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SPI 106: How to Get More Clients and Win in a Competitive Niche with Mary Beth Storjohann

In this session of The Smart Passive Income, I’m happy to welcome Mary Beth Storjohann from to the show!

Mary Beth and I met last year at The Financial Blogger Conference, and ever since then I’ve been extremely impressed with her approach to her work and making a name for herself in the very competitive space of personal finance.

We both reconnected earlier this month along with 6 other San Diego based entrepreneurs to form an in-person mastermind that looks to meet regularly each month, which I’m incredibly excited about!

I wanted to have Mary Beth on the show to share a number of different tips and strategies that she’s using to succeed with her business and stand out from the competition, including how she’s targeting a niche within a niche that most people say is impossible to deal with, how she’s growing her client-base (and keeping them extremely happy), how she’s regularly being featured on local TV stations, plus a number of tips for better communication.

What’s cool is that now that she’s built a strong and loyal client base, she’s now entering the world of passive income to, in a more automated fashion, serve more people by targeting those who may not be able to afford her 1 on 1 client services.

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Today’s Guest

Mary Beth Storjohann

My guest today is Mary Beth, founder of Workable Wealth.

You’ll Learn

  • Why Mary Beth decided to niche down and focus on serving Gen Y, even though most people were recommending against it.
  • How she’s differentiating herself from others who are targeting the same sub-niche (and going even deeper in sub-sub-niches)
  • Mary Beth’s unique subscription based model for client work, which allows her to create the lifestyle business that she wants.
  • How she was able to obtain clients only 2-3 weeks after the launch of her website.
  • The one important thing I’d tell my younger self, if I could go back into time.
  • The biggest struggles that you may face when trying to obtain more clients, and how Mary Beth overcomes those struggles.
  • The importance of accountability (and how that plays into your pricing model).
  • Quick little touches that can mean the world to your audience and clients.
  • How Mary Beth is scaling her client-based business (and how she’s expanding out into more automated, passive income opportunities from there)
  • How she’s been able to be featured and interviewed regularly on television, and what’s that’s like and what it has done for her business.
  • How sometimes when you record an episode you can hear the landscaping being done in the front yard 😉
  • How Twitter plays a major role in her business – and it’s not to connect and talk to her clients.


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