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SPI 118: How to Raise Capital for Your Startup with Bill Glaser

When I started doing business online in 2008, the only thing I paid for was domain and hosting so I could start publishing content online.

Later, I added an email service provider, but generally my start-up costs were extremely low. What I was creating didn’t need much capital to get started. I was paying just $4.95/month for over a year.

Other businesses, however (including several business ideas that I’ve had in the past that are sitting in my “idea box” that I haven’t acted upon yet) require some sort of startup capital to get things going—for inventory, for developers, for marketing purposes, etc.

The world of raising capital and startup funds is completely unknown to me, which is why I’m extremely happy to welcome Bill Glaser to the show today to tell us all about it.

You may have an amazing idea in your head for a product or business that could only come to life if you had the funds to make it happen. If that’s the case, then this episode is for you. There are a lot of lessons to be learned here, even if you’re already established and simply want to grow and expand.

Bill has helped raise over 200 million dollars for various companies around the world, including 25 million for companies that he founded himself, so he’s definitely more than qualified to give us the rundown on how to raise capital, and the various ways of doing so.

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Today’s Guest

Bill Glaser

Bill is an expert on raising capital and startup funds for your business.

You’ll Learn

  • Bill’s thoughts on bootstrapping, and why it’s important to think about raising capital for your business.
  • The kinds of businesses that should (and shouldn’t) be looking to raise capital from the outside.
  • The various ways one could generate money to help fund their business, and the pros and cons of each.
  • How to approach investors, and who exactly you should be approaching for help.
  • Why asking your friends and family to invest is important, and what you need in order to make it work.
  • How to value your business, including before you’ve started to generate an income.
  • The legal aspects of getting funded and working with investors.
  • Strategies to have investors understand the benefit that you have to offer.
  • The importance of advisory roles for your business.


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