We’re going to talk about all those strategies and more, today with Espree Devorah, who I’m so excited to chat with.

If you don’t know who she is, let me tell you about her a little bit. One fun fact about her is that her face was on the Clubhouse app. Clubhouses is like a social media tool, but it’s audio-based. Her face was on the app. They just cycle through a few faces. There’s no words on the logo of the app, it’s just different faces. Her face was one of them. Not many people can say that, and the reason that is, is because she is an authority on that platform. She does incredibly well at bringing communities together on that platform.

But not just there. She is a podcast host and a podcast producer. She is a founder. Harper’s Bazaar coined her podcast one of the top 10 to listen to. She actually has a couple of podcasts. is one space to go to. She is actually the founder of that, and she brings the tech community together in Los Angeles, which I think is really amazing. She also has the Women In Tech podcast, which I highly recommend.

She’s just such an amazing woman. I highly recommend you stick around and listen, because we’ve got so much to talk about today. But what I love most about a Espree is her energy. She’s not afraid to share her story. She’s not afraid to be vulnerable, because she knows it’s going to help all of us. So, you’ll hear that more today.

Here she is, Espree Devorah.

Espree, welcome to the Smart Passive Income podcast. Woo, let’s go!

[00:03:08] Espree:
So excited to be here! Thank you, Pat. You’re just such a legend in the community from way back when I started. I think you were doing it before I started.

[00:03:17] Pat:
When did you begin your show?

[00:03:18] Espree:
In 2013.

[00:03:21] Pat:
2013. Yeah, so that was a couple of years ahead of you, but we’re both jammin’ on podcasts. It’s my favorite thing to do. I know it’s yours as well.

[00:03:29] Espree:
Mm hmmm.

[00:03:29] Pat:
What do you love about it?

[00:03:31] Espree:
Well, okay. So, the honest answer is, it’s changed throughout my journey. Because right now I’m pretty burnt out on podcasting, and I’m having to rediscover my love, and my “why,” and I think that’s an important talk about. Just because I have a successful show and I’ve been doing it a while, doesn’t mean that everything is gravy.

In the beginning, I was really driven by connection and about social mission, and the art form of audio is really important to me. But the past year and a half to two years included going from being an in-studio podcast, to the pandemic, where your only option is remote podcasting, and my podcast podcasts were never intended to be fully remote.

So, it’s just a different experience that I’ve been having to rediscover my “why.” But what keeps me going for social audio and podcasting in general, is I love connection. I love knowing that I have access to one person, and I get to share that access with so many people, so the value of the conversation doesn’t stay just in the one conversation.

[00:06:32] Pat:
Yeah. I mean, how many times do we wish now that we are podcast? We when we were in a room record this right now share it And you know? cause there’s so much value in these little conversations we have And that’s one. of the reasons I love podcasting and we’ll get into some tips and all those kinds of things so make sure to stick around for that But it’s free Thank you for being honest about how you’re feeling right like, what is burnout for you right now it takes life for everybody but what does what does that mean for you

[00:06:58] Espree:
I think so I had that really cool thing happened with one of the main social apps And I got a lot of notoriety from that and it really made me reflect I remember at the time that that whether friend had just your passed away And um was real I just needed to keep to myself

And there was this like draw where in order to be healthy I have to keep to my self but yet I just got this cool opportunity So I have to be online all the time and I ended up choosing to just keep myself to be healthy I look back on that a lot And sometimes I feel like I, regret that decision but I’m like how asinine is that that I regret being healthy Like, Like, that’s a strange thing regret you know, and so what I’ve been reflecting on a lot and it was really inspired by that life experience is what does it mean to be a successful Person successful creator a successful entrepreneur Truly what does that mean to me so. that I could put some boundaries and limitations around it and not feel that I have to regret making choices that don’t lead me on a Path to feeling healthy And being healthy.

