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SPI 068: The Most Powerful (and Toughest) Productivity Tip to Implement

In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, I talk about an incredibly powerful productivity tip that can help you get more and better results faster—however, it’s one of the toughest strategies to implement, especially for someone with an entrepreneurial mindset, like myself.

What is this tip?

Work in small, but complete batches, taking one thing at time.

This is something you’ve probably heard of before, or some variation of it, but there are a number of different levels to the “work on one thing at a time” strategy that I wanted to discuss today.

This episode is relatively shorter than the rest, but it’s an important message that I wanted to hone in on, especially since many of us are gearing up for Niche Site Duel 2.0.

How does this episode apply to NSD2.0?

After Tuesday’s post (which received over 1,200 comments within the first 24 hours!) I received a number of emails from people who said they are totally committed to participating in NSD2.0, but they wanted to create multiple niche sites at the same time, instead of just one.

This may seem like a good idea, since you could target several different keywords in different niches at the same time, build out many different websites and then end up with multiple sites each with the potential to earn an income, but after listening to this episode you’ll have a better understanding as to how and why each project should be done and completed one at a time.

A lot of this is inspired by Eric Reis’s book, The Lean Startup (affiliate link), which I just recently finished reading. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the book since it’s related to the startup world—which I’m not really in—but almost the entire book applies to what I and everyone else here does as bloggers and online entrepreneurs.

A lot of what you’ll hear in this session sounds counter-intuitive, which is what makes it so hard. Our intuition tells us something else is actually better, when in reality it’s the opposite. But, this is also what makes the ideas in The Lean Startup so interesting and so powerful.

These tips also provide a lot of insight into just how much time is actually wasted while we transition from one task to another. Not only do we tend to allocate our time to many different projects and/or tasks, but we’re actually losing precious time during those transitional periods when we switch from one project to the next—perhaps seconds on the micro level, but in the grand scheme of things it’s potentially hours, days or weeks of time that we are losing.

In this session, you’ll hear me talk about two different ways to create wedding invitations and which one is better. You’ll hear me talk about how I’ve applied these same strategies in projects that I’ve worked on—even though on the outside it may seem like I have more than a handful of projects going on all at the same time.

You’ll also hear about one of my very first jobs working in a Halloween Costume factory and how that made me feel, and finally I’ll go over an example of what happens when you try to create three niche site at the same time, versus just one.

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