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SPI 710: Jazzed

Hot take—the true mark of creators with a serve-first mindset is the excitement they feel when someone they’ve helped gets a win! If we’re not jazzed when somebody in our community hits a milestone, what are we working toward? Are we even in it for the right reasons?

Celebrating wins is a huge part of SPI Pro, and we often have our incredible members showcase their expertise by hosting Teaching Friday episodes of this podcast. For instance, our recent sessions with Gillian Tietz and Benjamin Yeh uncover incredibly effective audience growth and networking tactics. Tune in if you haven’t already!

Also, shout out to Kim Fields, who recently hit seven hundred and fifty downloads on her K-12 Education: Untangled podcast, Martin Hewlett of Calming Anxiety, who has surpassed a million downloads, and Julie DeLucca-Collins, who’s scheduled to host her first TEDx talk!

So how are you celebrating your audience? Listen in on this episode for more about how and where to start. Don’t miss out because this is one of the great joys of being a creator!

SPI 710: Jazzed

Announcer: You’re listening to the Smart Passive Income Podcast, a proud member of the Entrepreneur Podcast Network, a show that’s all about working hard now, so you can sit back and reap the benefits later. And now your host, now an official Guinness World Record holder, Pat Flynn.

Pat Flynn: This might be a hot take for some of you, but I truly believe it. And maybe you might question how you feel. A true mark of a person. Who best serves their audience is a person who gets super jazzed when somebody in their audience, a student, a subscriber, a viewer, a reader, a listener, gets a win. I think that if you could somehow measure how jazzed a person gets when somebody in their tribe wins, that’s how you know how well they’re doing.

I think there is a direct correlation there. And I want you to ask yourself, how jazzed do you get when you see your people do well, get something that they didn’t have before, transform from a customer who receives one of your products in the mail, opens it up and uses it and is finally saving the amount of time and money or convenience that they wish they had before, or the person who takes your online course and gets a result that they had been working for years to finally get. Or do you just go okay, cool. Moving on to the next person. We always talk about celebrating your own wins But nobody ever talks about the creator and how they celebrate the wins of their audience. And I want to celebrate many of you who’ve over the years done so well. Many of you know that I do celebrate a lot of your achievements.

We talk about them quite a bit on SPI Pro here on the SPI podcast. In fact, sometimes we invite people on not just to be a guest, but to even take the microphone every once in a while here on Fridays to share their wins and their stories and what they’ve been doing. I want to shout out Kim Fields who just hit 750 downloads on a new podcast and she shared something in SPI Pro recently.

That said, my podcast just keeps growing and I couldn’t be more stoked for Kim. And what did I reply with? I said, 750 is a crowded room. Keep it up. You’re doing great work. Or Martin from Calming Anxiety. He’s got a podcast. He started as a result of our work here and he recently crossed 1 million. An incredible achievement.

Then there is Julie. Julie DeLuca Collins. Who shared that she achieved one of her BHAGs recently. A Big Hairy Audacious Goal. Actually, let me read this post to you in SPI Pro right now. She said, Bucket List, BHAG, Big Hairy Audacious Goal. Crossed off the list. She said, I got news as I was giving my dog Yogi Bear a bath.

I’m incredibly honored and grateful for the opportunity to add my voice to a global conversation. Thank you to the selection committee of TEDxMellonStreet. I had a dream of sharing my voice and I went confidently in the direction of my dream. And she shares this picture with the TEDx logo on it. Julie, congratulations to you.

And we’ve got over a dozen comments from others in the community over at, wishing her well too. And I’m just so stoked. Like, I genuinely feel so excited for the wins. I’m sorry. It’s like midnight. So I’m trying to, I’m just so happy for you. Not just you, Julie, but for everybody in the audience who’s taking action.

This is why it’s important for people to share their wins and why we create rituals of sharing wins within our communities. It’s very, very important, not just so that people can get inspired by each other. But so you can continually see the transformation that you are a part of. This is something that I had to learn over time.

A lot of people over the years, maybe you have said this to me. Many people have said this, Pat, you don’t even know the impact that you’re making, or you just always seem to move on to the next project and, you know, not even really celebrate all that you’ve achieved and every everything else that everybody else has done.

And for me, I always made the excuse of, yeah, I’m, I’m, I want to help more people. I want to do the next bigger thing so I could scale and accelerate the success for others without really, truly internalizing like in the heart, just how awesome this is what we’re doing. I’ve gotten spoiled being online for the last 15 years.

And, you know, I get the thank you letters. I get the emails, but I move, I move on very quickly. And I used to say, well, I need to celebrate the wins for myself, but I want to celebrate your wins too. And I think it’s just really important to do that. And I would ask you to challenge yourself and see, well, how jazzed do you get when a member of your community wins, like do you genuinely feel stoked and if you’ve ever met me in person and you’ve taught me a win that you have had as a result of SPI or even just in general, like I want to give you a hug and high five if you’ve ever seen me in person at an event, that’s typically what happens because I’m super stoked for you and I think it’s important to, again, you don’t want to force that be like, yay, good job, you did awesome. That just, that just sounds really bad. Even just saying it that way makes me want to take a bath. But the other side of this, and maybe the more sticky point of view, the spicy take is if you don’t genuinely feel that excitement and being stoked for your people, what are you doing this for?