So some of that stuff looks like my most recent one is I took all social media apps off of my main phone And that’s been really interesting but I’m still just as a. Just as immersed into apps they’re just not controlling me I’m utilizing them as a utility And so that’s a recent one other things are just like, um what I live in a state of inner peace more often than I don’t Um just real I know when I when I was first building my first action sports company where you know it’s like my claim to fame where I raised money and I want it to be as big as Google Like, what at success at that point was IPO’s and being on the cover of magazine success now is do I feel joy when no one’s looking

[00:08:52] Pat:
Um do you? think the difference is well you’ve discovered what, success means to you now who defines success for you before when it. was magazines when It was IPO And was that also you and

[00:09:03] Espree:

[00:09:05] Pat:
Reflected reflecting of somebody else putting those on you

[00:09:08] Espree:
Yeah what a great question I really think it was also me It was just where I was in the stage of my life I think now with this draw of of digital media

[00:09:19] Pat:

[00:09:20] Espree:
Because I I wouldn’t be on all this stuff Like okay Go back to your original question about podcasting and where I am with it with burnout and I was talking about you know the remote recording and I’ve decided And this is really terrifying

Like I don’t even know if I’m fully committed I’m so scared But that I’m not going to do video in 2022 because I find that doing video. is So. Taxing energetically and doing audio just I leave feeling more energized. and curious and ready for my next thing and doing video I just feel like okay I have to get dressed And I have to like be staring at a screen And then all this stuff I’m afraid I’m afraid because like YouTube and content and re-purposing and all of these things I’m afraid of Um

I’m just afraid of of a Of missing out I’m afraid of not having the afraid just super afraid I’m like it’s free Do you wanna live in a scarcity mindset or do you want to live in an abundance mindset Like let’s get real what is best for you and I’m just like oh just doing audio just audio That’s what that’s how I started That’s what’s best for me So let’s just do it And I’m still you know it’s not 20, 22 yet I just did my first pilot run it was very scary to not video And Yeah so silly but they asked

[00:10:42] Pat:
It’s So funny Cause you are stopping video I’m starting video

[00:10:46] Espree:

[00:10:46] Pat:
I almost feel bad that I asked you to come on video now record

[00:10:49] Espree:
No no no It’s okay It’s okay It’s a lot different I produce like, 24 episodes a month so it’s like 24 times I have to be on video a month It’s a lot different than going on Someone’s show versus me, doing my own

[00:11:00] Pat:
Sure I appreciate but I think you’re right Like we through different seasons and we have to know, and listen to ourselves And I love how like, oftentimes this is often the case We always circle back to where we started because it’s well back to the fundamentals or back back to why I got into this in the first place

[00:11:18] Espree:

[00:11:19] Pat:
These factors we have to really have a filter of sorts Or else we’ll be controlled by others or else we’ll do a lot more than we necessarily need to so now that you’ve done this pilot episode and where can people go to listen by the way which podcasts

[00:11:32] Espree:
Oh no I it’s my own doing the women in tech podcast I did I just did this pilot episode without pilot meaning a trial run with no video to see how I felt And I was it was the first time in a really long time But before the pandemic I never did video So

[00:11:52] Pat:
So after recording video how did you feel

[00:11:55] Espree:
I felt more energized Um it definitely felt better but I was afraid of missing And I did turn on the video for Like, at the end for I think It was like a few minutes in order to create a Giphy later you

[00:12:09] Pat:
All right So some sort of something that you can put on later

[00:12:12] Espree:
Right Yeah I liked it a lot better but I feel like okay so I got this message earlier today so many people ask me as they do you probably way more to you than to me but they you know they asked me, they asked me how to podcast questions. And one of the questions I got what’s more successful. Having a host, not having a co-host having multiple, which one is the most successful? That’s a thing about life. There is no one Path there isn’t like, one Path is the most successful. It’s like have to create. Our own Path.

