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SPI 109: From Personal Trainer to Successful Self-Published Author and Podcaster with Vinnie Tortorich

When I was working in the architecture industry, I remember feeling very secure with my job. I had the rest of my life planned out ahead of me until the crash of 2008 when I was told I was going to be let go.

It was devastating.

For Vinnie Tortorich, his life as a successful personal trainer also got flipped upside down when the crash came in 2008, but he was also dealing with the writer’s strike (since he trained celebrities) and a personal battle with leukemia.

For both of us, these tough times in our lives became the catalyst for creative thinking and starting an online business, and Vinnie is now a very successful, self-published author and podcast host. All of this, even though he claims he’s technologically challenged and types at a snail-like pace.

I’m happy to welcome Vinnie from and author of Fitness Confidential: Adventures in the Weight-Loss Game to the SPI podcast to share his story with us.

He gives us a lot of great tips for self-publishing, getting things done and standing out of the crowd. The fitness industry, as most of us know, is completely saturated, but even so he’s been able to create a top-rated iTunes podcast and self-publish a popular book with nearly 600 5-star reviews on Amazon.

You should hear what traditional publishers told him to do, and why Vinnie is completely happy with his decision to forget them.

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Today’s Guest

Vinnie Tortorich

My guest today is Vinnie Tortorich, a former celebrity trainer turned content creator and podcaster.

You’ll Learn

  • How Vinnie became a successful personal trainer, and then how 3 major simultaneous events made it all come crashing down.
  • Why Vinnie chose to start a blog and how he differentiated himself amongst the competition (with no knowledge of SEO or social media)
  • What happened when Vinnie’s website got hacked.
  • What fish and scotch have to do with writing a book, and how Vinnie’s book came together, even though Vinnie claims he cannot type on a keyboard.
  • The original plan for publishing his book and how publishers told him to “get popular first”.
  • How podcasting played an important role in the launch of his book, and Vinnie’s self-publishing strategy.
  • The importance of the audio version of your published book (and the potential benefit of going “off the page”)


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