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SPI 225: Meet the Flynn Family (the ones who really run the show), with April, Keoni, and Kailani

SPI 225: Meet the Flynn Family (the ones who really run the show), with April, Keoni, and Kailani

By Pat Flynn on

My guests today are the reason I do what I do. They’re what motivate me to dream big, follow through on my goals, and maintain a balanced life. Here with me are my wife and my two kids: April, Keoni, and Kailani.

I’ve wanted to feature my family on this podcast for a while, and I know you guys have wanted to hear from them, too—in fact, my wife is the Smart Passive Income Podcast’s most-requested guest! Today, you’ll finally get the chance to hear from the most important members of Team Flynn, including my wife April, who’ll share her perspective on this crazy journey we embarked on together. You’ll hear her take on the benefits and challenges of working from home, how online entrepreneurship affects parenting, a few of our highs and lows, and stories from the early days of our relationship. You’ll also be treated to an interview with our first-grader, Keoni, and our three year-old, Kai!

I hope this episode offers some valuable wisdom to all the online entrepreneurs, aspiring business owners, spouses, and parents out there. This lifestyle isn’t always easy, but its rewards can be extraordinary. I’m so grateful for April’s honesty in our interview, and I hope it inspires you, too.

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