Everybody has a unique Path. Tim Ferris, Richard Branson, all these icons, they have their unique journey, their unique story. It can’t be replicated as much as we could read their books and all this stuff Like we have our own Path to follow. And so when this person asked me. the question of which one is just this reminder that we. I feel that there’s Like, the right way to do things And If we do the right way, then everything’s going to work out And we’re going to make millions really and automate everything And everything will be scalable And we’ll be Set

And we

[00:13:14] Pat:

[00:13:15] Espree:
Go have drinks on a beach

[00:13:17] Pat:

[00:13:17] Espree:
Island you know it’s just is not reality for anybody

[00:13:22] Pat:
Their vision

[00:13:22] Espree:
Just a different some people one of my friends business owner his former company got acquired but not for a lot it was like, a really bad deal Allegedly the buyers wanted to pay in crypto He decided to go Yeah. that crypto turned into a lot of effing money So what was considered to be a bad deal turned into really like there’s just luck sometimes Like get crypto or you get the real estate at the right?

Time Are you choose the right company or you meet the right investor in a bar I mean there’s just so many stories So I think it’s really important that we create our own story of what success means to, us and for me in my own journey. like I there’s a lot of things that a lot of people desire that I don’t I the things that are really important to me are traveling the world Um being a good daughter is really important to me Um there’s just like, uh feeling stable in my home meaning like, my home’s not going anywhere

[00:14:24] Pat:

[00:14:25] Espree:
There’s just you know being a really great friend um I’d love to provide for my family Like those types of things are really important to me I don’t desire some big house I love my beat-up car Like you know, those things aren’t success to me so, but they but it’s okay If someone else wants the Ferrari there’s nothing wrong with that But it’s defining like what is success to your individual journey and then what what is the Path to get there

[00:14:53] Pat:
For sure And it can be hard cause you? might not necessarily know where the Path is going to lead you do have to take somewhere because a lot of people listening right now, who want that success And they have a vision of what success means to them They have board and maybe it’s Ferrari’s maybe it’s family pick your favorite F word Maybe not Um

[00:15:10] Espree:
Really funny it

[00:15:13] Pat:
And then it’s like, okay well you got to take that? first step I love the idea of podcasting as a first step to put yourself out there to try to build an audience to try to communicate with people way but it can be very scary How do you encourage people who are stepping into the world of getting behind the microphone the best version of themselves when they do

[00:15:31] Espree:
I mean the first thing and I think you totally agree with this is just show up I think we’re all so scared that we won’t be perfect enough so we, don’t show up at all so the very first thing is, just show up I think the second thing is, once you’re showing up

Consistently my gosh am I doing this right Or am I doing it wrong Oh my gosh I’m failing and, then you know, there’s the thing pod fade where you quit after like seven episodes Or something

[00:15:53] Pat:

[00:15:53] Espree:
Of you just create a list of fun experiments for yourself every single month like, I’m going to try a newsletter I’m going to read

Pat’s blog and figure out How to do, blog posts I’m to you know everything to market your podcast and just see what works for you and what doesn’t work for you and then what, doesn’t work Yeah. just become an observer of your own journey Really enjoy the process of your journey rather than Trying to

[00:16:17] Pat:

[00:16:18] Espree:
To? a destination It’s you, I that is the most exciting I’m going to share One more thing My friend Danny Miranda has this amazing podcast hosts the Dany Miranda show or podcast I don’t remember how it ends He said something really interesting He was being really supportive of me one day And he was giving me advice on something And I’m like oh this is amazing I just know how How, big you’re getting And he’s like I’m like, how do you, how do you stay so committed to the journey Like why are you So um energized by the journey in itself Why don’t you care about the destination He doesn’t care about verification marks He doesn’t care about being an overnight success I’m like how do you do that He’s Like because there’s privileges and every step of the journey if I was bigger than I am now maybe I wouldn’t have had the time to talk to you to be a supportive friend but Right. now I have. the privilege of time to be there for my friends And a few years I’ll have different set of privileges So to every every step of the way embrace the luxuries that we currently have Normally we’re looking So far into the future that we’re not appreciating what we have right now

[00:17:22] Pat:
Hmm that’s so true.

