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SPI 102: How to Create Extraordinary Change and Transform the World with Adam Braun of Pencils of Promise

After I recorded this interview with Adam Braun and hung up on Skype, I sat there at my desk for 30 minutes just thinking about my work, my business and my purpose in a totally different, bigger and more meaningful way.

Thank you Adam, seriously.

At the age of 25, Adam founded Pencils of Promise, an organization that eventually became an award-winning non-profit that has helped build over 200 schools in Africa and Asia—and as a result, they’ve delivered more than 15 million instructional hours of education to students who otherwise wouldn’t have an education.

In this session, Adam and I discuss how he was able to create his world changing organization, but beyond that we talk about thinking bigger—beyond ourselves—and also how to apply business strategies to dramatically change and transform the world.

Adam’s New Book

The Promise of a Pencil, which just came out last week, is already out of stock on Amazon. I didn’t even know that was possible, lol! It’s obviously making a huge impact, and if you are inspired to think bigger and make change in this world, I highly recommend you purchase his book, which Amazon will get to you as soon as they can, of course.

Even if you don’t pick up Adam’s book, if you enjoyed Adam’s message and want to say thanks, you can easily show him some love on Twitter by clicking here.

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Today’s Guest

Adam Braun

The Founder of Pencils of Promise, and a huge inspiration to me!

You’ll Learn

  • How and Why Adam started his organization, Pencils of Promise, at the age of 25 (on the side).
  • The mistake that a lot of people make when starting new ventures and businesses.
  • The unique way Adam raised money for his organization.
  • How Adam’s organization purposefully differentiates itself from a charity organization and provides value to those who contributes.
  • Why the term “non-profit” does a huge disservice to the industry.
  • The true difference between happiness and meaning, and the balance between the two.
  • Lessons learned from Adam’s entrepreneurial journey for anyone starting any business.
  • Adam’s single biggest fear: asking for money – and the important lesson he learned that helped him breakthrough that fear.
  • How Adam was able to grow his business by being ahead of the curve.
  • The main social media channels Pencils of Promise is finding success with.


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