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SPI 289: How Live Video Can Play a Role in Your Business (and How It’s Helped Mine)

SPI 289: How Live Video Can Play a Role in Your Business (and How It’s Helped Mine)

By Pat Flynn on

Today I’m addressing a question I keep getting asked: What am I doing with my new live video studio? Why did I set it up, what’s my plan for it, and should you be investing money in live video? Today I’m answering all those questions. We’ll be talking about live video strategy, but also how to set up a space to record in.

I knew for a while that video was going to be part of my entire business strategy, especially because courses were going to be so integral. Live video can be a game-changer—it’s a really organic way to connect with your audience. And it’s especially potent on Facebook. If you go live on Facebook, you’ll get more reach than with a text update, or even an image; Facebook’s really favoring live video right now.

Investing in live video is smart. Experts say that by 2020, about 90 percent of content consumption will be via video. Live video is definitely going to be a big part of that—it’s something we need to pay attention to. So join me today as we talk about all things live video: How to get started, how I set up my studio, the results I’ve seen, and a whole lot more. Enjoy!

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