Especially for us entrepreneurs who you know we we have to think forward but we often leave behind what we have now Um and and sometimes that is um our health Sometimes That is. uh you know our relationships ahead Or sometimes that’s celebrating the small wins that we just had in our business don’t even do that because we’re already like, okay now we’re here let’s go there And it’s like uh and then you burn it you get to burnout Um I I appreciate that Now a big struggle that a lot of new podcasts has have is well it just seems so saturated now How do how do we even get Where do we even begin to like what what’s What’s it like what Why do I deserve people to listen to me? when I’m just starting out when there’s so many other great people out there already to listen to How how do you how do you coach somebody through. those mental blockages when starting out on this very thing

[00:18:16] Espree:
Totally I mean we all have mental blocks That don’t just hold us back from podcasting they hold us back from so many things So normally it’s not the thing It’s not

Podcasting It’s not creating a YouTube channel It’s not building a business It’s like ourselves like for me personally right now I’m really really proactively working on my self worth issues Right So because I have Because of history that I won’t get into here And I have struggle with self-worth issues that affects my negotiations It affects like how I show up how I have conversations It affects so many things So I’m like Like jumping in and like really looking at it and asking myself on a daily basis like what narratives am I telling myself today that simply are not true Like and all day long I’m Like, challenging and not necessarily how I present It’s your Like

Myself and the scripts that I’m telling myself So what I’d like to invite everybody to do is You’re thinking about like like am I good enough to have a podcast Why will people listen to me All those things are just psychological things to work through The reality is Pewdie pie That one of the biggest YouTubers in the world was not I love PewDiePie

[00:19:31] Pat:
He’s fine

[00:19:31] Espree:
He was not one of the first YouTubers um Alexandra Alex Cooper who just her call her daddy podcasts It just got licensed to Spotify for $60 million was not the first podcast There’s been a lot of people around a lot longer um that have a lot bigger audiences but for whatever reason like those worked Those those stock And there’s so many other creators like that that aren’t the first but they have something unique or they create I think a really great rapport with their community It’s really about compounding those steps doing those experiments really honing in on your audience I mean you’ve done this your entire career month after month reevaluating your community and your audience um and forming that deeper relationship with them Then they end up becoming your recommendation engine to everybody else Since I started podcasting in 2013 I always said I’d rather someone be mentally subscribed to my show than physically subscribe because you’ll change your phone You’re you’ll delete apps but if you’re mentally subscribed I’ll be you’ll always be thinking about my show That’s how I feel about the podcast to live or die in LA I’m hosted by Neil Strauss I’m always wondering oh my gosh Do they have another season out yet Like you know I don’t have to be So I am have I have I think this podcast app I don’t care which one I’m on I just need to listen to the show

[00:20:50] Pat:
So how do we have our listeners mentally subscribed to us?

[00:20:55] Espree:
Yeah. So, so many ways think about it. Tony Shay used to say this. He had a thing called IC. I think it’s inform, something informed and then educate, forget what the C was, but the idea is like, what, what do you want to leave people with? Like, how do you want them to feel after listening?

What is the purpose of them listening to your show? think about why you listen to specific shows, are you listening to the show to get educated? Are you listening to a show to be entertained Are you listening to a show to be informed Are you listening to show to escape are you listening to those shows And then think about can you create in that person’s life?

For the women in tech podcast Yeah. The whole idea. mean, I shared with you like my own self-worth issues Like the idea behind the women in tech podcast is if she can do it. So can I, I wanted to create an example of possibilities so that all listeners can further believe in themselves. And that comes from a core pain of my own.

And I just don’t want anyone to experience that same pain. so

[00:21:58] Pat:

[00:21:58] Espree:
Just like, okay, I’m going to share as many stories to show you the possibilities so that you could go out and say, I can do it too. You know, we are LA tech is like, oh my gosh, I want to know what’s going on in LA. I don’t want to miss out. I need to tap in.

It’s a growing tech hub. And so, you know, people tap into the weirdly tech podcasts to be informed. So one of them is a belief in self. One of them is to be informed, to be plugged in, like what, what are you providing? And then how are you forming those intimate relationships with your community?

