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SPI 129: How to Scale Up Your Service Based Business with Josh Shipp

I’m really excited about today’s episode not only because I’ll be talking with an incredible guest, but because together we’ll both be tackling how to scale up a real-life service-based business from someone in the Smart Passive Income audience.

Today’s guest is Josh Shipp, a former at-risk foster kid turned successful entrepreneur who has appeared on CNN, Good Morning America, 20/20, and was named to Inc. Magazine’s 30 under 30. He has a service-based business traveling around the country speaking to kids and families, and at one point he almost burned himself out from all of the travel. Luckily, he’s been able to scale his service-based business in a smart way that has allowed him to earn a 7-figure income, but more importantly, make a bigger impact with his target audience.

Josh and I spoke over Skype a month ago just to connect (and I picked his brain for public speaking tips), but after hearing how he has scaled up his business, I wanted to get him on the show to talk about it. Rather than just doing a traditional interview style show, Josh had a great idea to pick an existing service-based business from someone in the SPI audience, and together help that business scale.

Growing is tough, especially when YOU are the brand, or you’re doing all of the work yourself, and scaling always proposes a challenge to budding entrepreneurs.

Josh’s idea for this show was amazing, and not only would we be able to help one individual with their business, but through that example help everyone else at the same time too, both online and off-line businesses, and services-based and non-serviced based businesses too.

Congratulations to Alexandra from Lady Bonilla Laundry for being selected for this case-study and discussion! She was selected from a poll that was taken on my Facebook Page about a month ago.

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Thanks again to Josh for coming onto the podcast today, and I look forward to serving you again on the next session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast. Cheers!

Today’s Guest

Josh Shipp

Keynote speaker and Inc. Magazine’s 30 under 30 Entrepreneur.

You’ll Learn

  • The mandatory mindset that all people need in order to scale and successfully grow their business.
  • An exercise to help you understand how to grow the way you want to grow.
  • A real life case study with a service-based business, and our initial critique of the business and website.
  • Specific, actionable tips and strategies for growth and a larger revenue stream.
  • The #1 way to scale, which starts with gathering intel from existing customers.
  • 4 Questions that could change the course of your existing business.
  • A killer free resource to help you understand exactly how users think of your site and business.
  • The right way to launch a new product.


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