Are you doing it for the right reasons? You know, this was pointed out to me, and the whole reason this particular episode exists is actually related to my Pokemon channel. Somebody had mentioned that, you know, it’s kind of crazy that I give away all these cards on stream. So every Monday, typically, sometimes on Saturday, I catch the UK time on Saturday, but typically on Monday afternoons, I stream over at DeepPocket Monster.

Today is Monday that they am recording this. Well, actually, it’s Tuesday now because it’s past midnight, but we had about 1600 people at one point concurrently watching live and over, I think, 8,000 people come on the stream today at one point or another to watch me open Pokemon cards, but I’m not opening them for me.

I’m opening them for somebody else. And what we do is we give away these things. We randomly draw from a random name picker for people who enter. I use a Google form to capture that and it gets put into a dynamically updated Google Sheet, I then copy those names, not their emails, but their names, onto And this allows a fun visual effect when it comes to the random name picker, sort of like a Wheel of Fortune looking kind of thing. And it’s really fun. And whenever I’m opening cards, and I open a pack and it has like the most expensive card or a really beautifully designed card or the one that everybody wants, right?

We call it like the chase card. I get genuine like I feel like I pull that myself. Even though I know that that’s not for me. And people can really feel that I mean I am sometimes, like, I get goosebumps. I show those goosebumps on stream sometimes. You can see it on my face. I scream, yell, shout like a, like a kid.

And that’s, what’s cool about this. We’re all kids and nerds on this channel at Deep Pocket Monster. But somebody asked me today, like, Pat, how can you get excited knowing that you’re just gonna give these cards away, and it’s because this channel doesn’t, doesn’t exist for me. Just like SPI never existed, like, just for me.

It was so that I could help others, and I love it because when I help people have those moments, and oftentimes on the Deep Pocket Monster channel when a person sees that I’ve opened cards for them, and they could see my excitement, they get excited, and they send me an email and, you know, they’re with their family and their kids watching in the living room with popcorn and then scream and shout what their name is called, like, it’s such a fun event.

And, I mean, I genuinely am so excited for them. That, that is worth it to me, even though all the, like, the thousands of dollars worth of cards I give away every single week. And then here we are on other channels and other platforms, not to mention any names or companies where people are opening cards and they open a chase card and then they kind of sneakily put it away and not give it to the person who ended up getting that and oftentimes people are paying for those and yet those things are still being taken because a lot of people are taking a greedy approach and it’s obvious that they’re not doing it for their customer, they’re doing it for themselves.

So I just wanted to challenge you today and ask you internally. I want you to think about how jazz do you get for your audience when they win? And the secondary part of this question is how are you understanding or finding out, or even having an opportunity to see what that is? This is what I love so much.

About the SPI community is the ability to see just inherently with the kind of business model that we have focusing on community over at SPI Pro and especially the All Access Pass and doubly, especially during the accelerator groups during the All Access Pass. If you aren’t sure what that is, that’s where a guide from our team at team SPI focuses on a cohort based sort of approach to one of the courses that they already have access to in the library.

So we might say, Hey, on this date, Yeah. For six weeks, we’re all going to go through this course together and I’ll guide you along the way and I’ll hold your hand and I’ll be there for office hours if you have any questions. And that has been working so well. It’s, it’s been our business model, community powered courses is what we call it, and it’s been a game changer.

The success rate of students going through that is ridiculous compared to what it once was when people were paying more money and taking the course on their own. And we’re really just excited about this new era of SPI here and where we’re at with it. It’s just incredible. So

And if you want to check out SPI Pro, you can go to The second part of this is just, do you have a community, do you have a way to capture and understand what those wins are? And if you don’t, put those mechanisms in place. It might be a slow burn at the beginning to figure that out, but over time you can create those rituals within your audience so that it becomes more regular.

You start to see them more. It pumps you up. Hopefully again, if you’re jazzed about it and stoked as you should be, and hopefully your community is also stoked and replying just like the SPI Pro members have here, and it just is a beautiful flywheel that continues to perpetually get faster and faster, go bigger and bigger.

In a community can become stronger and stronger in that way. So thank you so much to all the All Access past members and the SPI Pro members. And thank you for hearing me out today. I’m stoked for you. Keep up the great work. And if you’ve achieved something recently that you want to share with me so I can get stoked for you, head over to X, AKA Twitter, so silly, and hit me up at @PatFlynn or on Instagram, of course, at @PatFlynn. And I’d love to just congratulate you and high five you virtually. So keep up the great work. Thank you so much. I appreciate you. Cheers.

Thank you so much for listening to the Smart Passive Income podcast at I’m your host, Pat Flynn. Sound editing by Duncan Brown. Our senior producer is David Grabowski, and our executive producer is Matt Gartland. The Smart Passive Income Podcast is a production of SPI Media, and a proud member of the Entrepreneur Podcast Network. Catch you next week!

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