[00:22:28] Pat:

[00:22:28] Espree:
I use a lot, a lot, a lot tool. and I will just search topics and hashtags and locations And I will have a crazy amount of conversations with strangers around the world and this all leads back to like people end up following me for years and years and years Oh I heard you and you know 2007 I’m like, that’s insane you know oh I heard this episode or oh someone told me to go to you and It’s all these little steps That I’ve done without even thinking about it throughout my the entirety of my career and then you cultivate this community over time No one does it better than you Pat your life The legend of it

[00:23:07] Pat:
No I mean there are people doing a way better but I’m trying to do my it’s my team And everybody on the team knows that the value doesn’t come from just the content It comes from the connection community And that’s actually what the It’s like just cause you have it up while you’re talking on your the Tony Shea is inspire connect educate and, entertain and that connection is something that’s really key but also a big struggle with podcasting

[00:23:30] Espree:

[00:23:31] Pat:
When it’s a podcast you comments you don’t have memberships or anything like that You have to sort of build on top of that best recommend a person who’s behind the mic Who’s sharing their educate wants to connect to be able to connect How do we actually mechanically do that with our audience

[00:23:47] Espree:
I mean like I, said one of the ways I use is the Twitter advanced search tool I know you have a circle group I’ve had Facebook groups is we have to do The best possible job of not getting caught up in the technology and really just being caught up in are you accomplishing the thing rather than are you using the right tool Um I think we get So caught up in the technology that we lose we get distracted we lose track of the results because we’re so like oh my gosh let me create this Facebook group It’s like No It’s not about you a Facebook group It’s like is the thing working like evaluate after like this? is hard for for me as well It’s like okay there’s a couple tools There’s like circle and Luma It’s like which one do I use Circle Luma it’s like how about I try one for one month And then another one for another month and I just see which one people like more and why don’t I decide based on what the people want or not have anything at all you know And so I think that we get so caught up in the technology that we get distracted Um

[00:24:54] Pat:
I agree with that I mean it’s so it’s so prevalent that like we’ll imagine that just getting the right tool will solve all the problems for Right a great lens camera Doesn’t mean you’re gonna be a great photographer yet the intention like you said and and and If you have the intention honestly you can use any of the tools and do it and And build and cultivate an audience

[00:25:15] Espree:
I would say my Mo speaking of tools, my most problems that I’m using right like, thank goodness and exists. a combination. There’s this thing called focus mate, which is virtual coworking. It’s like five bucks a month. and I, And I listened to like, I don’t know what they’re call it? Like brain sounds. I have a ton of tools, bins, one of the music things. so I’ll do my focus maybe with my brain sounds and I’ll be extremely intentional of what I want to work on. And I’ve been working a lot on boundaries. So a combination of being really intentional of what actually moves my business forward and moves me forward, like energetically and my boundaries. So I’m sure you get this all the time, Pat. Oh, it will just take two seconds. Oh, can I just ask you this? Just two seconds, just two seconds. When you have Hundreds of people, even if you have two people just needing two seconds, which really isn’t two seconds, it’s like an hour 45 minutes. And then switch, swap tasks.

You end up not actually business forward So if you set time aside like okay for me I’m going to do two focus main sessions have my brain music on and I’m going to do Twitter advanced search and I’m going to work on my community And then the

[00:26:25] Pat:

[00:26:25] Espree:
Sessions over I’m done And then I’m going to be very intentional about the next task that. I’m doing and seeds every single day consistently And I’m going to track and observe


How it’s growing what’s working For example when I do tweets for whatever reason they really drive up my YouTube gnarly Right But for someone else maybe that wouldn’t work I don’t know, why it works for me but that’s what I’m assessing I’m observing Okay What about the tweet If do I include a link in the tweet Do I not Do I have a photo doing you know and being really intentional with every single experiment just doing little bits at a time, Like all of a sudden You’re relinquishing control of the outcome and you’re observing what the outcome is to further inform your decisions.

