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SPI 086: Everything from iPhone Apps to Adsense, Twitter, and Klout—Fireside with Joel Comm

SPI 086: Everything from iPhone Apps to Adsense, Twitter, and Klout—Fireside with Joel Comm

By Pat Flynn on

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In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, I’m really excited to welcome Joel Comm to the show! Joel and I have a conversation that covers several different topics ranging from iPhone applications, to Adsense, Twitter, Klout and more.

Only a few people know this story, but Joel was actually someone who, back in early 2009, inspired me and one of my high school friends during a round of golf to create an iPhone application company together.

Since then, my buddy and I have created a couple of dozens apps (100% by outsourcing our ideas), and a few of those apps are still going strong today almost 5 years later. In total, we’ve earned well over 6-figures from our fun little venture, and Joel was 100% the inspiration behind getting started.

My buddy and I first heard about Joel Comm in December of 2008 when he received a ton of publicity for publishing his earnings report for a iPhone app that he built. I believe he was the first person to do this with an iPhone app, and you’ll hear all about that story and his (pretty ridiculous) iPhone app that took off.

We get a little silly during that part of the conversion. Please excuse our silliness. 😉

After discovering Joel, I soon realized that Joel had a lot of other things going on online. He’s published a best-selling book about Google Adsense, as well as another book on Twitter, and he’s been doing this Internet marketing thing in cutting-edge style since 1995!

I took away a lot of great information from chatting with him, and I’m sure you will too.

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