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SPI 291: A Blueprint for a Successful Short-Term JV (Joint Venture) Affiliate Campaign

November is Affiliate Month here on SPI. Last week we talked about long-term affiliate relationships, so today we’re going to be talking in depth about how to create a successful blueprint for a short-term JV (joint venture) affiliate promotion. How is a short-term affiliate opportunity different, and how can you plan your campaigns to take advantage of the opportunity in a shorter time span?

Often there are times when you have the opportunity to promote a product that has some scarcity involved. Maybe it has limited access, discounted prices for a short time only—your goal is to crush it and become the top affiliate. Depending on the promotion, these opportunities can be golden, and you don’t want to waste the short time that you have. I’ll be talking about the different kinds of short-term affiliate opportunities available, how to get involved, and how to stand out from the other affiliates who may be promoting the same product. With the step-by-step blueprint I’ll give you, you’ll learn how to outline your short-term campaign, how to draw your audience in, and how to track your progress on the way to success.

Affiliate marketing has totally changed my life. As a result of becoming the top affiliate for a lot of products—including short-term JV promotions—I’ve made connections with A-listers and created important partnerships, all while continuing to serve my audience and provide some awesome products for their online businesses . . . It’s just one big win for everyone involved. This episode is packed full of strategy and information so listen close, maybe get out a notepad (or a note-taking app), and good luck on your affiliate marketing journey!

If you want to go even deeper, check out my brand-new course, 1•2•3 Affiliate Marketing. I’ll be talking more about the course later this month, and you can sign up for the waitlist at And if you want to check out a free (yes, free!) affiliate marketing resource in the meantime, Affiliate Marketing the Smart Way will walk you through the more foundational affiliate marketing strategies you should use.

Thanks to our episode sponsor, Ahrefs, we have a contest this week! Register to win a free annual account (a $3,990 package!) by answering the following question in the comment section below: What is one big goal that you have for 2018?

Leave your answer below for a chance to win. To start your free trial today, go to I’ll pick my favorite comment from all entries; contest closes on December 7, 2018 at midnight Pacific. The winner will be notified via email using the email address associated with the comment.

And hey, if you’re not following me on YouTube already, check out A lot of the game plan for next year is very video-centric. My team and I are devoting a lot of time and energy into YouTube next year (don’t worry, the podcast and blog aren’t going anywhere). I built out a top-of-the-line, 900-square-foot studio space this year, so I’m excited to use it to share some exciting SPI videos with you soon!

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