And I think the painful part is, when we want to control the outcome so bad And then we’re like oh I signed up for the group tool and now nobody’s using it How do I get people to use it Like that is just so draining and frustrating How about maybe the tool just doesn’t work or okay I’ve noticed like instead of saying how do I get people to use it I have noticed I’m not getting a little a lot of I’ve noticed that people aren’t engaging I’ve noticed just I’ve noticed what are some of the options I have that. I could try out. and see how those work if any of them work at all And it just kind of becomes this like exciting journey of exploration rather than this

[00:27:53] Pat:
Yeah it’s just like your friend your podcasting friend that you just spoke about who is all about well I’m here now I can enjoy what I have and learn and move forward from here As opposed to thinking all about the verification or the goal at the as Miley Cyrus says it’s all about the climb It’s all about so we all know that Start a podcast And get listeners

[00:28:17] Espree:

[00:28:18] Pat:
Even before being able to build a community we still need to be found somehow is it If you? build it they will come

[00:28:24] Espree:
No, not for anything. Well, I mean, I love with Jason free. Does he, you know, Jason fried has always been about like building up. I mean, you talked, you talk about this all the time, building up an email list. Like it seems Like, whoever has the email list has the somehow start building an email list at any point.

Essentially all building an email list is at its core. Ethos is sharing a journey, sharing the story, the better you get at sharing a story and really helping people And sharing it in a way that could also help them in their lives. I have this book, show your work by Austin Kleon. I think his name is, it we feel that Why does anybody want to hear anything from me

What do I know I’m just starting but there’s someone else who’s like a couple steps below You who would find a lot of value in learning from you And so the more the earlier you can start sharing your story Um I did this by accident Um because I was using sharing my story as a form of accountability just to Yeah. things done And it turns out that in sharing my story I built Yeah, like an audience but I wasn’t doing that I learned now looking back I’m like oh that’s why totally. worked out So today after listening to This

[00:29:34] Pat:
A space

[00:29:35] Espree:
Share your story whether it’s on your Facebook profile or it’s on Instagram stories I mean I pretty much use stories is like journal entries Um whether Twitter Platform use whether it’s emails maybe it’s emailing 10 friends whatever it may be whatever

[00:29:51] Pat:

[00:29:51] Espree:
The distribution outlet you use to share your story start sharing because that 10 listeners that starts out well then become And then so on and so on And so don’t try to like be Joe Rogan overnight And everyone who’s looking to try to be Joe Rogan at all Think about like again what is success to you Like I was talking I was talking earlier today. about, a blog post called 1,000 true fans that you really only need 1,000 true fans to have a profitable successful business why are you trying to be Joe Rogan Is there a reason that.

Are you looking for fame Like, what what is that about Like because if all You need is 1,000 people just Go after 1,000 go go after like uh five people a day or 10 people a day whatever it is and eventually you’ll get to that 1,000 people

[00:30:42] Pat:
So that article was written in 2005 by a man named Kevin Kelly the senior editor of wired magazine I know this because this is article that.

Inspired my book super fans Like, literally

[00:30:52] Espree:

[00:30:53] Pat:
Called it out and it’s perfect because it’s true you don’t need a bunch of people if you have a thousand true fans like, you said And they are supporting you with a hundred dollars a year This is what he talks about in his article A hundred dollars a year is not much for a super fan for your art your creative your work or whatever it, is you offer literally

[00:31:10] Espree:

[00:31:10] Pat:
With a thousand people and you can find a thousand people in a micro niche inside a space inside to the resource for and to bring it into perspective That’s one fan a day for less than three

[00:31:21] Espree:

[00:31:23] Pat:
Right So you use your Twitter strategy to

[00:31:25] Espree:
That’s saying

[00:31:26] Pat:
You know, to who needs help today You help them fan

[00:31:30] Espree:

[00:31:31] Pat:
Again tomorrow

[00:31:31] Espree:
The, Twitter I’m telling you it’s clutch I being slept on Right. there’s a perfect example, I was in your office Right earlier today And while I was in your office there was a guy who tweeted me who has this repurposing company I told you about but

