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SPI 107: How a Small Blog about Food Became a Big Deal with Lisa and Jason from 100 Days of Real Food

Whenever I meet people who listen to the SPI Podcast, I often ask them, “What are some of your favorite episodes?”

Interestingly enough, they almost always mention the episodes that feature success stories with people who have created an online business in a space or industry completely outside of the make money online, how to start a blog or become an entrepreneur niche.

It’s interesting, but it’s not surprising because it’s those stories that feature people who the SPI audience can relate to the most.

Sure, I love my interviews with big names like Tim Ferriss and Gary Vaynerchuk—and I know many of you did too—but the success stories from people that are featured in sessions 24, 25, 35, 36, 37, 39, 55, and plenty others are always the most talked about, and they are definitely my favorite to share too.

That’s why I’m really excited about this session, because I get to add another inspiring success story to that list!

In 2010 after watching an episode of Oprah about where our food comes from, Lisa and Jason Leake decided to make a lifestyle change for their family and make better eating choices, while blogging and chronicling their journey.

What happened next is awesome…

What started as a simple pledge for their family on became a huge resource for millions of readers around the world, and Lisa has since appeared on Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, CNN and The Doctors TV Show to help educate people about her experience and what she’s learned.

It’s truly an incredible story, which is why I’m more than happy to welcome Lisa and her husband Jason to the SPI Podcast to talk about exactly how this all happened, from the strategies they used, to how it has changed their lives.

Their success, however, didn’t happen overnight. It never does. As you can see in the traffic history graphic below, it wasn’t until after a year that things finally started to take off—and with a major spike to get it going too—which we talk about in the show.

Traffic -

That First Spike…

In the traffic screenshot above, you may have noticed that the first huge spike in their traffic which came in August of 2011.

This is how it happened:


A homepage feature on!

That’s awesome. Again, we talk about this and other spikes, and how they’ve been able to leverage that traffic on the show.

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Cheers, and thanks again!

Today’s Guest

Lisa and Jason Leake

My guests today are Lisa and Jason, founders of 100 Days of Real Food.

You’ll Learn

  • Exactly How Lisa got the idea for, and how she started.
  • Lisa and Jason’s specific roles in their business.
  • Traffic numbers from the start, including when the major growth happened—and how.
  • How they’ve been able to monetize the site, and a breakdown of exactly where their earnings come from.
  • What strategies and tactics are working well for them—and a big hit they took thanks to a certain social media platform.
  • What struggles they are facing and how they are overcoming them.
  • Plans for the future, including an upcoming book and how that all started.
  • Specific SPI strategies that were used to help grow their business.


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