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SPI 098: Millionaires and Mastermind Groups with Jaime Tardy (and How She Got Me to Say Yes)

SPI 098: Millionaires and Mastermind Groups with Jaime Tardy (and How She Got Me to Say Yes)

By Pat Flynn on

In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, I’m happy to welcome my dear friend and fellow mastermind group member, Jaime Tardy from Eventual Millionaire to the show!

Jaime just published her first book, The Eventual Millionaire [Amazon affiliate link. Full disclosure: I receive a commission if you purchase through this link.], and I bring her on to talk about what she’s learned from conducting over 130 interviews with successful millionaires, including the success factors that are common between all of them.

We also have a lengthy discussion about mastermind groups—something many of the people who she has interviewed participate in. I’m in three myself, and Jaime and I go into deep detail about how to start one of your own, and the structure and format of the group that we have together.

Jaime was the first person to ever invite me into a mastermind group that met regularly—and even after saying no a few times at first, she got me to eventually say yes, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my business.

Congrats Jaime, and best of luck to you and your new book!

To give Jaime a shout out on Twitter for being on the show, follow her and send her a message here.

My Personal Book Club!

Announcing publicly here on SPI for the first time ever: My book club! 

I started this book club 8 months ago as a way to keep in touch with those who read my book, Let Go. I only shared it with people who read the book or stumbled upon, but I think it’s time to share it with everyone.

Every month I send a newsletter to book club members about a new book that I’m reading listening to (yay for!). I share why I picked it up, what I’m learning from it, who it might be for, and why I recommend it, if I do. It’s not just business books either, it’s all types of books, including some fiction, which is always good to consume and talk about from time to time.

If you’re interested in joining my book club, simply head to the Book Club Page on and put your name and email into the form. Hope to see you there!

A list of all of the previous books that I’ve shared will be posted there soon as well. 🙂

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