[00:31:48] Pat:
Again tomorrow

[00:31:49] Espree:
Sent me a, video Talking to like use my name send me a video DM Now I noticed that same company had messaged me months before. I didn’t see it I was so taken by like the founder Creating me this personal video that then I clicked on the website and I checked it out And then because I happen it happened to be the same time that other people were asking about repurposing I shared it That’s how that happens right. Like that guy do you think if that guy just sent me check out my website please demo me Can I just have two seconds of your time, I would no like just know you know, but like he took the time to send me a video a personal video and it I mean that’s how little, I get that like I I’ve rarely get a personal video that

[00:32:35] Pat:
With just

[00:32:35] Espree:
Up in multiple places because he took that one Personal action

[00:32:40] Pat:

[00:32:40] Espree:
So think about how many people, it’s not going to be everybody but how many people that will also create that compounding effect for if you reach out to five people a day maybe one out of five will do that Maybe every other day somebody will do something similar and after a while that just grows

[00:32:59] Pat:
This should help with a hundred listeners to my podcast It’s like, yeah Any one of those 100 could start this amazing process and snowball effect with sharing your brand And you know the the trouble with podcasting is that we don’t have the YouTube algorithm for example or or or an algorithm per se other than Search engine optimization on Google but that’s kind of far removed from a from a listening experience so we have to work on these relationships and the cool thing is podcasting better than YouTube in my opinion can get deeper into the psyche of who it is that you’re listening to and and and building a relationship with that I mean become friends with people that you listen to even though you’ve never spoken to them before It’s

[00:33:37] Espree:

[00:33:38] Pat:

[00:33:39] Espree:
Totally And remember a hundred people think about a hundred human beings in a room What do you need to be stoked

[00:33:47] Pat:

[00:33:48] Espree:
A hundred human even if you

[00:33:50] Pat:
Crammed in this office but

[00:33:53] Espree:
But you know it’s like I think people forget they see

[00:33:56] Pat:

[00:33:56] Espree:
The millions and a lot of millions are bots half the time you know like, a hundred human beings like that You have their attention What an honor you know

[00:34:08] Pat:
Seriously Yeah that’s so true I mean it like imagine you were podcasts as a little um like house warming party or something a few people but you can have an amazing experience just a few people and you can truly change lives and you tell great stories You had mentioned story that word many times before telling your story What are Perhaps Tech’s techniques that you’ve learned or have you have You ever kind of dove into the art of story and what are some tips that you, might have

[00:34:37] Espree:
Yeah well I I study I was a journalist and I studied creative writing in school So a lot of Yeah, lot of my training comes from having studied it I’m asking myself, am I describing this. Where someone could get a visual or saying it because typically you want to describe things like, I want to describe your red shirt.

I want to say red shirt with the cool font. I don’t just want to say he’s wearing a shirt. so I think about different ways to make things a picture in someone’s head. I also think about the intent of what I’m sharing is how, how will this be of service to others and not just like gimmicky, like.

I don’t know, drink my shake. It will make you strong, like, like truly How will, what I’m writing right now, truly impact someone’s life on a deep level. Like if I share right now, I’m vulnerable enough to share like my self-worth journey. that in a powerful way online that doesn’t make me a victim but helps others because it’s not about me on social It’s really about others And I think that’s the the thing that confuses people is a lot of people use social media to say look at me look at me look at me No the people Wow. social are the people who feel like, whoa they stop in their tracks you’ve really elevated their lives in some way

[00:36:02] Pat:

[00:36:02] Espree:
IC again either inform them you connected them you entertain educated them

[00:36:07] Pat:
To come and go wow you you get somebody finally paying attention to me social was supposed to be this, thing that brought us all together but because we’re all using it to be a broadcasting platform

[00:36:17] Espree:

[00:36:17] Pat:
We’re all getting further apart from each But like you said it’s those who take a little bit of time to give a little bit of attention company that reached out to you And sent you a little video which by the way is all built into natively All these different

[00:36:29] Espree:
Totally Yeah.

