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SPI 041: Affiliate Marketing the SMART Way—How to Stop Hoping and Start Earning

SPI 041: Affiliate Marketing the SMART Way—How to Stop Hoping and Start Earning

By Pat Flynn on

In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast you’ll hear a revised (blog & podcast-friendly) version of my recent solo presentation at Blog World Expo in New York, which is all about how I manage to earn a significant income from affiliate marketing without using aggressive or forceful marketing tactics and hardly any pitch at all.

In general, affiliate marketing has somewhat of a negative connotation, but my goal was to show that you can make a significant income from affiliate marketing while at the same time strengthen the relationship that you have with your audience and keep them coming back for more.

The Soft Pitch Pipeline

The Soft Pitch Pipeline

A well-balanced “pipeline” or user experience through your site and your brand, like what’s shown above, is exactly what you should shoot for.

The better the relationship you have with your audience, the more careful you are about the products that you actually promote, the more you can share about your own experiences with those products and any sort of proof that goes along with it, the softer the sell can be and the more your audience will appreciate your recommendations.

Your earnings are a byproduct of how helpful you can be to your audience. (Click Here to Tweet this Quote)

Use affiliate marketing as a tool to help your audience, and the commissions will come.

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The quote from the intro in today’s podcast session was by Oscar Wilde

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