[00:36:31] Pat:
Just have to click a button that’s Um it can make such a huge impact in that

[00:36:36] Espree:
Should do that He goes I’m just taking a walk So smart He’s like I’m just taking a walk I decided to take 15 minute walks every day and on on the 15 minute walks I just want to connect with with someone who who’s really inspired me And he said my name and everything So I knew it wasn’t like I can’t stand those mass videos It’s like look it’s the same thing as Like, a copy of you know I was like, what a smart idea I mean you need to walk like You should be walking anyway because it’s healthy and you just like do it while you’re on a walk anyway and just say a quick hello to someone totally makes someone day someone’s day

[00:37:12] Pat:
So I teach the strategy of using the DMS in this in this manner and I remember speaking to a student about this and they’re like Ooh okay. Um I’m going to look up the most common names I’m gonna create a video for all the Johns I’m gonna create a video for all the Amy’s day just like you don’t have to automate everything Right Why do we want to do that So much where it just remove us from true real connections that we could It’s

[00:37:41] Espree:
Yeah because because this world the way it’s it’s it functions now Yeah. like I mean, we all know this these apps are built to control our mind like we were the Yeah So it creates like when I remove social from my phone um I had Phantom things where I would go to my phone and try to refresh or I would like look for the app to refresh but there was no app phone so it’s really trippy

[00:38:15] Pat:

[00:38:15] Espree:
That lasted two or three days and then um and then I was confused in the moments where I would go to social. Like let’s see I was switching tasks or something. And there was no social. The go-to I’m like, wait,

[00:38:29] Pat:
Oh eight.

[00:38:30] Espree:
Well, what do I do? I spend this time? So like, that’s, what’s happening in our brain.

So we feel, and then, and then everybody online is saying, you need to do this. You need to do that and demanding, and then you feel like you’re missing out and it’s this constant FOMO. There’s just so much like we have to reclaim control over our own lives. And so I think the reason why we feel like we need to automate and scale It’s because we’re all trying to just keep up with something that’s impossible to keep up with. remind myself from time to time. I Yeah. say this out loud I’m like it’s Espree. You can’t read the entire internet. It’s okay.

[00:39:09] Pat:
Yeah, we try to do that.

[00:39:11] Espree:
We totally try to read them. How many things have you booked mark and put in later or watch later on on YouTube

[00:39:17] Pat:
And then never go back to right

[00:39:21] Espree:

[00:39:23] Pat:
It’s So Right

[00:39:25] Espree:

[00:39:26] Pat:
Go to listen to elsewhere

[00:39:29] Espree:
Yeah Um honestly I mean I just want to say I feel like everybody should just read right course Pat. Like thank you.

Is the biggest resource nobody needs I mean you. can go to find me

[00:39:40] Pat:
Alright. I hope you enjoyed that interview with a Espree Devorah. Isn’t she amazing? She’s incredible. We’ll put all the links where they usually go right in the show notes for where you can find her, because she was so gracious and said, “No, no.” She deflected that back to me, and I’m going to deflect it back to her because she deserves it, and you should definitely check her out.

And again, her podcast,

She’s been with them for nearly 10 years now, which is amazing. She’s the founder, and then also the Women In Tech Podcast. And again, you can find her also on Clubhouse. Maybe her face is going to be on the app again, maybe not. Right now it’s changed out, but I remember recognizing that when I logged into Clubhouse when she was on it, it was super cool. So, Espree, E S P R E E Devora, D E V O R A.

Again, thank you for listening to the podcast. I hope you subscribe to the show, because we have so many amazing people and guests who are going to come on to share some things with you, and not just incredible leaders like what we had last week with Lewis Howes. I highly recommend you check out that episode, if you haven’t already. He is the founder of School of Greatness. Espree today.

We have so many other big celebrities and A-listers on the show to help you. But we also love to feature people who are in the community, and you’re going to hear people coming up who are right in the middle of building their business, and going through the thick, hard things with you.

But we’re going to talk about it. We’re going to get through it together, and we’re going to learn some stuff, because there’s so many amazing people in this community who can help each other, as well.

So, I appreciate you listening in. Thank you so much. Please subscribe, and I’ll see you in the next one. As always, peace out, and Team Flynn for the win!


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